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Atheists Gone Wild!

Save us from vacuous optimistic boring atheist cheerleader evangelical hucksters! More discerning atheists acknowledge their ideology is depressing.

I will argue further that atheism is dangerous and kind of zany. It disconnects us from reality and serves dictators.

Disconnection from reality

1) How can science proceed in an undesigned, disordered universe?

Paul Davies said:Science began as an outgrowth of theology, and all scientists, whether atheists or theists…..accept an essentially theological worldview.”

Why can the universe be described by elegant equations?

2) Why should we be able to connect with the universe? You might say because we evolved to understand reality, but why do we live in a universe that allows evolution?

3) Would atheists be more likely to immerse themselves in virtual worlds? If the universe and mankind lack a divine spark we are more likely to create and accept virtual reality.

4) Atheists don’t have a deity on their side to help them out of the darkness.

5) Has logical positivism failed?

John Passmore said: “Logical positivism, then, is dead, or as dead as a philosophical movement ever becomes.”

6) Postmodernism is the ruling philosophy of modern secular societies.

Service to dictators

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1) Do atheists believe freedom is real?

Atheism and the Denial of Freedom

2) Atheists think we are just sacks of chemicals. So why do we deserve dignity or rights?

3) Do our rulers possess human dignity?

4) Atheists are deprived of Christ’s message that has led many out of the darkness.

5) Atheists who question reality (see above) only respond to the immediate demands of their own ego.

6) Think of all the atheist dictators!

Was Hitler a Christian?

Prussia Occupies Silesia in 1740

7) The atheist demographic tends toward upper class white and Asian males. To serve the cause of atheism, atheists need to disempower other less entitled groups (though perhaps pretending to care about them).

For atheists everything is permitted but nothing really matters.

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