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What Are the Properties of Space-Time?

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Gravity is the Curvature of space time

Gravity is the Curvature of space time

What are the properties of space-time?

Space-Time Curvature : Space-Time is curved due to gravity. We know space is flat however it appears curved to our eyes. It is like looking up a tunnel and seeing two opposing lanes going away from you. If you look up farther, then further up, the distance between the edges increases until eventually everything seems straight again. Space becomes ‘curved’ by objects moving or rotating within it. As an object moves around another, it creates ripples called gravitational waves. These waves propagate outward from whatever created them, stretching the fabric of spacetime like taffy before snapping back together once the wave passes its peak.

Although scientists believe that gravity bends space time, they disagree about exactly how much they bend the fabric of spacetime. As you look out across space, everything appears flat, yet we experience objects moving closer away from us in the real world which suggests that space curves back near Earth's center. Physicists argue that the universe was once infinitely compressed into a tiny point called "the big bang," yet the expansion of the cosmos creates a warped reality, bending space.

Scientists explain that space and time behaves according to Newtonian theory, meaning that they follow strict rules including absolute position, linear motion with constant velocity, force, mass and acceleration. Physicists disagree regarding Einstein's Theory of Relativity stating his Special relativity was based on the assumption of Constant speed relative to light, thus explaining the existence of gravity. According to General relativity theories, however, space and time behave differently depending on gravitational field strength.

The scientists argue against Einstein's theory arguing that there were holes in his theory, but the physicists argued that his theories worked. Einstein said that gravity bends light rays.He based his conclusion on Isaac Newton‟s law of universal gravitation that says that gravity attracts objects together. Einstein added that since nothing else could cause gravity to exist other than mass, then gravity ought to curve spacetime itself according to relativity theory.

Gravitational waves has been detected by nasa

Gravitational waves has been detected by nasa

Can gravity form waves

Gravity Can Form Waves, And You Should Know How. According to science, waves are produced by bodies moving in water. When two objects move toward each other, they tend to collide and bounce away. Because of friction caused by motion, energy is lost, creating a wave pattern along the shoreline. One way to view the wave pattern formed by waves traveling in water is to regard the surface of the body of water as a single giant billiard ball rolling around on its own axis inside a stationary ring called the circle of latitude.

When any particle moves faster than another object nearby, it creates disturbances in surrounding media called gravitational waves(GW). These GW travel through space with speed equal to velocity/square root of 3,and can distort the space.The distortions create disturbances in the particles that are present close to GW source creating ripples in space–time continuum. Such waves are created due to movement of mass in massive objects Gravity wave refers to high frequency oscillations along magnetic field lines created within moving conductors (electrical wires). This phenomenon exists under a vacuum as space cannot carry electricity. The movement of currents creates electric fields of opposing charges. These electrostatic forces pull apart two parallel conducting plates. When electrons move past each other, then push against opposite ions due to attraction of opposites poles, the force exerted on the ion increases rapidly until it gets close to light speed and produces intense electromagnetic radiation.

Gravitational Waves were predicted theoretically in 1916 by Albert Einstein.He was trying to explain Newton's law of gravitation

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Gravity is an invisible monster

Gravity is an invisible monster

What is Gravity

The Invisible Force That Binds Us Together. Newton showed centuries ago that the motion of objects follows a fundamental principle which states that matter attracts itself towards its own center of mass, giving rise to an invisible force called gravitation. According to that theory, Newton discovered four laws of universal gravitation including three laws of Keplerian astronomy. He stated that planets move around the sun along ellipses, orbiting round once per orbit period. All these phenomena happen due to the effect of gravity on Earth and other celestial body.Even though gravitational forces between two objects increase with distance, there is a limit beyond which the strength of attraction gets negligible; i.e., that limit known as infinity.

Gravity affects objects and bodies alike including us humans. Earth's gravity pulls everything toward itself just like any object with mass experiences attraction to anything else with matter because their masses interact through the strength of gravity. A massive object attracts smaller ones to itself creating tides and causing planets to rotate round their axes.

Gravity affects everything within reach of its influence and plays a big role in the formation of the solar system and planets. When Jupiter formed, some scientists believe that several asteroids were ejected out of orbit due to its massive size and gravitational pull, creating the asteroid belt. The Earth itself was affected by gravity too –the tides created when land meets ocean would never be seen again unless we lived on the moon. Without gravity, the entire structure of our galaxy wouldn’t exist today!

Gravity works everywhere in the universe, affecting everything from the size of galaxies to the orbit of planets and stars in solar systems. Because of the tremendous force created due to the mass of the earth, we cannot escape its influence.We always fall toward it under the pull of gravity. It affects us physically at an atomic level through the strong nuclear forces operating inside atoms.


Can we travel in time?

According to scientists who specialize in the field of physics, time seems like a fourth dimension of nature, along with space. In fact, time moves slower the further away you reach from its origin.To someone living close to him, an hour passes faster than another does going far away from where he lives. Time travelers must take extreme measures of security since they could face serious dangers as they try to return home safely.

Time travelling through time machines allows humans to rewind history, giving us the opportunity to change decisions we made long ago.

Time machines are thought impossible in modern physics theory because anything moving faster than light cannot move through matter thus preventing its presence. Yet some scientists believe that we could actually exist in another timeline, either past the point of our existence or possibly even in another dimension beyond ours. Because science allows us to see new worlds, time travel becomes feasible. Scientists say that time travelling isn't really out of place anymore since physicists have finally accepted black holes as part of reality.

Time travel will allow us to change history.We wouldn't want to experience events we'd rather forget.On other hand, some argue against time travelling because of the danger of messing up past event sequences.What do you think?Do you believe time travellers should try to fix mistakes or stay out of it entirely?

What is Gravity

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