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Are Extraterrestrial Life Really Visiting Us?

Melvin is an avid reader and a retired chemist after working for a major pharmaceutical company for 32 years.


I do not know how many times that I’ve come across articles or newspaper clippings with statements that our planet have been visited by aliens or extraterrestrial beings since mankind been in existence. Even stories of government cover-up, the secret place called Area 51 where information about it was recently declassified, secret files of UFO landings and people proclaiming they were abducted by these beings and later released. Even the Nazca lines on the plains in South American have been determine to be made by the indigenous people their hundreds of years ago. They are not landing strips for UFOs as some people believe them to be. Are they landing a jet or airplane? The idea sounds so man-made. There is a long list of these stories on this subject that I considered to be so absurd. I do not know whether these are true or not but what I am going to do here is to look at all this from a rational and scientific perspective to explain why I believe all this heresy that extraterrestrials visited this planet as anthropomorphous beings just doesn’t make sense to me. I will present some supporting facts to backup my opinion and thoughts about this subject.


It All Started with the Roswell Incident

I believe this whole “aliens from another world” thing started from the incident that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Witnesses claimed they saw pieces of a spacecraft shaped like a disk, hence the start of the familiar word “flying saucer”. This word is still used to describe the majority of any unidentified flying object (UFO) many witnesses claimed they have seen. Most of them appear to be a flattened, disk-shaped flying object. Also a rumor started by some witnesses at the time that aliens or extraterrestrial corpses were recovered from the crash with tinfoil and rubber. This rumor was quickly dismissed by the military at the time. The government’s explanation was that a high-altitude surveillance balloon crashed there and as far the bodies of aliens were concern that was a completely fabricated story. Frankly, I believe the government story here. This incident was quickly forgotten and resurfaced almost 30 years later in 1978 by ufologist (is this a word) Stanton T. Friedman during an interview with Major Jesse Marcel.

Marvin the Martian


A Closer Look a the Story

When you examine this story closely from a rational and scientific perspective this story just doesn’t make sense. It raises a few questions. For starters, why were there no reports of other aliens (their rescuers) in the area later? With all their advance technology other ships should have come right away to retrieve the bodies if these aliens have the same emotions as humans for their fellow comrades. Next, why didn’t anyone in the immediate area get sick due to exposure to unknown bacteria or viruses from another world? That is what happened to us hundreds of years ago when someone from other parts of world set foot here. I think there is a chance this could have happened but was never mentioned. Now, here is one that really puzzled me, why were the aliens using tinfoil and rubber in their spacecraft? That sounds so man-made and primitive for something supposedly made using advance alien technology. Finally, why did the story die and resurface almost thirty years later, and do you really believe this military guy story was true? He probably just wanted some publicity. In addition there should have been more of these guys coming forward with this information.

Friedman probably dug this story up after watching all those sci-fi movies of the 50s and 60s with flying saucers and aliens for monetary motives. After all this incident is what got Hollywood started in the “aliens from another world” movie making business. They were simply preying on the fears of the general population at the time and people had developed a habit of looking up a lot for enemy aircraft after World War II ended in 1945. So if they saw anything in the sky moving and they couldn’t identify it the word “UFO” came out of their mouths. Eventually, the two words “UFOs” and “aliens” became synonymous.


Aliens and UFOs, Some Can Be Explained

Today, in the twenty-first century, I find it difficult that there are people who still believe in UFO sightings even after the government officially announced that most these sightings and very blurry photos were determine to be hoaxes. With current technology we should be able to take relatively clear pictures of something flying over our heads by now. This explains why there are not too many photos of UFOs today; you would think the opposite should happen. It should be thousands of authentic UFOs photos now especially on the Internet and in the news media or unless the aliens stopped visiting us. Also the technology to determine the authenticity of photos are much improved now. I took a look at some of the UFO images on the internet and you can clearly see that most of them are artist renderings, doctored photos, computer generated images, and there are some blurry, grainy ones especially from the 50s and 60s era.

Yes there are some we cannot explain but then why aren’t these guy landing? Are they afraid of us or why are they not communicating with us? We been trying to pick up communications signals from space for years without any luck through SETI so far. Again it doesn’t make sense. Especially if they are so advance technologically they should be communicating without any problem with us. Furthermore, if they don't want to we should be picking up some form of signal with patterns, instead random noise.

Looking at these photos it look like in most cases our Air Force could had very easily shot the thing out of sky especially when they are visually spotted and they do not seems to be moving that fast. I believe these sightings are still hoaxes and some of them are simply extraterrestrial objects flying by at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. Earth is bombarded by thousands of space debris daily and there is the possibility of a few large bodies occasionally just barely touching the earth’s upper atmosphere when they are flying by and giving off reflected light from the sun like the moon does. This also explains why the bright lights some people see, especially at night, are always moving parallel to each other and only last a few seconds.