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What Are Chupacabra And Wampus Cats

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Wampus Cat Or Chupacabra?

Is There A Connection Between Wampus Cats And Chupacabra

I am beginning to wonder if there is actually a connection between the Wampus Cat and the Chupacabra. They have many similar features and characteristics that make this assumption a possibility. It makes sense that chupacabra sightings have begun to appear in areas where the wampus cat is know to prowl but whether they are mis-identifying the animal or not is in question.

People familiar with the chupacabra may actually be seeing what is known locally as the wampus and merely calling it by a name they are more familiar with. It could be that a native of southern Appalachia, with a familiarity with the wampus, would identify the chupacabra as such when presented with one. The evidence is mounting for a connection between the two. Are they the same creature or separate species who have evolved simultaneously?

A Picture Of The Elusive Chupacabra

This picture was taken by a Park Service Ranger and is one of many available photos of a chupacabra.

This picture was taken by a Park Service Ranger and is one of many available photos of a chupacabra.

The Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is a legendary beast that has captured the hearts and minds of many Americans. The beast, whose first sightings came in the mid 1970s, originated in Puerto Rico. The original report claims the beast was over 6 feet tall, had red eyes and fangs.

It is a common misconception that the Chupacabra originated in Mexico. It is common to Mexico now, though researchers are not sure how the animal was able to make the crossing. The animal is a plague to local villagers and is blamed on many things ranging from clean laundry getting blown away in the wind all the way through killing livestock.

Chupacabra are small, dog like creatures with hand-like front paws and a short snout. The front paws are very deft and can manipulate objects like door knobs and handles. They live in the wild but will come into inhabited areas in order to find food, or to wreak a little havoc.

The Chupacabra is well known to be active at night and is associated with death, demons and the devil by many believers. The animals screeching howls send shivers down the stiffest spine are the harbingers of doom.

Chupacabra Drink: A Devilish Cocktail

Chupacabra Shot: Also know as a Prairie Fire, this is a shot of chilled tequila with a dash of hot sauce instead of salt.

Chupacabra Verde: Same as above but with green chili sauce

Chupacabra Cocktail: 2 oz silver tequila, dash lime juice, 1 oz Coco Lopez, 1/2 oz Valentino Sauce, Grenadine

Combine all ingredients except Grenadine in a mixing glass. Strain into a chilled martini glass and then drizzle Grenadine on the top to represent the goat blood and served with a lime twist.

Chupacabra Sightings In North America

Chupacabra sightings were first reported in the mid '70's. A man in Puerto Rico claimed a beast with fangs, claws and red eyes attacked him in the night. Since then sightings have spread into southern Mexico and then up into the US. Sightings in the US are common along the Mexican border and have begun to be more common in other states. Currently, Chupacabra have been sighted in every state of the southeastern US, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Ohio, California, Nevada, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky. The beast is spreading and may be coming to your neighborhood very soon.

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The Legend Of The Wampus Cat

Wampus Cats In The Appalachian Mountains

What is a wampus cat you may ask? I asked the same question. I have been a resident of the southern Appalachians for over 20 years and had never heard of one until recently. After a little research I came up with some interesting facts.

The Wampus Cat In Native Folklore

The ominous nature of the wampus cat can be traced back into native American folkore. The Cherokee Indians, who inhabited much of the wampus' range, say that the creature is the spirit of a woman.

Once, long ago this woman was caught spying on the men of the tribe. They had been hunting all day and were now sitting around a fire, discussing many things important to the men of the tribe. The woman was jealous of the men who were allowed to go off hunting all day while she had to stay home and tend to the women's duties. Needless to say, the men did not like to be spied on. The shaman of the tribe decided to punish her. He cursed the woman to live out her life as a kind of half-cat half woman creature that came to be known as the wampus. Since then the wampus has been blamed for many bad things.

What Is A Wampus Cat?

  • A wampus cat is a sneaky, snarly, shrieking, mean ass backwoods monster that prowls the night looking to cause mischief wherever it can.

A wampus cat is said to be a small to medium sized, cat-like animal that prowls the southeast and especially the Appalachian Mountains. The wampus is said to cause mischief and trouble for humans. It is known to damage crops and kill small farm animals as well as pets and other barn yard inhabitants. Sometimes called a devil, the wampus is also accociated with death and the underworld. In some areas a wampus sighting or hearing its call is said to forecast impending doom.

Where Can You Find Wampus Cats

Wampus cats can be found all over the southeast, into the more northern areas of the Appalachians. Because the Cherokee were such a widespread people, especially following the Trail of Tears, the wampus cats range expanded as it sought to keep up with them. Wampus cats are now regularly seen as far west as Arizona and north into the upper mid western states of Indiana and Ohio.

Wampus Cat Cocktail

Wampus Cats are reported to love alcohol, especially moonshine. The legends have it that wampus cats were more feared by old moonshiners than the revenuers.

  • 2 oz whiskey or bourbon
  • 1 sprig of mint
  • Mountain Dew
  • maraschino cherry

Combine all in a glass over ice, give a nice stir with the mint sprig and serve with a cherry.

Folklore Of The Appalachians

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