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What Are These Mysterious Booms or “Skyquakes”?

I have a curiosity for humanity's darker side and I love doing research so I've combined those two things to write in-depth articles.


Description of the Sounds

The description of these skyquakes vary from report to report. The videos people have recorded of these mysterious loud noises coming from the sky can sound like machinery, or metal scraping together. Some of them sound like sonic booms or cannon fire while others are just indescribable. A lot of people also have described them as sounding like loud ‘Trumpets from Heaven” and these people think it’s a sign of the end of the world. I’ll be sharing multiple videos of people recording these noises so you can hear them for yourself.

These loud booms are said to be so loud and so massive that they will shake the houses in some areas. You can feel the vibrations from the sound in an entire neighborhood if not a wider area. Some of these sounds only last a few minutes while others will last for several hours. When these loud booms are heard, people will look around for smoke or fire thinking an explosion had happened nearby. Others say they think it’s thunder from a close storm but the skies will be clear blue with little to no white clouds.

Strange Noises Recorded On Camera

Where Are They Heard?

These loud mysterious noises have been heard all over the world. You can find news articles on these noises from all over the USA from various years.

One incident was on November 20, 2017 around 9 pm in Birmingham Alabama. The sound was dubbed the "Bama Boom" The residence described the noise as an incredibly loud boom that shook their houses. The National Weather Service of Birmingham even reported looking on satellite for signs of explosions or fires thinking it could have been an airplane crash or a massive explosion but found no sign of what could have caused the noise. They did say it could have been from an aircraft resulting in a sonic boom. They also said it could have been a meteorite entering the atmosphere. My issue with this is, I've heard loud sonic booms in the past and they aren't exactly strong enough to shake the homes of a large city and cause residence to think something exploded in my opinion. Another reason I can’t get behind this theory is that 64 other locations in 2017 reported similar loud mysterious booming noises.

In Cairns Australia, on October 7, 2017 between 10:30 and 11:30 pm the residence reported hearing a “big bang’ that nobody can explain. They thought it was maybe a meteorite or a gas explosion but nobody could figure it out. A few of the witnesses claim to have seen a bright light accompanying this loud bang so this one is different from other Skyquakes reported. Oddly enough two weeks later another loud bang was heard over the skies of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

There are many more reports and stories of these mysterious booms but the two listed above are just the more popular incidents that I could find. These sounds aren't just heard in cities though, they have been heard in the open country side where there are no large factories or airports or anything that could have caused these noises. There have been people who have been hiking deep in the woods that have heard these loud booming noises. How do you explain a loud grinding metal type sound in the middle of the woods? The USA’s East coast has the majority of reports and 2017 had a high number of reports as well.

Inside Edition On Mysterious Noises

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NASA's Thoughts and Explanation

NASA made a public announcement sometime around 2015 about the mysterious booms and sky trumpets people had been hearing all over the globe. They assured us it was not an alien space craft or angels trumpeting from heaven, but they said the noises where coming from Earth. NASA told us it was a natural phenomenon that was happening on a constant bases but could only be heard when it was exceptionally loud. They call it Earth’s background noise but they don’t have scientific confirmation on this. This explanation seems to only pertain to the more musical or trumpeting sound people are hearing though. Another thing NASA seems to be trying to use as an explanation is military or government aircraft testing. They claim people could be hearing sonic booms from jets and other aircraft but this doesn't explain when people are hearing these loud grinding noises or loud booms for several hours. After looking online for more of a detailed explanation from NASA, I can’t really find anything more then the bare minimum from them. I think this is because a number of other conflicting articles and sources claim NASA has also admitted to having no idea what these noises in the sky could be. Several articles dated between 2017 and 2018 mention NASA saying they don’t know where these loud suspicious sounds. Other ‘experts’ that I can’t find sources for, claim the loud booms are meteorites flying into our atmosphere and breaking apart upon entry, but this also can’t explain all of the recorded sounds. There doesn't seem to be one theory that could fit all the different sounds people have recorded and reported.

If you would like to read a little of what NASA said, click here for the article. If you would also like to read an article on a 2019 update of the sounds, click here.

Trumpet/Musical Strange Sounds

Public Thoughts

Because there are so many different sounds being heard, there are a few prominent theories from the public. The musical, or trumpeting loud sounds coming from the skies are believed by many to in fact be, Angel Trumpets from Heaven. They think it symbolizes the end of times and the apocalypse but to me, I don’t think that would make sense as these sounds have been going on over a span of several years.

As for more of the other metallic or machinery sounding loud noises, one of the more popular theories is of course aliens. They think it could be the sounds of a mother-ship or just some alien craft that is spying on us or possibly just visiting.

Another popular theory is that these sounds are not from outer space but from our own government and military. Some think that these noises are a secret military weapon being tested underground. Or possibly some secret military vehicle or aircraft that’s being built and tested. This theory would really only work for the sounds in the USA, not in Australia or Middle Eastern areas or other places around the world that have recorded these sounds.

Other people believe NASA and other ‘experts’ reasoning of it being a natural phenomenon or Sonic booms from air crafts. Yes, I’m sure a good chunk of the reported sounds are probably from jets, meteorites and other natural occurrences but I don’t think this would explain all of the accounts. Others just dismiss 90% of the reports as hoaxes or just fake videos for popularity. True, some of the videos out there of these loud mysterious noises in the sky could be fictitious but I don’t know if all of them are.

Nobody really has a solid scientific explanation for these sounds but I believe there isn't just one explanation if there even is any. These sounds must be coming from somewhere though, and I’m almost positive they are not all from the same source. I don’t have a primary thought of what these sounds could be, and I don’t lean to any one theory in particular. It feels like these sounds could be a mix of a lot of the theories out there about where these sounds are coming from. What are your thoughts? Where do you think the source of these sounds are coming from?


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