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What Is Truth? How Do I know What Is True? Why Do Some Things Not Make Sense?

What is TRUTH?

Although the individual will naturally hold on to the beliefs they have maintained throughout their lives, this is not the best action to take in the world. You can either open your mind and be willing to accept the truth, or remain fixed in your beliefs and maintain a state of ignorance. You may decide that you do not want anything to break your fragile little concepts of reality. That is your choice. Either give alternative thoughts a chance, or remain a slave to your closed mind.

If you have decided to use your Freewill and Freedom of thought, then this article was written specifically for you. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by scientific or religious molds. Both religion and science are inundated with systems of control that was conceived by a group of Global Elites, these concepts were invented long before your birth!

Before you were born, lies were created to control you!

Open Your Eyes!

Stop believing LIES!

Stop believing LIES!

Do you accept truth?

It is understandable, if at first glance, you disregard the information within this article. It is natural for an individual to deny truth when presented, especially if it contradicts the lies you have believed your entire life. Logic tells you that your beliefs are true, anything that alters these beliefs will seem like wild insinuations.

It is your ego which holds you back from accepting truth. Humans can be very obstinate to anything that disrupts their sense of reality. Rather then accepting new facts that do not coincide with your beliefs, you would instead allow your ego to decide what is or is not true. This is done because it can be quite traumatic to realize that things you have believed to be true your whole life is in fact, FALSE!.

A Secret Hidden From Mankind

The pursuit of Truth!

A quest for actual knowledge is an honorable expedition for the individual to take. An exploration of truth that goes beyond the paradigms of religion and science. The opportunity to have original thoughts, a personal philosophy, and the ability of logic, all of these things are missing in most individuals.

Because of a deficiency in actual intelligence, most human beings do not live up to the potential that is inherent in each individual at birth! Through a complete rejection of anything that may disrupt their belief systems, it will be difficult to get the majority to alter their minds.

Society has fallen in to a state of mesmerizing television broadcasts, combined with motion pictures created to sway public opinion, and the addition of recorded music, designed to disrupt morality and emotions, to the point where original thought is something that has become extremely rare.

Why do you believe what you do?

You will be told lies for the purpose of manipulating you.

You will be told lies for the purpose of manipulating you.


Before proceeding, you must be aware that your beliefs are about to be scrutinized. As defensive creatures, humans will fight tooth and nail to support their beliefs. This is understood, and thus, the warning. You are, at first glance, going to think that this article is rubbish. Then after pondering the thoughts contained in this article, you are going to question everything you believe to be true!

Realization will come once you become aware that your nature will have you dissect this information through your current perspective of reality. Once you open your mind to the idea that there are truths that you have never been told, you will see that it is your sense of reality being questioned here. Once that is accomplished, you may begin to think for yourself, original thoughts, questions! Questions concerning your own mind, your position in the world, and the search for truth has begun! Instead of thinking through the filtration of your beliefs, you will be thinking on your own.

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"All Truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them."

Galileo Galilea

America Hiding the TRUTH of Humanity!!

Why do human beings disregard Truth?

It is not uncommon for people to disregard a truth when it is presented to them. The reason is that people have become comfortable in their false realities. They are awake, yet their thought processes remain sleeping. This is due to the chance that their comfortable sense of reality will be shattered the second they come to the realization that they have been taught lies their entire life.

The first reaction that a person will feel when presented with facts that conflict with what they have been taught to believe, is to consider the new facts as nonsensical. Many will laugh off these facts as being pure dribble. The second reaction is to attack the messenger as being not of the right mind or completely insane. These are natural reactions from a human being. There is nothing wrong with this as long as at some point, the person at least ponders the facts for themselves.

It is the easy path to disregard facts as nonsense and to continue to live your life in an ignorant vacuum!

Propaganda is one form of lies told.

Propaganda is one form of lies told.

That is ridiculous!

In addition, once people come across information such as what is presented here, they make the mistake of feeling that they are intellectually superior. That in some form they are too intelligent to consider new information as true.

This is due to the feeling that their beliefs are in fact true, and that there is no chance that their beliefs are wrong. They can simply not accept the chance that they have been living in a delusional reality. For this reason they will claim that it is the mesenger that is delusional.

Even when absolute evidence is presented, it is disregarded as fallacy! All one can hope for in these situations is that hopefully, at a future time these individuals at least ponder the evidence and reach their own conclusions. Not beliefs that have been accepted with no facts, simply because that is what they have been taught their entire lives.

Individuals are so foolhardy that they insist their perception of reality is the most rational explanation in existence. They completely fail to acknowledge that just maybe, what they believe is lies and deception. The strange aspect in this scenario is that an individual will accept absolute fraud as truth, while disregarding truth as insane, delusional, and Bull droppings!

ALL Religions are Lies - Masters of Deception

But, I adhere to a Belief system?

Although many people accept the belief system that was held by their parents, they do not take the time to analyze these beliefs for reality. Questioning things is not a sinful action. Others accept a belief system as they progress through their lives. Once these beliefs are accepted, the individual continues their journey without ever examining the source of their reality.

These individuals just believe that they are correct and as long as they maintain their source of enlightenment, everything will be fine. Whether they are atheists or members of one of the many Religious sects, the individual becomes set in their ways of thinking.

Not only do they not question their beliefs, they defend them with pride. When an individual is introduced to ideas that conflict with their reality, they will immediately disregard the new facts as nonsense. It is as though their minds are controlled like automatons. Regurgitating thoughts that have been fed to them by others.

So if someone wants to criticize others fora lack of original thoughts, they should begin with themselves. Attacking the delivery of contradicting theories without considering the facts is not a positive way to live your life.

Truth exists, whether or not if it is told!

Truth exists, whether or not if it is told!

What is real truth?

There exists in the world, truths that are not taught in school. There iare facts that are not divulged through Religion. There is a reality that is not shown by the media. Government does not always deal in reality, in fact government itself is a fiction as is many entities that deals with governmental affairs.

The majority of human beings live their entire life in a state of denial. Accepting outright lies as truth, disregarding actual truth as fiction. It is an existence of ignorance. Ignorance due to the betrayal of education. Ignorance because since birth these individuals have been taught lies by everyone. Not intentional lies as those that teach them are not aware of the actual truth.

Even the lie that security is the predominant issue, it does not matter if it takes a tyrannical government to secure this misconception of security. Individuals bask in this level of ignorance and misery because they believe that is who they are!

What is Logic

Truth! What is Truth?

What is:


  1. the true or actual state of a matter
  2. conformity with fact or reality; verity
  3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like
  4. the state or character of being true.
  5. actuality or actual existence.

What is truth? Simple answer, the truth is true! It does not matter if society accepts it, it is still true. Whether or not the truth is politically correct is irrelevant to the fact that the truth is truth!

To be even more concise, the truth is not a thing that needs to be accepted by society or politically correct. If you came to this article to find a subject to discuss among your friends, then you have stopped at the wrong article.

The truth is something that is larger than the human population, it will not conform itself to fit in to your belief system, it cares not for your happiness, nor does it bend itself to satisfy your craving for an ego boost.

No matter how bad you want the truth to transform itself, it will not! If you think that by not accepting the truth that it will somehow mystically alter itself simply because you do not believe it. You are incorrect. If it is believed or not does not change the truth!

Your emotions will not change it, neither will your society modify it. It depends not on your location, your age, your sex, your religious beliefs, your education, nothing can diminish the reality of truth!

If you find that dealing with the truth is a difficult action for you to take, that is a problem that resides within yourself. Either continue to live your fictitious reality, or open your eyes, open your mind, and give the truth a chance!

Seek truth!

Seek truth!

The Seekers of Truth

Those who live their lives on a quest for truth are already aware that individuals will oppose those that are attempting to spread knowledge. These seekers know that they will be laughed at and singled out for contempt and scorn. Often the individual will attempt to persuade the messenger to believe the same ignorant beliefs as themselves.

Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.-- Winston Churchill

Once enslaved by the lies and deception rampant in society, you will constantly ignore the truth! So your decision is to accept the truth or maintain your status as a slave to the systems of control. These fictitious control systems have been put in place for the purpose of maintaining a society in a systematic operation. The problems arise due to human beings trusting these realities as well, reality! Some will even try to get the truth to comply with this false reality.

Knowledge Is Power

Truth exists, it does not matter if it is accepted by society. To be more specific, truth will not conform to the ignorance of the world's belief systems. Absolute truth will never be revealed to an individual that does not make an attempt at discovering it.

Human beings will not seek beyond their current level of wisdom because they do not want anything to disrupt their fictitious paradigms.

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger

"The real searcher after truth will not receive the old because it is old, or reject the new because it is new. He will not believe men because they are dead, or contradict them because they are alive. With him an utterance is worth the truth, the reason it contains, without the slightest regard to the author. He may have been a king or serf -- a philosopher or servant, -- but the utterance neither gains nor loses in truth or reason. Its value is absolutely independent of the fame or station of the man who gave it to the world." -- Robert G. Ingersoll

It is rational and logical to question your reality1

It is rational and logical to question your reality1

Contradictions of the Rationalist

If you are like the majority of people alive on this planet today, you do not have access to classified government documents. Nor are you allowed to browse through secret government facilities. The majority of people on the planet do not belong to a secret society. Thus, they have no ability to become aware of any secret knowledge maintained by these societies. Even though these societies claim to possess knowledge that is thousands of years old, THERE IS NO PROOF!

You are less than one hundred years old and have no firsthand experience or actual knowledge of historical events that took place hundreds or thousands of years before you were born. The only evidence you have of these events is what is told to you.

All of this is an undisputed fact, yet you will have the perception that you are already informed as to the truth of historical events. You will be satisfied that ancient knowledge is held by a fringe number of people. You are leading a delusional existence, and you are not aware of it!

You are doing yourself an injustice if you are afraid or just apathetic to question knowledge that is presented as fact without proof.

The Science of Lying

What secrets?

I am sure everyone can agree that the government has secrets that are not divulged to the population. Everybody can agree that secret societies do in fact exist. At the same instant you will also acknowledge that you do know the truth. This awareness is contradicting fact. It is simply not a rational attitude. Think about it. You know that secrets are kept from the public, yet you know the truth?

The reality is, your truths are formed by what you have learned in school, what the media tells you, and what those that hold authoritative positions reveals to you. And yet you are naïve enough to believe what is spelled out in history books over events that you have witnessed for yourself!

You are enlightened enough to disregard information divulged by any of the Earths religious entities, but you believe unquestioningly what the government authored history books and government propaganda informs you is a scientific fact. Do you consider yourself to be a rational individual?

Authority figures tell lies!

Authority figures tell lies!

Authority doesn't lie?

Why do you believe the information simply because said information comes from some kind of an authority figure? What makes these individuals worthy of your trust? Do you think that an individual that is considered an authority would reveal any information that would implicate them in a falsehood? There is not an authority figure on the planet that would release any information to you that would incriminate themselves.

Once this sort of information is released, the authority figure would no longer be considered to be an authority concerning anything. Official doctrines have not been created that would implicate any of the officials that devised them. If these doctrines did reveal that the officials that created them lied while authoring them, the population would no longer hold these individuals on a pedestal as an official anything. Thus they would no longer hold authority and the information they released would not be considered as official.

Does this not sound logical? In other words, just because something is labelled as an Official Doctrine does not make it true! The truth is that Official Doctrines are created to maintain power for the individuals that fabricated them!

Government Conspiracies - World of Lies - Award Winning Documentary

Science is truth?

In addition, just because something is labeled as official does not mean that it is rational! There are official government doctrines released under the guise of science, that is not entirely rational.


1.agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible:

2.having or exercising reason, sound judgment

3.being in or characterized by full possession of one's reason;sane; lucid:

4.endowed with the faculty of reason

5. of, pertaining to, or constituting reasoning powers:

Scientists seem to irrationally ignore the theory that the government holds secrets away from public scrutiny. For some reason, scientists disregard the implications of the actual power held by government. The reason that Science does not portray government power as significant is due to their ability to keep the believers of modern science within the confines of government approved reality! They count on individuals to not question their science, any individual that attempts to rise above government sanctioned ignorance is a threat to their control systems.

If the science community did not trivialize the power of government then it would not take long for the people to realize that everything they believed concerning science is based on lies and falsehoods. It would not be long after this awareness that the people would come to the realization that their entire concept of reality is FALSE! To be blunt, if the public became aware of the manipulations done in secret, they would soon see that science is another control mechanism brought to them by the Global Elite!

Do not worship authority!

Do not worship authority!

Why do people worship authority?

It is very curious to recognize the fact that the only individuals that defend the scientific information presented by these elites are those that worship authority. These people will try to clarify their beliefs in science by stating that science equates to a rational mode of thought, and that science is the easiest way for seekers to find the truth!

In reality, science is false knowledge. The reason that individuals believe these lies is due to the majority of people holding those in authority as a sort of demi-god. They are worshiped as though the knowledge they spread has been handed to them from God! People are afraid to question their beliefs, and for this reason science knows that their information will be believed without resistance.

Science will discard the existence of particular anomalies, this is not for the reason that these incidents of anomalies are false. It is because, if science admitted that these phenomena are in fact real, they would implicate the elite in spreading disinformation and lies. Science is a dictatorship, it is searching for the truth in a fascist like model. Any rational human being would at least question information if they did not hold the belief that science is as close to a God figure as one can get. Even though these individuals disregard organized religion as myths, they worship science and will not allow anything to disrupt their belief in the scientific gospels.

Are Thoughts The Source of Ego?

Your ego is what stops you from seeking truth!

Every individual possesses an ego. It cannot be turned on and off, it is always there. Once aware that your ego will disrupt your thought process, it is much easier to achieve awareness by disregarding your ego.

You might consider the information in this article as ridiculous. That is your choice, you have every right to keep on believing the lies you have been told to you for your entire life.

Another option is to take the information available to you in this article and expand it. Research facts for yourself, open your mind and consider that there might be more to reality then you have been led to believe. Become an educated individual with the capacity to think for yourself.

"The only truth is your won, most sacred lesson I have ever learned." Testament

You are not doing yourself any favors by believing things without question!

You are not doing yourself any favors by believing things without question!

Integrity, Ethics, and Morality

Do those that hold a position of authority automatically mean these are individuals with integrity? Would it be ethical to hide the truth? Do those in power have morality? No, just because someone has a position of authority, this does not equate with an individual with ethics and morality. This is one of the truths that are hidden from the public. Power does not mean integrity.

It is those that do not hold power that is held up to a moral code. Those that do not have authority, do not control their own fate. In fact, it is those that do not have authority or power that are held responsible for their actions. If they do not act in an ethical or moral way, they can be punished for their actions.

This is the reason that the controlling elite can get away with distributing lies instead of the truth. They can get away with it, because they are never punished for their actions. The elite are not held responsible for the disinformation that they dispense.

If an individual takes the time to ponder the character of the world's authority figures, you will begin to realize that these "authority figures" do not care about truth. They are much more concerned with maintaining their level of power, it matters not what they do to achieve these goals. The pursuit of power is much more dominant than any emotional attachment to the population. Those with the power of authority will say and do anything to hold on to their power. When it comes to revealing information to the public, those in power are extremely treacherous.

Rather than reveal information that may threaten their power, the global elite will not release any information at all. If they do provide information, you can almost guarantee that this knowledge will be based on lies and deception!


The elite control actual truth!

The ruling elite hold the population of the Earth in contempt. The sooner you realize this, the easier it will be for you to discover the truth. These elite will tell any lie possible, whether it is Religious or Scientific falsehoods, anything that will get the public to not question their reality!

The elite realize that not only will these lies suppress the public from scrutinizing the elite, these Religious and Scientific lies are used to control the masses. This is done because the people accept these lies from authority as if they are facts. They will even fight to defend these beliefs they hold, never for an instant, questioning the validity of the information.

Instead of realizing that their belief systems are based on lies, people simply capitulate to the information they are told. Most people will not even hold a notion that these beliefs are false, even the remote possibility that the beliefs are theory and not proven does not enter in to their minds. Blind obedience to authority is the largest stumbling block on an individual's path to truth!

There is a group of Elites that control the world!

There is a group of Elites that control the world!

How does the global elite control truth?

The global elite have no conception of morality. The wealthy elite do not care one bit for integrity. It has always been this way, so it is understandable that the individual does not take the time to question authority. For this reason the elite hold no fear that their deception will be brought in to the knowledge base of the population.

The elite are the ones that create the rules! The elite are the ones that create Religion! The elite are the ones that divulge scientific theories! The elite do and say whatever they want, realize this, disregard everything you believe to be true and start to search for truth yourself. Do not just believe what you are told just because the entity telling you is some kind of pseudo authority!

Although there are no consequences for an authority figure elitist that is caught telling lies, the common man is held responsible for every action that they take! The individual is held to a moral standard. Each individual can be punished for telling lies to authority, yet authority is not punished for lying to the individual. Think about this!

The average human being has the opportunity to think logically, they can educate themselves. The average human holds some sort of moral compass. If they do not have a sense of morality, and act in an immoral way, they are punished. If they perform actions that show a lack of integrity they are exposed. When was the last time you heard of someone in authority being punished because they are immoral or lack integrity.

I do realize that at this point many readers have formed the conclusion that this article is nothing more than dribble. If that is the case then the author was successful in getting you to consider the information presented. I do not need you to believe me, I do not want you to believe me. My goal is simply to get you to think!

Question everything!

Interview on Ancient Mysteries

Those in power have always been in power!

This is going to be very difficult for some of you to accept. I understand this and I know the reasons why. All your life you have believed what has been told to you. You think that because your Nation holds elections, you have a choice as to who your leaders are to be. Those that are in power, have always been in power!

The people that erected the Egyptian pyramids, the people that created the Nation of Mesopotamia, and all the other wonders of the ancient world, are the same group of individuals that are in control of the world today. It is the same group of individuals that are responsible for the creation of every religion. This is not to say that the exact same people are in control, yet it is the same bloodlines that have controlled the Earth since civilization began.

Civilization was created by a particular group of individuals, this is not to be interpreted as a plural "groups", all global power resides in one GROUP of individuals.

Every truth that you believe is due to civilization being taught these falsehoods by the same group of global elitists. It is not that you are naïve, it is that you have been misled your whole life. Not just you, every generation has been misled by these elitists! What is accepted as basic facts are in reality, deception.

How could you possibly be aware of the truth if it has not been revealed to you? How would you know of a deception that took place thousands of years ago. Reality tells me that no one reading this article is more than one hundred years old. So since the time you were born the world's population was already deceived and the lies have already been accepted as reality. The only recourse you have is to seek the truth for yourself. Question everything, demand explanations, stand up and refuse to accept lies as truth!

Even our history is based on lies, the reason that there is so much falsehoods in our history boils down to one simple fact. It was the global elitists that wrote our history books! All official accounts of our history comes from authority figures that maintains their allegiance not to the people, their allegiance is to their elitist group!

You are an individual, each individual maintains the same rights!

You are an individual, each individual maintains the same rights!

What are the repercussions?

The global elite, unlike the common man, does not have to worry about being held responsible for their lies. They do not fear that the majority of the population will ever discover their deception. Why? These elitists are in control of all the Justice systems in the world. So they do not fear being prosecuted for their crimes. They control all of the media so there is no fear of the media exposing them. They control the worlds education system so there is no fear that the youth will be educated to their deceit.

Through the control of all the worlds religions, they also control all the religions followers. They control all of the scientific theories and supposed facts. The people can only become aware of things that they are exposed to. By controlling what is accepted as scientific fact, they control what the people will believe!

This system of control has existed for as long as human beings have tried to establish civilizations. Morality does not exist within these groups. They do not have a need to worry about morals, since they are the ones that would punish the individual for a lack of morality.

Zeitgeist (2007) - Part 1 - Religion


In no way do I expect any of my readers to accept anything written here as fact. That would be illogical. I would like to make you think. If I have done this then I feel that I am extremely successful. I just want you to be able to question everything you know, I realize this is no simple task. I know you will have a difficult time questioning everything you believe, yet I can assure you that is worth your time to ponder upon your belief systems.

I am not making statements that all Religion and Science is false. I am trying to get you to realize that it is possible that these institutions are based on lies. Just because an authority figure says something, it does not make it true. A simple concept and if nothing else, I hope you can see the truth behind the lies.

Do not blindly follow a religion, question everything!

Do not blindly follow a religion, question everything!

Deos history hold the truth?

Think of history, do you believe that you have been taught historical truths? You do realize that the people who write the history books are capable of lying? They are motivated by getting the public to believe their versions of history.

"Who controls the past now controls the future

Who controls the present now controls the past

Who controls the past now controls the future


There has never been a better time in history for the truth to be revealed to the public. Many individuals are coming to the realization that they are being manipulated by a global entity that has the most powerful people on the planet as its members. This entity does not care about human beings, nor do they care about wealth, the thing that they desire is control.

Good luck in your quest for truth. your quest does not end here, this is only the beginning. Hopefully you will come to question everything you are told. Once you travel down this path to realization you will be tempted to try and teach others. You will find this extremely difficult, as told earlier in this article, individuals will defend their belief systems and ridicule you for attempting to alter their beliefs. You will be much more successful if you remain silent and only divulge information to individuals that question you as to a truth. If an individual is prepared to question their reality, they are ripe for the awareness of the truth.

Good luck to all of you and thank you immensely for taking the time to read my article and just perhaps, questioning everything you have read here!


Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on July 13, 2012:

If you found it amusing, good for you. :)

WD Curry 111 from Space Coast on July 13, 2012:

I thought you said this wasn't a joke. You must have a lot of time on your hands.

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on June 13, 2012:

BorderLineLady and ChristinS, thank you for your kind words. I wrote this as a reminder to myself to always maintain an open mind.

Christin Sander from Midwest on June 08, 2012:

One of the best, most thought provoking hubs I've read in a long time. I agree that we tend to get hung up on "beliefs" over truths. I also believe that truth is a personal journey that requires contemplation, educating oneself, and seeking beyond what is comfortable or spoon fed to us. I am all too familiar with being ostracized as a seeker and I thoroughly enjoyed this hub and will share it.

BorderLineLady from Chicago, IL on June 07, 2012:

Okay Mr. Reality, you got my attention ;-) I enjoyed this hub. I got a bit off/lost on occasion because yeh- we kinda jumped from what I 'expected' to be truth, logic, rationality, etc.. onto well, 'THEE BIGGER PICTURE' in the grand scheme of life.. Deep. I like that though, Everything I do, I am looking to better our 'bigger picture' so, since I have just been 'conditioned' into not 'expecting' anything other than 'surface or top layer' when I read something 'eye catching' enough to stop my day and actually read, that can keep my attention and is of common interest obviously, it's a 'treat' to say the least coming across your hub. - I always have said, some people 'get it' and some don't, and never learn never evolve. Pretty sad actually. But, sigh.. I don't have a wonder woman cape lol, always gotta cover #1 first!~ (I got a batgirl cape from last holloween, my older son was batman and my lil guy was robin :-)~ ) Later Gator, Nice job~ Nicky

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