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What If We Only Know Some Limiting, Subject-to-Interpretation Crap


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..

Not Myself, But That's One of My Thinking Poses. -- Val Karas

Not Myself, But That's One of My Thinking Poses. -- Val Karas

Using Their Brain Differently

I have an adventurous mind that loves exploring hypothetical scenarios and potential alternative truths. So that the other day, on the 60th anniversary of my wife's and my starting our teenage little romance, an odd thought dawned on me.

Namely, while she obviously fell in love at the time -- so I was thinking -- some thousands, if not millions, of other girls would have found nothing special about me. They wouldn't have been impressed one bit with my Pat Boone-ish voice, my guitar, my showing off with some yoga feats, or with my kind of personal charm.

Simply meaning that I was not "universally" attractive little horny bastard. Then such thoughts expanded into other examples where no humans were involved -- like, where all dogs perceive me in a way that's specific for their species, whereas all flies must see me differently than dogs do.

Needless to say, such thinking snowballed into a critical mass at which my mind delivered the question like:

What if we, humans, just like dogs and flies, "know" nothing about our world, but merely experience it in a way that's our species-specific?

El Castillo, the Mayan Pyramid with 365 Steps to Match Number of Days in a Year.-- Val Karas

El Castillo, the Mayan Pyramid with 365 Steps to Match Number of Days in a Year.-- Val Karas

I mean, what if there are some other "technologies of thinking" supported by different ranges of 5 senses, in which "things" could be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt by touch in a different way than we do.

At our 25th wedding anniversary we went to Cancun, and while both being archaeology freaks, we didn't miss the opportunity to visit the Mayan ruins of Chichenitza with El Castillo pyramid, on which I climbed on the outside and inside..

While we were guided by our tour guide from one breathless experience to another, at one moment he was pointing at lined up symbols stretching horizontally at the top of a temple's wall, and then blew my mind by saying:

"These are not letters, but each symbol is a whole lecture".

And right there it crossed my mind: What if Mayans -- and some other ancient peoples -- were conceptualizing and processing the factual reality in a totally different way, while we are interpreting their remains using our own parameters of reality and by doing so being completely wrong.

What if their brain cells were firing in different sequences, with different algorithms -- which enabled them to "know" all that shitload of astronomy without having a telescope.

Look, we are not only talking here about a "different cultural paradigm", but an altogether different utilization of brain power, with different genes fully in action.

So, what if our version of reality is trapped at certain stage of collective consciousness, while theirs was more fluid, more broad, more daring, and with a longer reach? Was it their use of some psychoactive plant -- like ayahuasca -- which activated production of DMT, resulting with those mental feats?

Or they were simply wired that way in their brains to interpret the factual reality in an alternate way.

Well, I am retired, with plenty of free time on my hands, and some smart ass already said it before me: "Idleness is a devil's playground" -- so here I go, turning things around, with all kind of odd thoughts befalling me.

But, damn it, I just love every of these moments of intellectual perversion when nothing is allowed to be as it appears. As I am doing my kundalini awakening practice, my pineal gland must be playing all sorts of these tricks on my brain which dares to go places, at times looking like knocking on the door of some other dimension, some other parallel reality...whatever.

Then, it's not only such thoughts, but also some high frequency, blissful emotions that I am creating at will. The experience is amazing -- to say the least -- as I am emotionally coming from a different repertoire than my everyday reactive spectrum would make it "appropriate" to the situation. I even pick some lousy past experiences and emotionally color them into bright, vibrant colors of sheer joy.

But, I don't ever worry about my getting unhooked from the version of reality which is common to all of us. I just immensely enjoy these trips into realms not included in that frame of mind where we discus politics or cooking recipes.

"Is It "Good Morning" or "Rock-a-by-Baby"? -- Val Karas

"Is It "Good Morning" or "Rock-a-by-Baby"? -- Val Karas

Is Our Reality Only Dream Stuff?

Pick one of your recent dreams that was so vivid and emotionally backed up that you completely experienced it as reality. Well, that's rarely possible to happen to me. Let me give you an example of what I dreamt two nights ago.

There I was checking my lottery numbers, only to get a pleasant shock upon realization that I just won 4 million bucks. I rushed to tell my wife the great news, and just when I was about to do it, a "cold-shower" thought crossed my mind out of nowhere in my dream:

"No, I can't tell her, this is only a dream."

Damn it! Well, it's like some other part of me is constantly wakeful and observing. Probably that same part which warns me to look down every time during walks when I am about to step onto something that normally I would not want to step onto -- like a piece of gum, a bird's poo, even a tiny ant crossing my path. And the same one waking me up at exactly the time which I set my mind up before falling asleep.

Now, what am I presenting here -- other than bragging about my "advanced cultivated states of consciousness"?

Just like in a dream, anything is possible in quantum reality, all until we pooh-pooh it like I did it in my dreaming illusion about winning 4 million bucks.

Maybe, just like the title of this post is alluding at -- the whole science is but a bunch of interpretive crap limited by the reach of our consciousness. But it works for us only because we collectively collapsed it from the waves of infinite quantum possibilities.

At his point I just remember Dr. Richard Bartlett, creator of Matrix Energetics, as he is instructing what rules to apply in practicing that transformational technique.

"There are no rules -- you just create some along the process."

For a common, linear mind, it would be enough to drop the book regretting for paying the price of it -- but not for this odd kind of dude. I thrive on mysteries, and I could easily single out this love for the mystery of everything as my biggest passion -- or biggest only after having a bawl of ice cream on a hot summer day. (That other one is no one's business).

Did Times of Spanish Inquisition Contribute to Thwarting of Consciousness Evolution? -- Val Karas

Did Times of Spanish Inquisition Contribute to Thwarting of Consciousness Evolution? -- Val Karas

Mankind Traumatized by Dark Ages?

Getting back to those smart ancient folks -- what if man's genes got downregulated over some eons of those Dark Ages which put a brake on consciousness evolution. It almost comes easy to picture, if we would substitute that scenario with a personal traumatic experience in childhood which screwed up someone's normal emotional and mental development -- so nicely elaborated in analysis of neurosis.

What boggles my mind no end is the question, why did (whoever) build something like the Great Pyramid of Giza? Even more intriguing than the question of "how" -- while none of nowadays modern equipment could duplicate it -- is this question of "why".

Forget about the mainstream explanation about pharaoh Kuphu having it built for his last resting place. Forget about those thousands of workers having to work on it days and nights for dozens of years to place those over million heavy blocks on top of each other. Might as well forget about those blocks being "chiseled with soft bronze tools".(?!!!)

The loudest and mind boggling question would be: "what could possibly be such a paramount purpose for an architectural undertaking of that magnitude?

What did the ancients know about exploiting cosmic energy through such gigantic accumulators that our physicists don't know?

To my mind, those ancients did not only mentally operate with an additional bunch of abilities to "collapse a quantum pyramid into its material manifestation", but it also had some purposes in their ways of living, which are totally unfathomable to us.

In case of any doubts over a possibility of consciousness being able to reach into quantum realm -- remember the case of Milarepa, the Himalayan cave meditator who made several imprints of his hand in the wall of his cave. They are still there to be seen, visited by curious people of inquisitive minds like mine.

Milarepa, with his level of consciousness, was somehow able to visualize his hand as a bunch of atoms, or even energy, blending into atoms, or energetic essence of those stone walls. After all, on a certain level we are but a bundle of energy, and a very high frequency consciousness, being the cocreator in universe, can do what consciousness at low frequency -- like ours -- cannot.

As I mentioned up there, those Dark Ages might have done quite a number on human consciousness expansion. So that we ended up with human specimens that are texting while driving, who see "rap" as music, who think that either democrat or republican political arrangement is a godsend solution, and those who believe that a smoked joint will make them happier human beings. Well, that would be, of course, a very short version of that list.

You bet, those were definitely not the kind of people that built the Great Pyramid. Perhaps capable of destroying it -- but not building it.

Outfits May Be Different, But We Are Still into Believing That We Know -- Val Karas

Outfits May Be Different, But We Are Still into Believing That We Know -- Val Karas

Historically Long Business of Just Replaying

So, here I am on this late Saturday night pondering upon all this uncommon crap.(Just mentioning to prove how I am attached to reality, lol.)

Thinking how it's quite possible that we are living in a tunnel of our perceived reality, and by our biggest number, mainly in business of either discovering or drilling some new tunnels -- but not into trying to look for an exit into the wide world of alternate realities outside of those tunnels.

Impressions like this get greatly amplified as I am observing how everything in our cultural paradigm is merely being replayed, whether on personal or collective model of functioning.

For a sheer entertainment I may search You tube where I find some massive replays of everything, from politics to just about any other field of interest. Especially at politics, where it's like those newscasters get paid by word, not by delivering some real news.

At times it almost gets surreal how neither democrats nor republicans are realizing how they keep turning in circles of regurgitating their old hateful nonsense -- with no sign at either side of wanting to bury the hatchet and work together -- this time for the people, not for their careers.

And then I look at my niche, and see something of the same going on here. So, why you haven't seen me write about travels, cooking, car repairs...etc? Not because I couldn't borrow a few books at library and reword some pages from them. But, first, I can't but write creative stuff, and second -- which may be even more important -- I have to stick to my niche, because that's where I am "recognizable".

That's what we do in private life -- right? We do our best to display behaviors which define who we are presenting ourselves to be. If we stray from that, someone is bound to call us "weird".

Well, I don't have to worry about that one, since I don't have to change anything to be called that. And ask me if I give a rat's ass. There are few of those, however, who see my writing in a different way, because they are also folks with exploring minds.

For them I will repeat what I've been saying all along this post. Namely, there is this possibility that we don't really know anything -- that we just believe that we know.

So that in the context of all this -- everything has become a religion to us. Science became religion, since a scholar is risking getting excommunicated from the science community if they dare to come up with anything that's too far from the mainstream understanding of reality.

Likewise, a doctor may lose their license by playing a heretic by, let's say, practicing energy healing. And in politics, maybe more than elsewhere, people are so indoctrinated and brainwashed in their belief system that anybody thinking differently is deserving hate and damnation.

The exception may be religion, because -- while republicans may practice their beliefs by storming Capitol -- religionists can hardly be caught "loving unconditionally" like their holy books are prescribing.

But it's quite okay, as long as we believe and talk about it -- anything goes in this world where believing appears cheap and easy, and knowing appears next to impossible.

Well, so this would be the latest installment of my scribblings. Man, did I ever enjoy putting all this on my laptop, which has endured all kinds of weird stuff without crushing in a gesture of a protest.

© 2021 Val Karas

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