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What The Headless Chicken Monster Says About The Environment

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A look into the recently spotted Headless Chicken Monster

Planet earth, or home, as humans call it is full of surprises, and a day cannot pass by without some of us, if not all, gets stupefied by the scientific discoveries. The integration of technology systems in scientific research has boosted the speed and accuracy of scientific research. The recent observation of the Enypniastes eximia also known as *headless chicken monster* in the Southern Ocean, Australia leaves one to wonder how much yet so little our knowledge of our environment is. Read on to understand some of the things you can learn about this latest discovery.

Technology and scientific research

Different forms of technology can be applied to promote the understanding of scientific concepts or in the discovery of different lifeforms. The nascent AAD Underwater Camera Technology has carried the day. While this technology is not a product of household camera manufacturers, it has enabled the aquatic researchers in Australia to capture high quality and clear images of the rare type of sea cucumber, the headless chicken monster, in a way that had been observed by none.

The need for stiffer conservation policies

Often, the issue of environmental conservation gets intertwined with politics to the point that no meaningful progress is made. Avoiding politicizing the environmental issues is far-fetched considering that the same politicians are tasked with the formulation of environmental and conservations. Be it as it may, the politicians need to some level of awareness on environmental matters to enable them to understand the ramification of continued politicking and less action. That said, the formulation and implementation of stringent conservation stipulations will go a long way in conserving the headless chicken monster and other yet to be discovered marine life-forms.

More investment in scientific research is necessary

Until recently, the headless chicken monster was one of those rare organisms that had only been seen once in human history. This begs the question as to how much people know about the marine ecosystem, and its inhabitants. The aquatic researchers are doing a tremendous job by keeping the world updated on life in aquatic ecosystems. However, the insufficient resources limit how much they can do. Thus, some investment in the industry is necessary if more of the aquatic world is to be discovered.

The headless chicken monster is one of the many creatures whose details are least known to man. Its recent filming is a sign that other unknown organisms may be maybe roaming the ocean waters.

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