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Memoir Noir: Confession of a Remote Intelligence Observer & Investigator

Reader beware. The upcoming segment of articles I produce will examine and reveal disturbing and enlightening issues.



There is no such thing as 'correction' in criminal justice, even Justices recognize it.

Authorities know the rates of recidivism, corrections corrects nothing!

A pedophile, rapist, sexual predator, violent offender or murderer cannot be rehabilitated.

Correlation: Chromosome X mutations, lower I.Q., subjective & instability.

There are not enough remands, jails or prisons to hold all the problematic.

Most deviants, perps, predators and offenders are at large.

Consider, the current consequence for the demented, psychopathic, sociopathic, and most deviant or perverse is a prescription. Psychiatry.

Consider, the current most frequent offer of justice and consolation to any victim of crimes is also....a damn prescription. Sedation/Silence by Psychiatry.

Average I.Q. 100. Low. where Down Syndrome averages at about 50 I.Q.

I.Q. tests qualify math logic NOT abstract, perceptional or conceptual intelligence.

Einstein a genius? He was a patent clerk. He read, combined and stole ideas.

Why are they forever looking for the 'missing' (gaps) X? Now you know Y.

There was not and never will be equality. Equality actually translates to average.

Many men cannot accept the unethical & corrupt state of rule and corporate affairs.


One of my greatest sarcastic remarks is: if you do not want your kids to act like psychotic insane cartoons, do not let them watch cartoons. It is a basic concept of programming which can be training but negatively is often- brain washing.

It is logic in early childhood education, that the information and experiences for which a child is exposed forms a fundamental foundation of mentality, perception, comprehension and of course, can very early determine the degree of potential and achievement for a select individual.

There are many forms of training and advanced education outside formal social constructs and life long learning and intellectual evolution are choices for further pursuit and development after any graduation. Sadly, after any graduation, few ever read, learn anything or even pick up a book, let alone travel and witness for ones self.

In fact, in my opinion, I considered every internship, contract, assignment, work experience, charitable contribution, institution and corporation actual contributing education and investigations. What best way to investigate an issue or problem, than to train and work in that very field and with those very subjects? Seeing is believing.

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Based on truth or actual events? They aren't as inventive as you think.

We now witness through exposure to desensitizing drama, reality shows, comedies, commercials, propaganda, adult animations, anime, social media, a major factor affecting the integrity and degenerating decay of our social orders and civilizations.

Some special olympian philosophers brashly defend that such products of artificiality, and that is where the word 'art' is derived, artificial, should be permitted and promoted in the name of free speech and freedom of expression. When did our societies concede that we should acquiesce any such controls and finance for the absolute lowest common denominators, producers of insane, unethical, inappropriate, insulting and violent graphic content?

Hollywood hell anyone? And somehow to our disillusionment and shock, the biggest clowns, fakes, con artists, franken-scientists , narcotic philosophers and freak shows have stolen the show. True Hollywood: "I don't know who I am, can I pretend to be you?"

Real? Exists? Are you prepared?

  • The Prostitution Diaries
  • Disclosures of Human Cannibals Live
  • Bondage Sugar Babies
  • Real Smut Film Killings Streaming from the Dark Web
  • Black Market Organ Sales Murder Autopsies
  • The Romantic Side of Child Marriage
  • Pornography for Everyone: Exploitation & Humiliation Online, Legal and Free!
  • Insurance Fraud Tips: Mercy Killing Cover Ups
  • Medical Mutants: Genital Deformities in the General Population
  • Thrift Shop Deals: Liquidated Estates of the Dead
  • The DSM 6.5 Bible of Psychiatric Disorders: Bat Shit Crazy and so Much More
  • Zombie Festivals: Don't you want to be the Walking Dead, too?
  • The Asexual Agenda: Why make love when you can play our games instead?
  • The X Corporation Mega Constellation Matrix Project
  • Born, Slave, Pay, Die Reality Show

Truth Hurts...

  • City Hunger Games: Nightmare over the Electromagnetic Rainbow Light Shows
  • The Pros and Cons of the Suicide and Opiate Crisis
  • Bogus Asylum Claims: Immigration, Border Jumping and Organized Crime
  • No Win Scenarios: Roman Empirical Capitalistic Fascism vs. Communist Regime Fascism. What's the diff????
  • Haunted Asylums and Abandoned Towns: The Thrills of Urban Exploration
  • EMP: The Electromagnetic Pulse Solution
  • What? Recycle Shit? Silicone Stuff for Sale
  • He Who Dies With the Most Toys Missed Life and Still Fricking Dies
  • Heroes, Villains or Martyrs & Sacrifices: Spandex isn't all it's Cracked Up to Be
  • Cloning for Dummies: I can even be you for the right price
  • The Devil's Human Auctions: Sold to the Highest Bidders
  • Exhausted, Moody, Depressed? Be Stars in the Pill Popping Dope Show
  • Sexting and Masturbation Games with Dating Bots: You can't tell the Difference
  • Gender Shape Shifters: Are some people actually Amphibians?
  • Flesh 4D Fantasy: Multisex Intersex Hermaphrodites and Sadomasochism
  • Are They Even Human? No Morality, No Identity, No Conscience. Cold Blooded.

31 Base Core Particles and 80 Hypothetical Variations


Observable Particle Subject Pattern Programs

Independent Abstraction and Evolvable+ or +/-

Complimentary Cooperators+

Rogue and Migratory+

Timed and Cyclically Predictable Dependents-

Parasitical Stalker Predators-

Hunting and Cannibalistic-

(Chromosomal: Male Y+ , Y+/- Dominants or YX+, where Fe-Male/Males- X-)

(Even Numerals+/Odd Numerals-)

I will provide a statement few may comprehend. Did you know, there are few individuals, who are Y+ and YX+, where they, in possession of the correct male+ or female+ gender (normal reproductive genitalia), they are still, due to their particle and polarity, they are male+. Does that imply....that there is a race which is distinctly the race of men+? Where the women, who are Y+ or YX+ or Y+/- are the genetic mothers of 'men'. Believe it or not. The answer is...yes.

NOTE: It should be noted, the genetic medical establishment, has NOT genetically assessed or assigned the global population. That establishment DOES NOT know, the correct Y or YX or mutations of the entire population in any country. It only has had "samples" due to unethical medical research and experimentation AND has released data on "samples" provided by researchers and some physicians.

EXAMPLE: This may disturb you. It should be worthy to note, the published data on 'deformed and mutated genders', is only a sampling and snap shot of data proving existence. BUT note, there is conclusive data it is well documented and prevalent. It should worry you, what else do we not know?

Due to confidentiality, and the fact, that most such 'deformities and mutations' are not so observable until puberty, and the other fact, that data and cases are so secret, AND that gender corrective and gender reassignment surgeries are also not published or revealed data, it is not so statistically analyzed to any degree in any country, of the overall problematic prevalence of mutations among the general population. AND it may be alarming to many that they may have somehow been sexually mated in encounters with such subjects, but were not aware or informed. But may have recognized 'abnormalities', physiological and psychological.


JANE DOE, was a 25 year old university intern, recently out of of a divorce at that time. She was an intellectual who had a great deal of skill in computer administration and data analysis to the point, she was noticed by certain authorities. And she did notice them back, it should be noted.

Some ethical, and some not ethical.

One organization of men in uniforms, did contact her and offered her an office there with them. Although it was what she truly desired, she painfully declined. Not so much because it would have been a security risk for her, but it would have put those men at risk.

For what was not previously explainable, was some were disappearing. At a point, she had attended the FBI in the U.S. to possibly file for asylum protection, but...was told, they were killing so many of the good men. She knew it was true. She returned back to Canada, and since it has been the most challenging road of sacrifice and discovery no one could imagine.

And these observations, led her down an independent path, after a few work experiences, into lengthily investigations that would not have been possible under the limited direction, freedom restraints, controls and surveillance, of any particular employer at that time.

Jane, rarely engaged in any 'personal' encounters and some thought her a snob others thought her a recluse or antisocial. In sarcastic jest, she would often comment that she has been married to her computer since 1995.

One of the alarming experiences, was the brief encounter with someone for which she was educationally familiar. In short, it was discovered, that the subject who pursued her, not only had obsessive psychological problems, but also led a secret life where this so called male subject, was a predator who engaged in mind games with its prey, and secret activities in sadomasochistic torture. What is important to note here, is this male subject...HAD NO GENITALS.

What is also worthy to note, that a large percentage of so called males, presented BOTH psychological disturbances AND gender genital malformations or deformities which are NOT typical of normal men with above average intelligence quotients (I.Q). It was observable to her, that the prevalence of these abnormalities, was more common than she ever wished to admit.

AND IT IS DISTURBING that the psychiatric AND medical community normalizes and discretely hides the very real connection which includes the fact that these such individuals are usually ALSO, predators, pedophiles, rapists, and violent offenders with potential or real records of criminality or criminal activities, NOT ALWAYS reported, and often not convicted formally.

What may disturb you even these 'subjects' are not always the street vagrant, biker or criminal you may think. Often, such psychopathy and sociopathy often occurs among egomaniacs and narcissists who are professionals, in suits, in offices, in politics and in corporations who are influential and wealthy.

The X Factor: Fragile X Syndrome and Abnormal Degenerative Genes

Degenerative Mutation and Genetic Disorders

  • Genetic Disorders
    A list of genetic, orphan and rare diseases under investigation by researchers at or associated with the National Human Genome Research Institute.


Psychological, Psychotic, Disassociative Disorders (Genetic) associated with abnormal sexual development and sexual orientation.

Penal Genital Deformities


Congenital Reproductive Deformities of Females


Anatomical Female Deformities


Soma Definition: The body as distinct from the mind and soul or psyche.


Invention of the 4DX- Artificial Cyborg Cube Game Reality


Aneuploidy LGBTQ Asexual X- Degenerative Mutation Syndromes: Tetrasomies, Pentasomies, Monosomie



The most used tactic employed to harm or discredit a witness or testimony, a whistle blower or even to halt a career, advancement or alliances, is to destroy their credibility. The punishment for objecting or self-defense. The punishment for saying NO. The punishment for refusing to be an accomplice to a crime (work).

Methods of destroying credibility include:

  1. False reports and false accusations to Authorities
  2. False and damaging reports to mental health practitioners or Police
  3. Vandalizing the target's vehicle or residence
  4. Spreading false and damaging rumors and emails
  5. Stalking, monitoring and cyberterrorism on social media
  6. To hire desperate street criminals to perform criminal activities
  7. Directed persistent sexual harassment and threats
  8. Using date rape drugs and tainting drinks to harm an individual
  9. Break and Enters with repeated vandalisms to terrorize
  10. In fact, one employer cut the brake lines on my car

About the Author...

You can complete accelerated degree(s) or education at any university library.

I have never been materialistic or financially motivated. Tough road.

What is the price one pays for the most shocking and hardest truths? Everything.

Lesson: What threats and the corrupt understand most is: Domination

On occasion, it can be necessary to break a few lesser laws to get to the truth.

Although the authorities are not permitted to racial profile. I do racial profile.

I recognize psychological, sociological, behavioral, DNA & nuclear profiling.

I am well aware of offensive, defensive psychological warfare.

There exists what is even beyond the U.S. Pentagon: Nuclear Assassination.

There is meaning- no coincidences but the lack of intel to recognize significance.

Off the record associations- KGB, FBI and Sheriff's Departments in the U.S.

How could I explain what so very few could ever possibly comprehend? Till now.

I may have earned your attention. But what I value most is respect. And what I offer to colleagues and comrades who wish to learn, is respect.

© 2020 Claudine Chaboyer

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