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What Is Bohemian Grove,What Happens At The Grove? Do Our Leaders Practice The Occult There? Illuminati?

In a dark and secret grove those of the Global Elite gather to conspire to create a New World Order. An Order ruled by the few and enslaving the masses!

Bohemian Grove is located North of San francisco. For many years this Grove has seen the gathering of Power Brokers of the Global Elite. People from industry, finance and government meet to discuss the future course of the globe. There are secrets in Bohemian Grove that are quite Dark and Sinister.

It is not often that an Elitist will answer questions concerning the Bohemian Grove. On the few instances when they do they describe the Grove as a simple Private Club. Though exactly what occurs during these meetings at Bohemian Grove has remained secret. Many will not even acknowledge the existence of the Grove.

Everyone deserves Privacy, even Global Elitists. Why all the secrecy? Why the denials? What reason could there be to keep all these details secret?

The reason is that Bohemian Grove is the location for Idol Worship and Occult Practices. It is not a harmless little Private Resort. It is the site of rituals that would be shocking to the average person. Especially when it is world leaders involved in the rituals.


Secrets Of Bohemian Grove

The Grove is a place where leaders from all aspects of society gather to decide the fate of America, even the world. It is nothing new for the Global Elite to meet and conspire outside the stage of open and transparent discourse.

There is more that happens at Bohemian Grove then secret little meetings. There are Pagan Rituals performed that use mock human sacrifices to the God Molech.

How Do We Know These Things Occur?

There is evidence in the form of videos that show these Rituals being performed. It shows our leaders involved in a mock human sacrifice using an effigy of a child. The sacrifice is done before a forty foot Idol of the God Molech. Molech is represented by the Owl. A recording of horrific screams is playing in the background while the participants cheer on the disturbing Ritual.

The Bohemian Grove is not a Republican or Democrat event. It is open to people from all political persuasions. Even former and future Presidents have attended Bohemian Grove. Both of the Bush Presidents have gone to the Grove. Even Carter and Nixon attended events in the Grove. Ronald Reagan was an attendee as well. Nixon is even heard mentioning activities at Bohemian Grove in the Watergate tapes.

Henry Kissinger is in regular attendance at these events. The Rockefellers are also participants in the events at Bohemian Grove. Business leaders, Political Scientists, anyone with influence can be seen taking part in these strange rituals.

Why do these people spend two weeks every year involved in such horrific displays? What kind of decisions are made for the country, even the world during these secret meetings. Are Governmental Decisions made outside the role of legal government? What are these people doing in this strange Grove? How do they affect our lives?


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Paulius on April 28, 2012:

how to change what code?

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on June 02, 2010:

Thank you for the input. I have published a hub called The Corporation of the United States. Which explains how this all started in 1871.

Deborah Dugger from Colorado on June 02, 2010:

Very Informative! Thank you for sharing.

I would like to add about the Uniform Commercial Code- There is a Form at every Secretary of State Web Site. It is UCC-1 Form. Every person ought to print one out- and fill it in and return it with their Birth Certificate!

Why? In 1933 the U.S. went major Bankrupt- so every person born After that- parents "unknowingly" made their newborns into slaves. Slaves you say? Yes slaves! The parents signed the form of the birth of their child, but unknowing entered a contract with the government- Look at any Birth Certificate you will find that it is on BOND paper! There is either a red/green number on the certificate! Every one born after that date- an amount was placed on them at birth.( Unknown to the parents)! NYSE - you are a labor and considered to make a CERTAIN amount through out life- so an amount was placed on YOUR newborn or you -->on the new york stock exchange! But your parents didn't know this just like I didn't know this! I wish I had - had my children at home. But I could have had my children at the hospital- and just told them I will name my baby later. (Yeah I would like to see their reaction to that one)!

Look at all the Businesses- We all know any business is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! Now look at your Birth Cert- Drivers Licenses, SS Card (They are all in CAPS!)- you name it--> it is called STRAWMAN- Research it all.

As for Federal Reserve Notes: Research (HJR 192)House Joint Resolution 192 ! You can't pay a DEBT with a DEBT ! But people are being deceived by the paper money in their hands- Banks are stealing from the people because the people need to demand the TRUE funds!

Example : The White House Tares carry a suitcase to the Treasury Dept. full of Debit Bonds (IOU) then the Treasury Department prints out how ever much asking for of Debit Reserve Notes! (IOU's) Yeah research that-

Here is something else- on the so called Deed of Trust to everyone's hard earned life they put into what they think is their home: Research how they (now who would be they) made it CLEAR that your only a Tenant in what people have sweat for, died for etc!! Research every thing I have written- it is there.

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