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What Are the Essentials of Life?

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What are the basic necessities of life?

In good health, we rarely reflect on the experience of being ill. In contrast, when we are genuinely sick, the only thing on our minds is getting well again.

Without good health, no matter how much money we amass in this world, it's all for naught. We are all aware that we will die someday. In our hearts, we all know that our time on this planet is limited.

Then, what's the significance of this? What a thought-provoking question. Money isn't the most important thing because we'll be unable to take it with us when we pass away. Because they aren't coming with us, our possessions can't be what's most important. Money and material possessions have a short shelf life. When we die, those things no longer matter to us.

Realizing this, some people seek solace in their personal relationships. They believe that family and friends are the most essential things in their lives. However, when we pass away, we will also be cut off from our loved ones and friends.

After passing away, some individuals reappear in their previous lives. The near-death experience is what they call it. Many of these individuals recount their encounters with the dead. They also talk about how they're feeling, which is almost always good. Few people report going to the wrong place, but most people have a positive experience. For them, the pain and suffering of their mortal bodies have been banished.

The life review process, in which people see their entire lives displayed before them, is a common theme among those who have had a near-death experience (NDI). The good and bad things they do are right in front of you. Additionally, they can observe their words and actions ripple effect on others. Recognizing how much we've harmed and hurt others is apparently quite painful.

In addition, they can reflect on their accomplishments. For example, in a life review process, one woman said that the most significant event in her life occurred when she was a little girl. As far as she was concerned, holding a tiny flower in her hand and showing it unconditional love was the most significant moment of her life. That was the most powerful thing she had ever done in her entire life.

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Because of this, we can conclude that what matters is not who we were but how we treated others during our lifetime. Because of this, it might be a good idea to think about others before deciding on our futures.

Even though life itself is eternal, this planet's existence is not. So when it's all over, how will we face all those people watching what we do? But, on the other hand, there is a good chance that we will have accomplished something that we can be proud of.

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