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What Is Intuition in Myers Briggs?

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Intuition is about reading between the lines. You have a knack for patterns and picking up on consistencies. You make sense of the world by following ideas.

Intuition is about reading between the lines. You have a knack for patterns and picking up on consistencies. You make sense of the world by following ideas.

Intuition comes in one of two different ways: extroverted intuition or introverted intuition. Both are powerful and each of us have one or the other, but it might not be our dominate function. An XSXX type will have a tertiary or inferior intuition function while an XNXX will have a dominate or auxiliary intuition. Intuition is tough as nails to improve if it's not your natural, dominate talent. It may be so much easier for you to use sensing that developing intuition doesn't make sense. For an intuitive, it's their life. Taking that away from them would make them feel soulless.

Intuition according to Myers Briggs means that person sees in metaphors, in the past and present, they see patterns. These people tend to be great thinkers because they can interpret and understand reoccurring themes. Intuition helps produce some of the greatest teachers, counselors, thinkers, musicians, and artists. It's a smaller percentage of the population so they can feel like total misfits. And sometimes intuition is more of curse because you'll forget about things in your present reality -- so you might crash into walls or forget to take care of basic things like mopping your floors.


The intuitive brain makes for great writers and readers. They're able to understand the double meanings behind words and sentences. They like to make analogies, but not only that -- an intuitive believes in reality through metaphors. This may be difficult to understand, but for the sensing types they believe in reality because of what's right in front of them, what they can feel, what they can hear, what they can hold. For the intuitive, they're unsure if the physical reality is where you can really see things. That's why they depend on words, patterns, and connections. All these connections have to add up, or else there is no meaning. All will die and be sucked up into a black hole. What is existence if it all has such a gloomy end? That's where an intuitive steps in and see around the blackhole and into infinity and beyond. In truth, reality is based both the physical and the metaphor.

Those with intuition are looking for larger patterns. It's how they make sense of the world.

Those with intuition are looking for larger patterns. It's how they make sense of the world.


Depending on what an intuitive is guided by, thinking or feeling, the intuitive may seek for different patterns of connection. The NF team are incredible at seeing overarching patterns. This is why they're not only great at interpersonal matters, but seeing things like why an entire country is feuding with itself. The NF doesn't always know how to speak to this gifting, but it is powerful. An NF tends to know what's happening emotionally around them, while a thinker is looking for ideas and how they intersect. NT are our great problem solvers. They can see a patchwork of equations, details, and components that they can weed through and tell you what is best path to take. Intuitive minds like to see things globally. You can overwhelm them with details or put them to sleep. Once they understand the gist of things, they want to move on. Each N personality has their own struggle with getting bored with certain details. You can tire an INFJ by bringing in too much bureaucracy and practical details. They'll eventually escape with their giant imagination to some tropical island that no one else can see. The INTP will check out when things become dull, too stupid, and irreverent. The INTP needs logic, rational, and speed of 5,000 elephants going every direction they please. Watching someone beat a square nail into a circle peg will make them squirm. Watching political extremes fight against each other in some pedestrian, 2-dimensional way will enrage the INTP. These intuitive minds are great, but it's easy for them to check out when they no longer see the purpose of being there.

Intuitive Minds are Weird

An intuitive person is usually not your most normal person in an office. The intuitive naturally seeks out other intuitive people by testing them with weird conversations. They're minds make all kinds of strange connections, it jumps around from topic to topic, and it constantly relies on the abstract. Your intuitive personalities can seem absent minded, intense, free-flowing, hippie-like, dreamy, caught up in a peculiar persuasion, or downright sinister. The intuitive desires to play with ideas. It'll dump things on the conversation table, pick up some ideas and toss them around, then bring in some new ideas. What they want is someone who can follow all the various tracks. They may, especially in childhood, have higher than life expectations that you can follow them with their thoughts with very little context. You have to encourage them sometimes to explain themselves, to give context, and to give direction. Just throwing out random words doesn't always make sense.

Intuitive personalities thrive off being with other weirdos. Your NF crew may be into the arts, music, intense creativity, performance, and language. The NT crowd may be more strategic, board game happy, debate team happy, philosophical, law minded, and thespians. These kiddos are constantly processing information and trying to see how it fits into a collective whole. They may get so lost in their own Wonderland that they don't care of their basic needs.

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Are intuitive people psychic? Maybe...

Are intuitive people psychic? Maybe...

Are Intuitives Psychics?

They're phenomenal at putting lots of patterns together. This may give some of the N people a mystical like quality. It's difficult if you're not in their brain to know how they made they're stunningly accurate conclusion -- especially if it seems like it is guided by the hand of a pink bunny swearing in Shakespearean sonnets. How in the world can someone make the right conclusion about anything when they have thoughts persuaded by a pink bunny? It's difficult to break down and explain. Essentially, they're memory bank fires up, they decide what is the most likely path, and they shoot out some questions. It may spook themselves how accurate they can be or how seemingly right something feels. What's even more confusing for an N is that they don't understand why you can't do what they're doing. An intuitive mind is curious as to how a sensing mind works without such violent amounts of intuition.

What are the Intutives Weak Points?

The intuitive mind can't be asked to do too many tasks that require of their practicalities. You will destroy an intuitive if you have them run all your errands, clean your entire house, make all your food, smell everything in the house -- don't overwhelm them by constant sensing and constantly needing to be in the present. They'll put up a good fight, but after awhile they'll want to retire and may get grumpy. Their needs are to explore their weirdness, their desire for endless questions, their desires for spontaneous thinking. An intuitive may struggle at initiating physical contact, over spending, keeping things simple, taking care of details, and keeping conversation cohesive.

The Four Dominate Intuitives

There are four personalities dominated by intuition, the INFJ, INTJ, ENTP, and ENFP. These four are all incredibly smart, spontaneous, and vibrant. Each of them have their own strengths -- their cool, empathetic INFJ; the puzzling spiral of intelligence INTJ; the mastodon of parties and arguments ENTP; and the beautiful, spontaneous warm-hearted hippie ENFP. Their other functions cause them to have very different results. One thing is for certain is that these personalities really get each other. They understand the random need to throw on a dress and dance in your yard with your cat. Their conclusions for why might differ. The INFJ may want to find their imagination, the INTJ is trying to release their powerful logic, the ENTP wants to be entertained and mystified, and the ENFP wants to connect.

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Paola Bassanese from Ireland on August 19, 2015:

Yay! Finally someone who understands "us intuitive people"! I found myself nodding throughout - now, if you don't mind, I need to run with the wolves...

I loved the article.

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