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Were Pyramids and Other Ancient Wonders Made by Minds Alone? Do We Have Those Same, but Dormant Powers?

Val is not an archaeologist, but an enthusiast with his own intuitive speculations about those ancient times.


Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of the nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.

-- Max Planck

Was Any Technology Used At All?

Ever since I watched the TV series "Ancient Aliens", my intuitive speculations kept telling me that all those monolitic structures, like pyramids, temples, pagodas and walls -- many of them built at some almost impossible sites -- couldn't be created by any technologies, but by minds alone.

O.K. folks, before you decide that such a statement is too much of a stretch of imagination, let's face one important question.

Namely, if those bones of the prehistoric monsters, like dinosaurs, could be unearthed, why not also some pieces of the ancient technologies used in building those structures, many of them with some incredibly intricate facades?

Now, without beating much around the bush, I totally believe in the theory about homo sapiens ("thinking man" of our version) being genetically engineered by some advanced space visitors in a very distant past.

Some brilliant archaeology theorists, notably Graham Hancock, contend that certain blooming civilizations were around much further back in time, like couple of hundred thousand years ago.

So I am further speculating that those societies with homo sapiens genetically engineered by the space people lived in harmonious societies of some avatars -- and with abilities to create with their minds alone.

Let us remember the case of the well known Himalayan cave meditator Milarepa, who made deep imprints of his hand in the stone wall of his cave -- still a much visited attraction these days.

That brings us right to the entrance of the "rabbit hole" of the quantum reality, where a highly focused mind collapses something in the field of infinite potentiality and manifests it in our known Newtonian, material world.

Thus, logically, if Milarepa could perform such a "quantum feat", why would it be hard to ascribe the same ability to those ancient people?

When modern geneticists discovered those over 98% of apparently inactive genes in human genome, they promptly called it "genetic junk" -- and in my opinion, it's not because of their inability to give it some purpose, but because something much bigger was at play, so let's see what my intuition has to say about it.


Who Doesn't Want Man to Mentally Evolve?

Whether we see it or not, but religious, political, medical, even business-motivated manipulators of the mankind don't want man to evolve over the present submissive and brainwashable mental capacity.

All of the above interest groups would terribly suffer, if not be gone completely, if man could wake up to his full, predestined potential. Religion and its mythological and often totally illogical narrative would not be able anymore to keep people in fear of those deities' wrath and punishment, along with superstition about evil "from which only they can save us".

Government institution, as we know it, with its power figures and the constant invention of new "enemies" would simply collapse, because the awakened people would insist on a peaceful global coexistence, and all political lies would not work anymore.

Medico-pharmaceutical establishment would almost totally lose their power to keep convincing people about their fragile constitution and in a constant need for their services and chemical products -- because people would wake up about their self-healing powers. Doctors would stay around just for cases of physical emergencies and trauma caused by accidents.

Business, especially corporate one, would enormously suffer after people would stop being so overly materialistic, suddenly not buying more than they need for their comfortable life.

Is anybody starting to see, together with my intuition, why geneticists are not ALLOWED to further explore the unused human genetic potential? Let us remember that most medical institutions, including medical schools with their curriculum, are financed and controlled by the Big Pharma; and mighty religion doesn't want the origin of man to be anything but their god's doing.

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So, here we come to this point of an alternate history, where Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Greco-Roman civilizations are not really to be seen as the "cradles" of our own civilization.

The phenomenon of savants and geniuses with some "outlandish" (pun intended) abilities is clearly telling us that humans have more in their genome than is being expressed by the majorities.

I am not buying the story that it's only some "nature's accident" that certain woman in India can multiply a seven-digit number with another seven-digit number in her head.

And, when scientists are just scratching their heads not getting how those fire-walkers can walk barefoot across a bed of red hot coals without getting burned -- my intuitive speculating gives me all these ideas about a hidden human potential.

Every now and then You tube brings yet another presentation of an out-of-box scientist bluntly telling us that "everything we think we know is a lie".

Now, if those avatar people of the distant past had all those outlandish abilities installed in them by the space people -- what ever happened that we lost them?


Where are we now? I think modern mankind is on the evolutionary scale of teenager: we think we know it all, and it's all about us.

-- Michelle Frost

The Naive Story About the Origin of the Great Pyramid

Some of those archaeological theorists are of opinion that the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as many others around the globe's tropic belt, were actually accumulators for cosmic energy which used to be converted into energy usable by the people of those advanced times.

Before it starts looking as sheer science fiction, let us remind ourselves that practically everything in archaeology is but a bunch of theories.

Those proud Egyptian historians can attribute their Pyramid to their own ingenuity all they want, but the story is simply too naive to be taken seriously -- even though it's actually the mainstream one written in all history books.

Firstly, we are talking about the Bonze age, and those huge stone blocks had to be cut in quarries and formed by relatively soft chisels. It has been estimated that some thousands of workers would have had to work days and nights for over twenty years to create the Great Pyramid.

All that even if they had a technology to lift those stones in that order and that high, and create those inside chambers the way they are.

It's something that even nowadays architects see as an incredible, if not impossible task to be duplicated with use of our modern available equipment.

And secondly, what a naive story it is that the Pyramid was built to be a pharaoh's tomb! In those times people's life span was about 30-40 years, so when did he give that order for the Pyramid to be built? As a child?

Besides, almost by a rule, all interiors of ancient Egyptians dignitaries' tombs were covered with writings dignifying their social importance and status -- but not a single hieroglyph or drawing was ever found in the Great pyramid. Didn't the pharaoh Cheops have anything nice to say about himself for the future generations to admire?

Getting back to the theory about pyramids being accumulators of cosmic energy -- how is that to be connected to man's losing his extraordinary powers? Or, were they only suppressed, and still are?

I see it as a possibility that there was some kind of major energy leak from those structures, in our known terms like a radioactive cloud spreading around the globe, which affected man's DNA, making the expression of his animalistic part of genome upregulated, while suppressing the much more delicate avatar's one. Then again, there could have been any other dramatic environmental event which produced those genetic changes.

With understanding that man was an ape-like creature -- like Neanderthal -- before genetically altered into a homo sapiens, he suddenly started expressing animalistic traits of arrogance, territoriality, greed, and need for a status of an "alpha in the pack".

Wars became the way of global coexistence, and history as we know it was born, with kings and conquests, with masses' dark and fear-infested imagination creating superstition with polytheism of numerous gods.

Man became cruel, life became crude, with the new addition of the religion which abused the man's fear-prone nature gravitating around the constant animalistic concerns over survival.

During the Dark Ages the church gave a final punch to the human free spirit, and in many a way we never really recovered from that blow that lasted for centuries, systematically turning us into submissive, brainwashable "subspecies" of that original avatar-like homo sapiens.

I already mentioned in previous chapter how the major interest groups don't allow the science to come up with anything that might serve as a wake up call to the masses.

Enemies are constantly being invented to keep the masses in existential anxiety so that they keep clinging to the "protection" of government and church. New sicknesses are being invented, and after some millennia without doctors to be seen around -- suddenly, in these healthiest of all times -- we need yearly checkups and a medication for every sneeze.


Faulty values negatively influence the soul. If a person is not careful, they can be brainwashed without knowing it.

-- Brian Apollo

For an Epilog

I don't think that I am the only one putting all these pieces together to form a little speculation about our still available, and waiting to be activated, potential of some avatars.

Geniuses and savants are the living proofs of what is humanly possible. Milarepa, and firewalkers, and other, shortly to be added examples, are clearly showing that we are more than we have been allowed to be.

While serving in the army I had a friend, a talented hypnotist, and both of us were performing little things purely for entertainment. You would not have believed if you had seen how a fully wakeful dude couldn't put his arm down when hypnotized and told that he couldn't do it.

Another one couldn't lift his shoe from the floor.

It truly amazes you how limited we can become when our minds are programmed into those limitations. Our minds are quick to rationalize everything, often resorting to the old adage: "We are only human, and no one is perfect".

In my opinion, what is popularly called the "human condition" is nothing but the frustration of our true nature not being able to liberate itself from the hypnotic spell of our animalistic survivalism.

Just like it's impossible for a hypnotized person to do something simple like picking up their shoe from the floor, so it's next to impossible to convince the people that they could almost instantly become happy, because it's their natural way of being.

Also, think for a moment about those so called "spontaneous remissions" where a cancer patient goes suddenly healthy without medications or a change in diet -- but just with a change in the frame of mind.

Couldn't we say that those dormant genes of healing power kicked in and performed a medical miracle?

And what about the placebo effect capable of curing the incurable by the sheer power of positive expectation and belief in quick recovery?

Well, my story could go on and on, including those cases of a frail woman lifting the back of a car to save her son trapped underneath. Or certain known religious groups handling poisonous snakes as part of their religious rituals, sometimes being bitten but not affected by the venom. Or their spiritual leader drinking strychnine, a really deadly stuff, and not dying.

The question clearly imposing itself is -- what is it in the human nature that has the ability to defy the well known limitations of our biochemistry?

Now, Mother Nature is showing its wisdom again, by not allowing that huge quantum leap into those incredible abilities to happen -- that for a simple reason because we are so stupid that we would use them in warfare competition. Think of the so called "remote viewing" which was, and probably still is used in military intelligence of the superpowers.

We would have to evolve ourselves first, at least to a level where global political tensions would stop completely being a threat of our extinction.

It's the same reason why those space folks are so reluctant to visit us again -- we are an arrogant, territorial, power-greedy race, and we would probably shoot first and ask questions later.

We wouldn't try to communicate, but would try to kill the crap out of those beings, just interested to steal their spacecraft technology.

I believe that space people are reading our minds telepathically, and they know we are far from being ready for that encounter of cosmic significance.

Remember how superpowers, notably America, are bribing smaller countries to let them install their military bases on their territory. It all is explained as their being "protected" by the NATO.

Let's face it, we live in era of some colossal lies that have shaped our cultural paradigm. The sources of same lies are pretending to "try establishing a contact with space people for peaceful purposes".

My foot, peaceful! We would try to exploit them one way or another to make ourselves militarily stronger. Look at the astronomical yearly expenses of maintaining and upgrading our military capabilities -- money which could have been used for medical coverage of everyone, for education and infrastructure.

That tells us why we, as the species, are not ready for activation of those genes in our genome.

I have no doubt at all that there are individuals whose genome has released those avatar-like abilities by some fluke of the nature -- but will never make it public, being wise enough about the possible consequences.

Well, this story could go on and on, but let's stay with what has been said. I hope that you, the reader, have been at least a sort of entertained, if not inspired to think seriously about all these possibilities.

© 2022 Val Karas

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