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What Do People Think of Those Who Refuse the Vaccine, Aka, the Antivaxxers?

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I have been an unofficial legal observer and reporter of the majority of anti-vaccine protests that have taken place in and around London.


When the wearing of face masks became compulsory, it divided nations. Many people were happy and content with the government's advice to wear them. Others were not. When the vaccines became available, many citizens stepped up — rolled up their sleeves and took the jab. Similar to volunteers who were willing to 'take up arms' to fight for their country.

But the anti-vaxxers are not willing to do so, leaving the nation into two groups; the vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. It was my job as well as curiosity to find out why people did not want to be vaccinated and why there was so much hostility towards those who refused the vaccine.

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A meme message posted to anti-vaxxers

A meme message posted to anti-vaxxers

Table of Contents

  • What Do People Think of Those Who Refuse the Vaccine?
  • The science of anti-vaccination. video.
  • Howard Stern says anti-vaxxers should be denied hospital care If they catch Covid-19. Video
  • A Message for People Who Don’t Want the COVID Vaccine
  • Conclusion

What Do People Think of Those Who Refuse the Vaccine?

The following 38 comments I have collated and recorded from protesters at multiple anti-vaccine protests in London, and from various social networking sites, forum and posts. Including comments (videos) from famous people.

  • "Anti-vaxxers, I just get a kick out of that political propaganda catchphrase. I have to admit, they are very good at psychological warfare. LoL. How about good people who have watched family and friends die or be crippled for life from the vaccines, and will not stand and allow medical tyranny by DeFacto governments that are acting outside their authority (that we give them). Controlled by corrupt politicians that constantly lie and rob the people and would rather die from non-compliance than be cowards and sign away our rights and freedoms because of the f***ing flu."
  • "Those anti-vaxxers are currently the ones who are the biggest danger to themselves and others."
  • "Well, I’ve been called a coward and a sheeple who can’t think for myself. I'll reserve my comments towards them, and instead, pray for them when they are dying from corona from the vaccine."
  • "There are many anti-vaxxers who are perfectly normal taxpayers, productive citizens and loving parents, who find it difficult to trust a highly-accelerated vaccine approval."
  • So if you are choosing not to get vaccinated because you think you know better than virologists who’ve spent decades working on this or because Faux News told you it’s bad or whatever, just f***ing catch this and die now. You’re not needed."
  • "The ones who are complaining are those who are too selfish and self-centred to care about protecting others with a free vaccination that takes only a little time away from your day. Most hospitals have vaccination clinics, and you're paid for the time you take to get vaccinated. There is no excuse for not getting vaccinated if you are in healthcare, childcare, education, or elder care."
  • "There is no need to force anything. Governments only need to introduce passports and make life so awkward and inconvenient for antivaxxers that they stay in lockdown until they cave in."
  • "Every single unvaccinated person is an incubator for viruses that will infect and kill children."
  • "I honestly don't give a f**k what anti-vaxxers think. They're filth.
  • "When they wake from their self-inflicted coma, I hope they can live with themselves."
  • "Quit allowing hundreds of thousands of useless unvaxxed, untested, infected scummy parasites from entering the country."
  • "Soon they will have to pay hefty fine, and if they can not pay it, they will put in jail or prison and probably sentences to death in the future."
  • "If you honestly have a problem getting the jab you are just being irrational, you are a menace to public health, and shame on you."
  • "All they need to do is to wait and all the Anti Vaxxers with no jobs, no benefits, no social contact, no education will (at least 80%) suddenly discover that the vaccine is not labelled 666 at all. The final remaining loonies will have outed themselves and can be kept on record as potential sociopaths."
  • "The government doesn’t have to do anything since the covidiots will all soon be dead, eliminating the problem of having the non-vax covidiots around normal people."
  • "I know those who are into conspiracy theories and just love to 'believe' the government is out to get them in some way. Not just vaccines. Some people's religious beliefs simply forbid them taking foreign materials into their bodies. I know some whose religious beliefs believe it’s wrong to use aborted fetuses in any way. They view the use of any material from aborted fetuses akin to the way some doctors viewed using the results of Nazi experiments on prison camp inmates."

The science of anti-vaccination

  • "But these anti-vaxxers are dangerous and are coming close to being bio-terrorists."
  • "So. How much sympathy do I have? I may be annoyed at some people’s decisions and lack of information. I may be angry at some others for putting people at risk when they are not vaccinated and also don’t mask up. I still don’t want them to get sick. I still am willing to give them the benefit of doubt as much as possible. Furthermore, I just may no longer want to go into their home for a visit since that represents too much risk for me, but that does not mean I have any animosity towards them."
  • "Just tell them no hospital beds for them, and they should order online and have groceries etc delivered to their house contactless."
  • "None of us are suicidal, homicidal, ignorant, stupid, or paranoid. Those are the reasons to not get vaccinated."
  • "I also think hospital resources should be stopped for covid related issue for the unvaccinated - stay home and die if you are so damn smart."
  • "If you are an anti-vaxxer, I hope you get infected and die. Your type doesn’t belong in America or any other country. Spreading the virus is not an option. Getting vaccinated is necessary. Deny this post if you want, but anti-vaxxers so far this year are dying at a rate 5 times greater than any other group. And that is just a fact. It’s published and vetted."
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  • "How should society treat the unvaccinated? Lock your self away from responsible society. No school, no college, no military, you must vote by mail, shop online, or door dash curbside pickup."
  • "Every single unvaccinated person is an incubator for viruses that will infect and kill children."
  • "Sure it puts all the rest of us at risk, but is it really a good idea to become a Nazi fascist like the Trumpists are (who are mostly anti-vaxxers) to fight against Nazi fascism. Why throw them in cages like they do to everyone else? Death by their own hand via their negligence & stupidity is a far better punishment than anyone could possibly give to them."
  • "What would I do to antivaxxers? I would Arrest, fine, imprison, seizure of assets, concentration camps, re-education centres, gulags, conveyor belt hangings, on pay per view, with ghoulish Democrats cheering like psychos, executing half the country."
  • "They are a breeding ground for the next variant. They are a danger to children, a danger to those who cannot be vaccinated, and delaying herd immunity if not making it impossible. Their stupidity and selfishness makes my head explode."
  • "Anti-vaxxers are evil people. They would prefer for everyone dead to support their needs for drama. They would rather see their children dead, my children dead, the elderly dead, everyone dead for some debunked, ignorant and stupid agenda. Their drama is this fake. They know it’s not true, but that’s what they scream. They are totally unfit to live in society."
  • "Anti-vaxxers are usually the angry, obsessive types with a tendency to believe conspiracy theories. Furthermore, they aren’t very good at contextualising data, and would rather stand behind a placard or a meme than actually think about what they’re saying or doing, and are generally a little stupid."

Howard Stern says anti-vaxxers should be denied hospital care If they catch Covid-19

  • There are those who simply are incapable of parsing out all the information available on the internet. By clicking “like” on a friend’s Facebook post who mentioned that they had a bad reaction to the vaccine is enough to make them believe it will happen to them."
  • I'm so over all the ridiculous fear and hysteria surrounding it. The unvaxxed need to just get stuffed, get over it, get vaxxed and get on with life."
  • "In the days of leprosy and the Black Death, sufferers had to shuffle down the street ringing a bell and shouting “unclean, unclean” to warn others to keep their distance. This seems like a more humane solution."
  • "What does it mean when someone says they have done deep research into the Covid-19 vaccine and found too many side effects? It means they don’t know what research is, so they did “research.” It means they kept looking after they read all the trustworthy, authoritative sources that said the vaccines are safe and effective, and kept looking until they found something that agreed with their preconceived notions. This is what is known as confirmation bias. Reading bullshit on the internet is not “doing research.” Research is what the people who created the vaccines did. Research is what the people who ran the clinical trials did."
  • "I think antivaxxers are the lowest of the low. All of them. They have a complete disregard for humanity. Through that lack of humanity, they become murderers and should be charged with negligent homicide if they catch covid and then pass that disease to someone who subsequently dies."
  • "An asymptomatic Covid-19 carrier is a monkey with a gun, randomly wounding and killing those around them."
  • "There have been many researchers questioning the safety of the vaccines, and even the manufacturers and the CDC admit that it can cause deadly side effects in some people."
  • "They were concerned the vaccines were not (FDA) approved. Now they are. Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines have received full approval. What's their excuse now?"
  • "Unvaccinated people are walking guinea pigs, where the virus gets to breed freely and create new varieties.
  • "As a doctor friend of mine said to the anti-vax mother of a 2-year-old, “start making his funeral arrangements now.”


How many anti-vaxxers, who want to be vaccinated, fear being ostracised by their fellow anti-vaxxer peers if word got out that they ever did get vaccinated?

How many anti-vaxxers are mad or eccentric who believe in alien abductions, Silurian overlords, Apollo hoax, etc? Or that Bill Gates intends to secretly implant microchips in them using the coronavirus vaccine? Popular opinion: nearly all of them. Reality: very few!

How many anti-vaxxers are perfectly normal taxpayers, productive citizens and loving parents who find it difficult to trust a highly-accelerated vaccine approval? However, the pharmacists got the vaccine right at last, and many diseases has since nearly been eradicated.

Perhaps many of those lumped into the 'anti-vax' camp are not against vaccines in general. Maybe they have vaccinated their children with all the other vaccines that have been tried and used for generations.

Perhaps they are just being cautious due to realistic suspicions of this vaccine, and the fact that the “insanely-accelerated” rush from initial lab test to worldwide distribution has essentially created the largest initial field test in the history of a brand-new hastily-developed vaccine, and simply don't want to be in the control group of that nationwide experiment?

How do they know for sure how many hundreds or thousands of volunteers died in the vaccine trials, on from the nationwide rollout.

Whatever the 'Antivaxxers' and 'Anti-hesitent' people think, we should respect their opinions, argument and comments (as long as they're not offensive or affected, and in their well-known words, respect their decisions of "my right, my body, my choice".

A Message for People Who Don’t Want the COVID Vaccine

More by this author: Why People Are Refusing the Covid-19 Vaccine? Extreme and candid comments on why people of every profession, age and race are choosing to remain unvaccinated. Including the hardcore anti-vaxxers, vaccine-hesitant, doctors, nurses, scientists and celebrities.

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