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Teaching and What It Entails

Chika is a graduate of civil engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Nigeria with B.eng who loves teaching, reading and writing.

What is Teaching

Teaching is the ability to convey information or knowledge to an individual or group of individuals. Teaching being one of the hardest things to do requires a lot of strategy and effort because teaching does not only involve the teacher but also the listener or the students. Any one that is teaching must know the required strategy and method to convey a particular instruction he want to convey because without having the understanding of what it means to be a teacher it will be hard to pass an information. Teaching is the best tool to convey information.

A Teacher in a Class doing the job of teaching


What it Takes to be a Teacher

It takes a lot to be a teacher, it does not only take your qualifications to be a teacher but it takes more than that to be effective in teaching. Any one that is teaching must consider the following before embarking on teaching profession.

1. His or her love for learning new things: it will be hard to teach effectively if you are not a lover of new information. New information is what gives an edge as teacher, it helps your students or listener to value what you are teaching them.

2. His or her love to impact knowledge: if you don't like impacting knowledge it will be hard to teach with passion. Any passionate teacher is someone that loves to impact knowledge. If they level of your passion to impact knowledge is low it will affect your teaching ability.

These two factors is what anyone that is considering himself or herself to be a teacher should consider because teaching is not what you jump into because your friend is doing it.

A Teacher applying a method to make his teaching effective


How to be an Effective Teacher

To be an effective teacher an individual must have the following

1. A sacrificial life: A sacrificial life is a life that involves commitment to anything you are doing. being sacrificial makes an individual to go extra mile in doing all that is needed to convey a right information to his students or listener. Sacrificial life makes an individual to be patient with his students until the student has gotten the information he is trying to convey.

2. Patience: Patience is a very big virtue for teachers because without patience it will be hard to impact knowledge especially to those with low intelligence quotient. Patience helps teachers to be effective in teaching profession. This is one of the major attribute a teacher should not neglect.

3. Knowledge: Anyone that is venturing into teaching profession must be someone that is knowledgeable in any area he or she want to teach on. Knowledge helps you as a teacher to convey the right information to your listener or students, any teacher that is not knowledgeable will find it difficult to convey the right information to those he or she is teaching.

4. Passion: Passion is another attribute that should be found in a teacher for effectiveness. Passion is what pushes someone to do any task perfectly and effectively, without passion it will be hard to be effective in whatever you are doing. Passion pushes you to go extra mile to gather the necessary knowledge for your teaching profession.

5. Methods of teaching: There are different method in which information can be conveyed to those listening. Some of the methods include lecturing, demonstration or illustration, and collaborating. Lecturing is the method of teaching in which the teacher gives the required information needed without in-depth explanations while demonstration as a method of teaching is a way in which a teacher uses pictorial diagram and practicals to explain a particular concept and lastly collaborating methods of teaching is a method in which a teacher collaborate with his or her students to convey a particular information. This methods of teaching is applied based on the level of the students and how complicated a topic is. And every teacher must know the methods to apply in order to be effective in teaching profession.

6. Ability to relate: A teacher that does not Know how to relate with people will find it difficult in being effective as a teacher. A teachers relationship with people is one of the things that helps a teacher to be effective in teaching profession, because many times those that are listening to you or your students has a lot of differences which can effect the effectiveness of teaching.

7. Ability to observe: A teacher that will be effective must be observing because this help to know when your listeners or students are lost. Any teacher that is not observing can never know when the students or listeners are lost.

8. Ability to communicate: this is the major attribute that makes a teacher effective in the teaching profession because if you have all other attribute mentioned above but you don't know how to communicate, it will be hard to convey the information to your students or listeners and it will be hard for your students or listeners to get what you are telling them.


Teaching is one thing that has helped our world at large in that is by the help of it that many professionals are produced. Qualifications is what helps someone to be a teacher but without all the above mentioned attribute that a good teacher that want to be effective should have, the qualifications remains futile to the effect it suppose to have on the students or listeners. Teaching is more complicated and hard but it takes someone that understand what is teaching to be effective.

© 2021 Chika Nwankwo

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