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Ward off all Your Fears

Akhtar Malik is a freelance writer with a specific interest in social psychology

Have you ever seen a person who says that he never felt afraid? I think the answer will be negative. This is because the emotion of fear is a natural instinct in a man. Like the emotions of love, hate, and anger, it is natural for a person to get afraid of something for some reason. There are a few kinds of fear a person may face:

Fear of death

Fear of physical injury

Fear of financial loss

Fear of being defeated or being unsuccessful

Fear of being insulted or degraded

Fear of losing a job

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Fear of unknown

A natural and ordinary level of fear of any kind may be acceptable and may not be a source of worry for anyone. But once the sense of fear crosses a certain limit then the routine life of a person may start being affected by the negative outcomes of that fear.

An enhanced feeling of fear has a retarding effect on a person. A person ingrained with a heightened sense of fear may not be able to take any risks in life. He may not be able to face the challenges in life. He will lose the power of making decisions in time and will fail to implement the decisions taken. In fact, the person may lose confidence in everything.

Fear is just like brakes in an automobile. As the driver perceives any dangerous situation ahead he immediately applies the brakes. The vehicle slows down or comes to a halt and hence the danger is averted. But what if the brakes are applied even before the vehicle is put into motion? Of course, the vehicle will not move even for an inch. Similarly, if the vehicle is moving smoothly and the brakes are applied for any unjustifiable reason, the speed of the vehicle will be interrupted, its momentum will be broken and the vehicle will lag behind the other ones on the road. Apart from having an uncomfortable journey the passengers will be late for scheduled timings, hence facing an uncalled for embarrassment.

The same is the case with the man. The fear retards his pace of progress and increases the chances of his failure. It is imperative for a person to overcome all kinds of fears inside him. The only therapy needed is psychological self-suggestions. A person facing any sort of fear must convince himself that there is no point in worrying about a thing over which you do not have any control. Your job is to take reasonable care and steps to ward off any impending danger. Rest you should leave to the circumstances. If something wrong has to happen it will happen. No one wants to die but death comes to everyone despite all precautions and safeguards. So why keep worrying about death? The same is true for all other kinds of fears. Just take care and enjoy your life.


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