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What Is Your Impact on the Earth's Climate: 2 Online Quizzes Can Tell You How You're Doing

Maren explains climate, environment, problems and possible fixes and calls you to action.

Everyone wants the planet they love to be hospitable to humans and all our wondrous fellow living inhabitants.

Everyone wants the planet they love to be hospitable to humans and all our wondrous fellow living inhabitants.

Ally, Attacker, Or Someone In Between?

If you accept that Earth's climate is get hotter and that human behavior is part of the cause, then as a human, you can examine what impact your own lifestyle and choices are having on climate health.

This is not a new concept.

What is new, though, are the many sophisticated research-backed quizzes to help you assess what you are currently doing, meaning "Are you using more than your fair share of resources as one human among seven billion humans on this planet?" Then, they suggest how you might choose to change your habits.

I review two of the quizzes which are free and online.

Am I A Hero?

How much more upbeat can a quiz be named?

How much more upbeat can a quiz be named?

1. Climate Hero Quiz

This is the longer of the two quizzes, yet it takes only 5 to 8 minutes to complete.

You land on the home page and create a username. Fake names are just fine.

Then, you, the "quizzee," are led through a series of questions in three major areas:

  1. how you transport yourself around town and the world,
  2. the structure of your housing and the heating and cooling thereof, and
  3. your shopping, consuming, and recycling behavior.

I took this quiz two different times within the space of three weeks. After discussing my surprisingly sad results after the first time with friends, I realized that I had been a little too hard on myself when giving answers. I had figured that "when in doubt" about how to characterize my car usage or meat eating, that I would err on the side of being a wasteful pig. I didn't like what category that landed me in. So, I returned to the page and answered as carefully as I could to be accurate.

Guess what happened?

The Four Categories

I stayed in the category determined on the first quiz! It wasn't as good as I wanted to be or that I thought I would occupy.

The designations for personal climate footprint are presented with humor and hopefulness and "you can change; atta girl" enthusiasm. But, bad is still bad!

Going from Good to Yucky, the categories are:

  1. Climate Hero - someone whose "carbon dioxide equivalent yearly emission" is less than 2 tons
  2. Climate Friend - someone whose "carbon dioxide equivalent yearly emission" is between 2.0 and 4.9 tons
  3. Climate Consumer - someone whose "carbon dioxide equivalent yearly emission" is between 5.0 and 10.0 tons
  4. Climate Villain - someone whose "carbon dioxide equivalent yearly emission" is more than 10 tons

The Envelope, Please . . .

The site is full of encouragement. Even for skunky folks.

The site is full of encouragement. Even for skunky folks.

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I Thought I Was a Climate Angel, But I Need to Change Now!

Okay, I have solar panels on my semi-detached house which meet all my electric needs. What is not so good is that I still use natural gas to heat my Pennsylvania house in cold weather. I drive a tiny sub-compact car, but it is not a hybrid or a total electric vehicle. I still eat meat a few times a week and I live for dairy fat: cream in my coffee, real butter, cheeses, and more cheeses.

I am solidly in the Climate Consumer niche, which means I am still increasing the global average of CO2 spewing and heating the planet.

After You See Your Results

After you receive your label, you can choose to see what helpful behaviors you have and you can see how you can further reduce your fossil fuel burning-type behavior.

Below are screen captures of a few pages of advice I earned after my second pass at the Climate Hero quiz.


I am pursuing more insulation in my attic and I am considering how to use more electric heat and less gas. Of all the suggestions given to me, abandoning gas heat would be the greatest help to Mother Gaia.


This Ask Is Harder

Stubborn, selfish me! I do not want to become a vegan. So, I will try to be very good in other ways to compensate for cow dairy eating.

Go Here for the Climate Hero Online Quiz

2. Footprint Calculator Quiz

This quiz is shorter and expresses its results in how many planet earths would be needed per year if everyone consumed resources the way you do. Hint: it is bad news if the answer is greater than 1.0.


This is the shorter of the two quizzes. Answers can be registered as analog choices by moving a sliding marker. However, there is sometimes an option under the slider stating "Add Details To Improve Accuracy." This, obviously, adds time to taking the quiz.

The results discuss your "overshoot day." This term, as well as many others used, are never explained. I am assuming that the overshoot date is the one upon which you have used up your share of one earth.


Now What?

In order to get suggestions about how to change your ways, you must click through buttons along the top of the page.


Go Here for the Footprint Calculator Quiz

Comparing the Two Quizzes

I definitely preferred Climate Hero. It seemed much more user friendly and clear about how to move to the next page. Also, it was very upbeat about lifestyle change suggestions.

Both, however, are worthwhile measurements of our personal energy and resource use.

Consider This As A Step You Can Take

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Maren Elizabeth Morgan


Maren Elizabeth Morgan (author) from Pennsylvania on October 01, 2021:

Umesh Chandra Bhatt, thank you. The health of our earth and climate is very important. I'm glad you found my article useful.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 01, 2021:

Very nice article, well expressed and well presented, thanks.

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