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What Are Life's Keys?

Getting Started Explaining Your Life Keys

Before I get started explaining your Life Keys, it is important that you continue reading otherwise you will most likely not understand the complete explanation and end up dismissing it as just another online article, written by someone who has no understanding of Life. You are encouraged to maintain an open mind throughout because not doing so is going to close you off to the rest of the world and your actions are likely to be harmful to not only yourself but other people.

The Life Keys are extremely important and are as followed (1) Acceptance, (2) Tolerance, (3) Love, (4) Compassion and (5) Forgiveness. Each of these are a key component to living your life and without even one of them, you cause more conflict among those who you interact with in any given situation/circumstance.

Life Is About Living and Connective Interaction With Others

Whether or not you want to admit it, life is about living. How your actions are a part of the connective interaction in which you do every day of your life is important. How you interact with other people is extremely important. In my case, I tend to be very blunt and honest, which doesn't always go over well with many people.

Why not? Because, Truth hurts when it is recognized and the reaction people have to Truth comes from their inability to accept it, which then leads them to set off on some emotional rant. That emotional rant is purely based on ego. It is considered by me as a defensive position and by some(them) an insult.

Some might even claim that it is "intolerance" for others, but that is just them using ego to cover up truth, so they can remain in their comfortable position. Truth can never be called "intolerance" because truth comes from seeing beyond one's own ego through to discerned wisdom. For those who do not know- discerned wisdom isn't about ego, but is about the collective storage of the subconscious part of human consciousness. The subconsciousness is ego free and stores everything you learnt, smelt, touched, heard, tasted and felt. This isn't an opinion, but is a medical fact, which no one can escape.


What Is Acceptance?

Now, I don't plan on using any sort of dictionary to explain "what is acceptance", because discerned wisdom doesn't need someone else to make up an explanation which doesn't speak truth. Aside from the fact that there are hundreds of dictionaries spread across the world and each language makes up their own definitions, should tell you something. Some people even make up definitions for specific words to suit their own comfort. Yes, it's wrong to do, but It's done by many.

What Is Acceptance? Acceptance is not difficult to understand because there's only one level of acceptance and that level is being human. You must accept the fact that you live in a world with other people and those people are part and parcel of the same human species you are a part of. They have their faults, just like you have your faults. Accept it!

You must make the choice to accept other people who live in the world. (note: I said you must make the choice to accept.) The reason I said that you must make the choice is because every action that is thought based comes with choice. There's no negating choice. You either choose to take action or you choose to stand by and take no action. Taking no action is still an action, in and of, itself.


What Is Tolerance?

This key can be very difficult to handle because it needs to be practiced all the time. It becomes easier to do when you finally reach the final stage- acceptance.

You will work through your acceptance of others, just like you practiced driving a car when you learned how to drive.

You will find it easy to accept certain people and while you don't accept others, you will practice tolerance.

The hardest part about Tolerance is having to stand by when someone is advocating a position in which you heavily oppose. When you can sit there and grant them their individual right of free speech, while idly keeping your mouth shut, you are practicing tolerance. You will notice that Tolerance will become much easier at a later time. In a world where rights of the individual are to be equal, you are to give them their space to express themselves, regardless.

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What Is Love?

This seems to be a dumb question on the surface and it is also a question that many people have tried to answer through various means, such as emotionally(this is considered a spirituality of sorts or metaphysical aspect) or mentally(philosophical thinking, reasoning and logic). As far as I've come to discern, any emotion is an instinctive and/or reactionary effect which happens due to some other cause. This cannot be denied.

If you love, you do so because a cause creates a connection/relation you have with whatever it is that you love. However, before you can actually love anything, you would have to love yourself. You cannot take any action for another person out of love without actually loving yourself first. It is impossible. And, you cannot love yourself, unless you are first able to recognize that you love yourself. You have to have a reason to love yourself. You must reach a point where you have come to accept yourself completely and honestly before you can love yourself. That requires you to be completely honest with yourself and to do that, you must remove your ego from the equation.

Love is not about YOU, but is about how well you know and understand yourself and your life. Yes, that might sound like a contradiction, but I will explain. Every person has a battle with themselves, and it's that battle you must win in order to bring about love for yourself. What battle? The battle I speak of is Ego vs Conscience. There are some aspects about living that are derived from Ego, but when it comes to honest actions then you would be no longer talking about Ego, but would be talking about Conscience. You need to recognize the difference to be honest with yourself and if you're unable to do so, then you are in fact dishonest. Thus, loving yourself is impossible.

What Is Compassion?

Compassion is something you should have for other people. Why? Because if you don't, then your actions will show that you don't understand Tolerance and have never learned Acceptance. On top of that, it will also show that you do not love yourself. How's that? If you love yourself, then you will love other people and love is full of compassion.

You love people because you love yourself, which bestows upon you compassion for those who have not yet learned what you are learning now. Hence, "they know not what they do simply because they do not know any better", which requires you to have enough compassion to either teach them or guide them in the right direction for a better understanding.

When you see someone do something that is dishonest, you should ask yourself why do they do it? When you learn the reason behind why they did it and you do nothing to help them correct themselves, then you are not loving them nor are you showing compassion.


What Is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a topic I found the most interesting of the Life Keys. Why? Because, it has been falsified by so many people over hundreds upon hundreds of years. I could say it goes back thousands upon thousands of years and I would still be correct. Even if you go back to the time of Jesus and his teachings, you would still find that Forgiveness has been falsified.

Under no circumstances do you ever have to "forgive and forget" something that has happened to you, at the hands of another. First off, you will never forget it, so don't try. You can accept that it has happened, which is usually the biggest issue most people have with any tragic event at the hands of another. They cannot find any reason for "why" this individual did what they did and that leads them to find it difficult to believe it happened in the first place. Secondly, you have no personal need to forgive them and telling them you forgive them is dishonest, because it isn't human nature to forgive a tragic event. Ask a woman who was raped, if she is willing to forgive her rapist?

What should be learned from any tragic event at the hands of another is "how" and "why" did you put yourself into that particular situation/circumstances to start? How did you come to being put in that tragic event? Why did they not see or understand what this other person was capable of? This is what needs to be forgiven. You would need to forgive yourself once you have accepted the fact that it was a choice you made that put you into such a position. You must forgive yourself for making the choice you made and learn from it, and move on.

Acceptance, Tolerance, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness

In conclusion, each Life Key- Acceptance, Tolerance, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness makes each person a powerful force in the world and without any key only conflict can come. You will have to learn to accept yourself and to do so, you must know and understand yourself completely.

To know yourself, you must understand that Tolerance is required because not doing so would mean you're dishonest with yourself. Should you be dishonest with yourself, then you will not be able to love yourself nor will you have compassion for others and forgiveness will never come. Thus, you will never attain greater satisfaction in life.

Thank you for your time.

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