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What Is The Concept of Balance

We all fall flat in our lives at one point or another, some may experience it as a total meltdown, while others may just feel that they are ‘off of their game’. What does this mean and why does this happen, why can’t we just perform optimally all the time?

The simple answer is that life changes, this means that we must change accordingly to adapt to new circumstances or conditions, unfortunately, we are creatures of habit and we tend to change slower than our surroundings. Thus, when things around us or conditions in our life change, there is an adjustment period where we have to transform ourselves to adapt, it is in this phase where we sometimes feel stressed.


Like with everything in nature, life is about balance, but instead of a mere balance between two objects on a linear scale, our lives are more like a spoked wheel that is spinning. If the spokes around the circle are not all balanced out, the wheel will wobble and this can range from a slight vibration to a catastrophic breakdown.

In most cases, people tend to think that these catastrophic events only occur when there are big changes or notable trauma, basically a big event that happens very fast. Yet, small changes, both positive and negative, that a person does not adapt to, can over a long period of time, also cause major damage, due to the long-term strain that causes wear.

In most cases, throughout our lives, we subconsciously adapt ourselves and balance the spokes of the wheels autonomously, without any thought or effort and other times we need to make a conscious effort to change.

Sometimes, we come upon a piece on our path where there are a lot of small changes that occur simultaneously or a big change that happens. As we try to adjust the spokes on our wheels to meet the requirements of the new road surface, we struggle to obtain balance, as we struggle to adapt so much at once. This is when we usually have a moment of distress and we feel as if life is tumbling down on us.

Many people quickly recover from this, as they keep their focus on adjusting, while others forget about the wheel and try to ride it out, leading to a fall. As humans, we need to keep our wheel in balance in order to maintain emotional equilibrium. Without balance, we simply can’t function.

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Let’s take an example of a person who lost their job, struggled through a rough time while unemployed, then got a new job. This person then puts all their effort into their new job in fear of losing it again.

When that person lost their job, many things changed. This includes a complete change in their daily routine, a change in their financial status, changing spending habits, losing assets, changing life goals, and many more. Although one event occurred, there are many aspects of their life that changed, which means that this person has to adapt very quickly to the new situation. Before the person adapts to the situation, they get a new job, again, everything changes and that person has to adapt to the new change.

What often happens is that they get hyper-focused on the new job in fear that they might lose their job again, but by becoming a work-a-holic, they only adjust one spoke of the wheel. Yes, you need to increase your work ethic in this situation, but it needs to be adjusted in relation to other aspects of your life. Also, this is not the only aspect you need to adjust to, you need to adapt to working with new people and in a new environment, changing your routine, and many other things.


So simply by changing the work ethic, does not bring the wheel back into balance, unfortunately in the beginning it might seem fine, as the wheel was out of balance, to begin with, and it felt like you are crashing, now it just feels wobbly, a person can quickly take it as an improvement, therefore the problem has been fixed. Although better than before, the wheel is still unbalanced and over time can cause several other problems, such as relationship problems with family and friends, increased stress levels, and many more.

In life, we have to actively maintain balance, like with a car, when we feel a slight vibration on the wheel, we investigate and repair in fear of a breakdown later. We need to do the same in our lives, when we feel the vibration, we need to tend to it sooner, rather than later, when it can cause more serious problems.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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