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Water Therapy: Healing With Water

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We’re all familiar with the concept that water is the very flow of life; we get encouraged to take more of it as time goes by especially as we age.

Dehydration can lead to serious deteriorations in the body system even up to a breakdown. Then again an excess consumption of water causes a disorder called water intoxication whereby excess water decreases sodium in the blood to a dangerously low level.

In the light of these conditions, you could get confused or rather overwhelmed by the concept of consuming water which brings me to my point

Water Therapy

Water therapy is a program that consists of a set of routines that direct one in how much water he/she should be consuming in order to achieve a particular goal.

This could range from weight loss to throat related problems, diarrhea among others

Water therapy involves taking large amounts of water on an empty stomach in order to flush digestive system as well as adjust and revive the body system after a fast or after getting out of bed

Water therapy is said to cure Tuberculosis (TB), epilepsy, bronchitis, meningitis, arthritis, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, hypertension, ulcer, pile and asthma when done consistently and according to schedule without the need of a supplement treatment.

After all the body contains 70 percent water, its consumption truly compliments its operations even boost it.

Cold water in this therapy is however advised against as it can cause the hardening of fats and oils in the digestive tract which slows digestion even causing problems thereby defeating the whole purpose. The best option is room temperature water


Method For Water Therapy

  1. Four to five 6 –ounce glasses of room temperature water on an empty stomach every morning, before even brushing your teeth. This should be done 45 minutes before any food or drink
  2. Drink water throughout the day by paying attention to the slightest thirst cues
  3. Drinking one full glass of water before and after every meal to aid digestion as well as give a feeling of satiety thereby reducing calories intake

This therapy is seen to work in a time as short as one or two weeks with benefits such as a more energized feeling through the day as well as a more glowing skin

Rules For Water Therapy

  1. Avoid taking alcoholic beverages
  2. Avoid taking cold water in the morning
  3. Confirm from a healthcare provider if water therapy would be a good idea for you. It could possibly not be if your kidneys are somewhat weak, so confirm to be sure
  4. Sit down when taking water
  5. Avoid taking anything 2 hours after every meal


Another form of water therapy is called the hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a water treatment and cure used to relieve pain through water exercises.

It is a form of alternative medicine that involves physiotherapy as well. It is used to treat burns, septic ulcers as well as arthritis

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Methods in Hydrotherapy

  • Hydro-massage

Use of warm water to massage the body and apply pressure on the skin in order to improve blood flow, relieve pain and tension as well as treat insomnia or stress.

  • Baths and showers

We do this every day which means we go through therapy every day as well.

We do it not just to get clean but to relax or relieve stress as well which is exactly what baths treat. Adding herbs and oils can enhance therapeutic benefits

  • Compresses

Towels are soaked in warm or cool water and placed on an area of the body. They are similar to ice packs in a way.

They are used to reduce inflammation, swelling as well as ease stiff muscles and promote blood flow.

These towels also serve as an effective therapy for flu, cold or sore throat. When administered to the feet, it is known as wet socks treatment

  • Sitz bath

This a bath with two adjacent tubs of water, one warm and the other cool. You sit in one tub with your feet in the other and then switch.

They are recommended for PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), hemorrhoids and menstruation problems

  • Steam Inhalation

While steam can be used in skincare to soften face and body pores in saunas, they are also seen to relieve nasal congestion and sinus infection.

They also help in sweating out skin impurities.

  • Steam or Turkish Bath

Just like saunas, these rooms are filled with even more warm, humid air. Apart from sweating our impurities, this is used to treat bronchitis, asthma, allergies and skin problems

  • Kneipp system

This involves using both cold and hot water on the skin to improve one’s immune system.

It involves walking through water of varying temperatures with pebbles at the bottom; it gives a foot massage while encouraging blood circulation

  • Colon hydrotherapy

This is infusing warm water into the rectum to wash out old and built up waste gathered there.

The best part of this procedure is that it is painless and improves the health of the digestive system.

It is used in treating, constipation, digestion problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

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