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What Is the Foremost Important Act That a Person Must Do in Life?

If you listen to wise person ,you become wiser. If you listen to your teacher, you will be better person. If you listen carefully to your Pastor you will soon become God fearing person. If you listen to a Millionaire's advice, you will become a millionaire yourself. All you do is listen, listen, listen and listen to good instructions and advice before you implement them. Once again, you must listen and listen to good person.

With that the most important act a person must do in life, is to LISTEN.

o start off, I learnt to listen to my parents and others elders while I was just a child. At times, I heard voice from my inner spirit and I listened and thought over it.

When I was an early school age child, I came to Mt. Hagen and stayed with my Uncle late Henry Moses (who was a millionaire who passed on some 2 years). He asked me to live in Hagen with his family and began my education that but my inner voice told me to reject that offer. With due respect for my uncle, I informed that I would live with him but to go back home-Surunki in Enga Province and began my childhood education.

Just after spending 4 months with my beloved uncle late Henry Moses, my inner voice forced me to ask my uncle, if he could bring me back to enga to start my education. My uncle responded affirmatively and took me back home, on his old shout car.

Start of my education

Soon after arrival at my home, I first enrolled a Taluma Primary School as grade 1. It all started from there. To cut my story short, I listened to my teachers and my inner voice so I did grade twice. Then I went to high School and listened to my teachers of all subjects that I took.

Because of my listening power, I passed my grade 10 examinations and got an offer to study at Popondetta Agric. College. While being there, I listened to my lecturers and instructors so I completed all the prescribed courses and graduated with Certificate in Tropical Agriculture.


After completion of my studies, I took flight from Popondetta to Port Moresby then to Tambul, via Kamgamunga Airport, in the Western Highlands Province. I applied for an Agricultural Research Technician position at Tambul Research Station under National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). While still for the reply of my application, I did not quite listening to my inner voice and my relatives whom I was residing with.

To my surprise, the Officer-In-Charge, Mr Muller (a German Agricultural Scientist) invited me for a job interview and consequently, a job was offered to me without reservation.

My first pay was only K60:00, even though I was a college graduate. Regardless of being underpaid, I kept on listening to my colleagues and my supervisor, I worked for 4 years as a Research Technician. Then I heard an inner voice which encouraged to apply for further studies.


Never to depart from my theme of listening, the immediate supervisor recommended me to study Diploma in Tropical Agriculture at the Highlands Agricultural Collage, in Mt. Hagen, just because I was faithfully listening to all the advice and instructions of my boss.

In addition, my supervisor, Mr, M. Uwe request German Development Services to sponsor for my tuition fees. It was the plan of my God that the sponsorship came forward with. I was accepted in to the college and engaged all the college programs and proceeded unto all the prescribed courses.

Nothing more than just listening to all my lecturers and the instructors, I precisely progressed to completion of my studies and graduated with Post Graduate Diploma In Tropical Agriculture.


My strong inner voice directed me to go back to Wabag, Enga province, so as it is very important for me, I listened and follow it to Wabag.

By that time, Mr. Bob Yangao was the High School Coordinator for Enga Province. My beloved Aunty late Lakele Tambuak negotiated with Mr. Yangao and eventually he gave a teaching post at the Kompiam High School. After appreciating Mr. Yangao and my late Aunty Ms. Tambuak and took my first time trip to Kompiam district on PMV truck.

The road was long and uneasy condition, but we managed to arrive at the school campus at the late afternoon.

I spent a night be a strange teacher whom I have never met in my life time, though we come from the same province. Next day was Monday which the resumption day for all high Schools in Papua New Guinea.

The newly appointed Head Master, Mr. Basil Murian allocated Agriculture Teacher for all the grades from grade 7 up to grade 10, total of 9 classes. Such number of class allocation was too much for a new teacher like me, I listened to instructions of the Head Master and my strong inner voice. Therefore, I gladly shouldered the task without any complain.

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Though performance of the all tasks of teaching responsibility entrusted on me was such elephant to tackle, I did my best to the end of the academic year with all assessments ready for the Head Master in time.

During the Christmas holiday, I went home to Taluma village where current Surunki Strawberry farm is located.Village life is such a breath taking that I enjoyed my holidays with my people, both young and old.

When the holidays were over, it was time for beginning of new academic year. I traveled on a bust to Wabag to check for my next posting. My goodness, I was placed on pool as unattached teacher. That employment condition made me very frustrated but once again, my inner voice ran in time to assist me in that situation. As my norm, I listened attentively to my inner voice. I was advised by my inner voice to ask the Enga Education authority to produce me a open transfer certificate so that I would search for job in other provinces.

The Enga education authority responded to my request and open transfer paper was produced before me. Next stage was to decide which province to go for the purpose of finding job opportunities. To grace of my living God, my everlasting inner voice knocked on my mind and heart. As it must be norm of every human, listen to the inner voice or others, I readily accepted my inner voice that instructed me to take a long trip to Lae, Morobe Province. Then my mind simultaneously calculated how I would travel and get safely at Lae.


One early morning, a PMV bus intended to travel from Wabag to Lae was driven around, calling for passengers. Without delay I took a back seat and the bus seats were full to capacity and the driver drove down the Highlands Highway, on a high speed as it use to be. Just after 2 hours passed by, we arrived at Mt. Hagen and rested for few minutes around Hagen town.

The journey from Mt. Hagen to Lae city is such a long distance, covering 5 provinces, therefore, we needed to proceed on immediately for the security and safety of the bus and the passengers alike. The driver of the bus had 10 experience of driving the along the highway so he drove us, passing villages after villages and districts after district and even provinces after other provinces, until we came to 3 Mile at Lae city right at night about 11 o'clock.


Eagerness of securing a job, aroused me to stand in front of the office of Morobe education Adviser. After some time, I met Mr. M. Bihoro, the Morobe education adviser and for my good fortune, he posted me to Salamaua High School. By then the Head Master was Mr. David Saia, who appointed me as the teacher in charge of Agriculture and also as the supervisor of the school Mess. I stayed there until I went Wau/Bulolo electorate and taught in various Primary Top-up School and High Schools.

While I was in Bulolo, the inner voice convinced me to do adult Matriculation, there I wasted no time, started enrolling at the DODL Bulolo centre of The University of Teachnology.I gradually completed all my prescribed courses. I am emphasis that it all came successful becuase of I was faithful in listening to my lecturers though I was among the working class, similar to them.

After serving Morobe Province for some 10 years, in 2009 I applied to study at the School of Law, University of Papua New Guinea. My inner voice promised me and gave me courage that I would be accepted to study law, so that prompt me to resigned as a High Teacher and pursue studies as I wished to.

Weeks and months went passed, I was urged by my inner voice to go to my post office box at Lae to check for my mails. Almighty God answers prayers in His own timing, as for me, I molted with bright light and inner voice assured me that the letter that I was about to opened, was the letter of offer from University of Papua New Guinea.


Let me confirmed hereto, offer to study law at the UPNG was mailed to me and after few days, I took a eagle-hearted flight to Port Moresby, to kick-start the new ground breaking of studying law.

With the great providence of God, I registered as first year at School of Law and continued on, listening to good friends, lecturers and tutors for the prescribed 4 years at the University of Papua New Guinea.

By year 2013, completed my final year and ready for graduating in the following year. In order to meet all the prescribed legal requirements to admit as a lawyers, I must attend and complete Legal Training, in order the School of Law, UPNG, recommended me to continue further to PNG Legal Training Institute in 2014.

By then, I did not forgive the theme of listening to others and inner voice, assisted me tackled all the curriculum activities and proceeded on passed all stages of PNG Legal Training Institute, which led towards my graduation and finally admitted as to the Supreme and National Courts of Papua New Guinea, in early March 2015.


Still listening to inner voice, I prayed to God for His plan for my life as a Lawyer. The inner voice came so strong as a dream in a night that God had a plan for me to teaching law at the School of Law, University of Papua New Guinea.

Without wasting time, I applied to school of law for employment and fast forward, the Dean appointed me a a Tutor. A part of being a Tutor of law, I do other legal work with Parkil Lawyers, in collaboration with principal Jeffrey Abone. Moreover, with the blessing hands of God, my firm law won a court case which held that State must paid K85Million Kina for Timber Right Purchase (TRP) for customary landowners of Enga, Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces.

Commencing this year 2021, I am accepted my school of law, and eventually the University of PNG approves, for my study of Masters of Laws (LLM).

Result a result of listening attentively to others and my inner voice for last couple of years, I raised up the education hierarchy whereby being educated in both science and social science.

To conclude, I must say and re-emphasis that art of LISTENING to other and inner voice is the foremost act the every human forever.

Mek Hepela Kamongmenan LLB (UPNG), PCD, CTA

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