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My 3 Step Productivity System


Being able to be productive all day and getting work done can really pose a challenging task, but there are a few things you can do to keep up with your workload. I am a student, freelancer, and a blogger so my day can look really hectic- but over time I have developed a few practises that can help me be more productive.

My main goal of time management is to be able what I love every day, and those are to have time for myself to watch youtube, cycling and being able to give enough time to my studies as well. So I never stick to an extreme schedule, but i keep things flexible as life is not predicatble.

Brain Dump

What a Brain Dump essentially means is to write down everything that is going on in your mind and to clear up space in your head. So, it is the practice of just writing things down.

When your Brain Dump your thoughts for that day, you get to visualize what are some of the things you need to do, and you can start prioritizing your tasks so that you can start knocking off them one by one.

There are many different ways of brain dumping, you can write it down on a piece of paper or you can do it like me, write it in a GTD dashboard inbox in Notion. I follow this system because I type faster than I write and therefore this is more convenient for me.

The benefit of brain dumping in a GTD dashboard is you add context, due dates and a record and well-structured system you can rely on to keep track of your tasks.

Brain Dumping is the first step to the productivity system I follow, and it is one of the best parts of the system because it helps my racing mind calm down and I also do not get overwhelmed by the work I have.

Building A Schedule

This is the most important part of this productivity system because this is what your day will look like.

In this system, Scheduling does not mean sticking to extreme timings or strict time-boxing, but moreover, it means that this is the allotted time you have for the task. This system follows the Parkinson rule, which states that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

The entire point of following this system is to complete your work and finish your tasks. Scheduling is just the means of outlining your day with the work you have and committing to finishing the task in that much amount of time.

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If you have decided to finish a part of an online course within 2-3 pm, then you need to do it for one hour. Maybe you cannot do it at the stipulated time, but you need to ensure that you have to do it at a later time.

Our life is not predictable, therefore you need to go with the flow. If you do not want to finish the online course right now, then you can start watching the youtube video that you had planned to watch in your free time.

It's all about getting things done, so do not procrastinate - fix a time and a date and get it done!

Adding Context To Tasks

My main key to stay focused is BY ADDING Context/Goal

Everything we do in our life, we do it for a reason. We watch youtube because we are bored, we work because we want to earn money- so there is always exists a reason to do something

That is why I add context to my tasks. If I have an assignment due soon, I try to finish it there and then because if I procrastinate I am going to be wasting time and let it not ruin my mood. Thinking of growing an Instagram page, do it because you to grow an audience for yourself, don't because others are doing it.

These small thoughts really make a big difference because they create an impact on your mindset. Your thinking process changes from making a task a liability to creating it into an asset.

Smart Work is much better than hard work because it will knock out your never-ending to-do list. Of course, this strategy cannot really work with everything you do, but the point is to get shit done. Finish it and get over it.

Set a goal each day, to strike off every damn thing I need to do that day. Finish it, because once you do you will not only find more time and space to do more creative things but you can also give yourself time.

The entire point of creating a productivity system is to create a balance between work and your life. The only goal is not to keep stacking up your work until the last moment. You have time, utilise it, do your best and that's it. You're done with it keep moving because that is how you can actually grow in terms of self-development.

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