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What is Bullying and How To Stop Bullying at School (With Bullying Facts and Statistics)

One Direction member Harry Styles against bullying

One Direction member Harry Styles against bullying

Types of bullying

Types of bullying

What is Bullying?

Some of us may have had first hand experience at being bullied. Some of us may have witnessed others being bullied. Bullies may have had their fun. But they have no idea what kind of scars they left in the person being bullied. Some cases even end in suicides, which is very sad to see. This is the 21st Century and these animalistic behaviors must be eliminated from the surface of the Earth. Period!!!

"Any unwanted aggressive behavior repeated by a person or group intended to cause harm to a person less powerful physically or mentally is called bullying."

Knowing that you are being bullied is half of the battle. The most difficult part would be standing up against the bullies or informing an adult about this situation.

Bullying can happen in various environments.

  • Bullying at school
  • Bullying at workplace
  • Bullying at prison
  • Bullying online (Cyberbullying)
  • Bullying at home
  • Disability bullying
  • Sexual bullying

You are not alone!!!

Every year, more than 3 million students face some sort of school bullying

Knowledge is power

Bullying at School

Bullying has become a major problem in schools and you will find facts about bullying at school highlighted throughout this article. As you can see in the graph below 73% of all bullying occurs by students - which means 73% of bullying occurs at school environment.

One of the most destructive places to be bullied at would be the school. A school is a place where children go for education and a harassing environment can ruin the child's life forever. Schooling is a period where a child's personality is molded. In such a place acts of bullying - be it mentally, physically, verbally or any other means - can really affect the personality, development and confidence of a child.

Bullying lasts for few minutes, but it leaves a lifelong impact on the kid who is bullied. The victims of bullying suffer more from anxiety levels, headaches, depression than the others. Bullying can effect a child’s physical growth, and a child can also have suicidal tendencies because of the bullying. Feeling of loneliness, lack of concentration and falling academic grades are signs that your child might be a victim of bullying.

Children who bully others also face short term and long term consequences. People who were bully in their childhood are more likely to be involved in criminal offences, drugs and domestic violence than the others.

Sources of bullying

Sources of bullying

25 percent of teachers see nothing wrong with bullying in schools and will take an action against bullying only 4 out of 100 times.

More than 60 percent of students have witnessed some type of school bullying.

Each year around 10 percent of students drop out of school because of bullying

What drives a Bully?

There are many factors that make a child involve in bullying:

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  • Overly permissive or aggressive behavior by the parents
  • Lack of warmth and involvement from parents
  • Bullying by the elder brothers
  • Children whose friends bully start bullying too
  • Children bully to gain social respect from other kids
  • Teenage girls bully to gain attention of others.
  • Movies, Video Games also play a role in a child’s bullying behavior.

Bullying stats inforgraphic

Children of overly aggressive and overly permissive parents are equally likely to be bullies

Need immediate help? Free, confidential and 24/7 service

  • ChildLine
    ChildLine 0800 1111: get help and advice about a wide range of issues, talk to a counsellor online, send ChildLine an email or post on the message boards.

It's WORSE being the bystander!

See someone getting bullied and you opted no to help him/her? That's pretty much the same as if not worse than bullying itself.

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis"

- Dante Alighieri

It's not to say that you are going to hell for not doing anything. But you do have a responsibility to act up. You may not be able to intervene directly. But you do have the ability to inform someone who can. Let your parents, teachers or elders know of any bullying that is occurring in your school, classroom, playground etc. If you do so you would have saved up someone's life from being scarred forever.

A Must-Watch video

Research shows that 60% of boys who bullied from first grade through ninth grade were convicted in a crime at the age of 24

How to Stop Bullying!!!

How should we stop bullying? Parents, teachers, schools, kids and society, everybody has a role to play to stop bullying.

All parties associated with the Bully and the Bullied must actively participate

Parents should get involved with their kids, show them love, affection and teach them to respect others and not make fun of others weaknesses.

Parents should supervise their child’s activities, talk to him, and if they find any unusual change in his behavior, they should find out if he is being victimized at school.

Schools should have strict laws to stop bullying and the teachers should intervene every time they see any sort of bullying. Students should discourage any kind of bullying activities; they should take a stand against the bullies and inform the authorities about such incidents.

Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. Don’t let bullying ruin it

Famous people who got bullied.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Another three who got bullied as kids...

Lady GaGa, Eminem and Selena Gomez

Lady GaGa, Eminem and Selena Gomez

If they can, YOU can too!!!

However much said and done at the end of the day it will be the person getting bullied to face his situation. He/she will have to take a stand for better or worse. Others should be there to help him/her on their way.

Remember if you are being bullied, you have all the rights and the responsibility to inform about it to another person.

If you give in, that is when you really lose. If you keep fighting, you might get it worse, but you would know inside that you stood up against something.

To quote Eminem "You got enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something in your life"...

Fight the fight for yourself and for others. Good luck!!!

Tell us your story...

Share your thoughts, experiences and ideas on how to stop bullying in the comments below. Let's make this place a helping hand for those who were bullied and are being bullied.


Logan Paul on May 16, 2018:

I was bullied

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