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What About the Emergency Doctor?

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What about the emergency doctor?

What about the emergency doctor?

What about the emergency doctor?

Choosing a medical speciality may be the most difficult decision for the student, and this choice is usually the basis for finding the right balance between professional life and the lifestyle that a person desires in the future, as the reasons for choosing a particular speciality for two different people rarely differ, so that they depend in their choices either on feelings Or rational thinking.
Therefore, choosing emergency medicine as a speciality is a good option for people who can deal with different groups of people, and can listen to people's problems and pain, and here we will know what this speciality is.

What do we mean by this type of medicine?

Emergency medicine is defined as the immediate medical assistance and support provided to the sick and wounded to avoid any potentially harmful consequences for their lives and health.

What is the work and specialities of emergency medicine?

The tasks and specializations of emergency medicine are as follows

  • Aid for the wounded and injured who suffer from emergencies, whether medical, surgical or childbirth
  • Daily patient care including infections, fractures, heart attacks, strokes, asthma, severe pregnancy complications, or choking.
  • Working on initial diagnosis, early intervention, and resuscitation to reduce the impact of all these cases,

What distinguishes this profession from other medical specialities?

Emergency medicine is not just a medical speciality. Emergency doctors have medical practices outside the hospital's emergency departments, and emergency doctors continue to care for patients. Once inside the hospital, emergency medicine is the only speciality that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the responsibility of the emergency doctor?

The responsibility of the emergency doctor is as follows

  1. He is responsible for providing immediate medical attention to patients who enter the hospital's emergency room, and in most cases, the doctor is not responsible for treating these patients regularly.
  2. And as an emergency doctor, he can evaluate patients' symptoms and request any of the laboratory tests to diagnose diseases and start the correct treatment,
  3. -Emergency medicine are doctors specially trained to handle medical emergencies. After graduating from medical school,

How does an emergency doctor work?

Emergency doctors work in the hospital’s emergency department on a shift system, where the duration of a single shift ranges between 8 to 12 hours, but sometimes the shift may last for 24 hours or more, depending on the size of the hospital and the severity of the cases that are dealt with in a particular hospital. Doctor for handling high-risk situations or minor emergencies.

And finally, what else can we say?

The profession of medicine in general and the speciality of emergency medicine, in particular, is a noble and great profession because of the effort and sincerity in it, and the emergency doctor is the first person we deal with in the hospital for what he does. Saving lives, so we give him all our thanks, appreciation and appreciation for what they offer us

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