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Vegetarian Food That Aren't Vegetarian

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Belief of Being Vegan

The vegan diet as quite a heavy vocabulary has gain its popularity in towards era. Increasingly large population nowadays have decided to go vegan so that they can exclude all the ways for deriving food through cruelty to animals and exploitation to the environment resources. This articles draws the attention of specially Vegetarians.

Is it a myth to be Vegan ?

Is Vegetarian diet does really exists ?

Are Vegans are cautious enough to avoid meat in their meals?

Well, this articles open up to draw your attention for Food which hides meat in them.

Foods which have hidden meat in them

Potatoes Chips

Basically, Potato chips have one of ingredient which is used as a taste enhancer and that is E631. E631 is the commercially made from meat ( pig fat) or fish. Imagine your pouch of potato chips contains pig fat?

Gelatin Products

Gelatin Based Products

Gelatin Based products like gummy bears, jellies, mousse, marshmallows had one basic ingredient and that is gelatin. This gelatin is traditionally made commercially from animal fat, specifically pig fat. So guys, if you are vegetarian, be alert of all the food stuff which contains gelatin.

White Sugar


The white color for the sugar crystals are obtained with the use of " Bone char" known as natural carbon, which is used to obtain a desirable white color of the sugar which is processed from sugarcane. Bone char is specifically the natural occurring carbon which occurs in the bones of cattle.

So, As white as Sugar - is not innocent also.

Red Candies

Red color in Food items

Talking about red candies, jams, the red coloring agent used as K-carmine, cochineal extract or, sneakily, Red 4 is obtained from Red beetles called cochineal bugs. Guys, how much we try to escape animal products, but somewhere knowingly or unknowingly we all are the culprits. Red color, a color of passion, but it is also red in its approach.

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Cake Mixes

Cake Mixes

For once try to check your best flavor cake mixes commercially available. Your will find beef or pig fat hiding in the ingredient list as "lard".



Hard cheeses like Parmesan, Cheddar, Manchego, Pecorino Romano, and Swiss, traditionally uses stomach - derived rennet, which is found in the fourth stomach of young calves. Rennin is not used in soft cheese . Specifically, animals are not killed to derive this rennet, but they are killed for meat demands and rennet is obtained as byproduct.

Low Fat Yoghurt

Low Fat Yoghurt

Low fat yoghurt uses gelatin to provide creamy, smooth texture to the yoghurt. So, guys, Vegan or Non Vegetarian, we are all using animals and their products, weather extracted or derived, we all uses animals and their products at one phase of our lives.



Honey is often mistaken as Vegan food as it is considered a gift of nature for human beings by honey bee. But should I draw your attention towards the commercial use of honey, as conventional beekeepers only focus is to obtain good amount of honey.

When these farmers remove honey filled hive which is basically energy source for bees and in its absence they would starve. So, the intelligent way to bluff honey bees, they replace their honey filled hive with sugar substitute. This sugar substitute lacks all the essential micro nutrients which are needed by the bees. As of reason of which selective breeding technique give rise to the narrowing of the population of honey bee gene pool and thus which is responsible for increasing the susceptibility of bees to the disease and ultimately leads to their large-scale die-offs.

Bread Products

Bread Products

Bread products more often contain mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids which are labelled as E471 and E472 and also known as emulsifiers on the ingredients label whose function is to ensure the even texture and prolong shelf life of the products.

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereals one of the popular ingredient is vitamin D3, which is obtained from sheep wool grease. So, adding onto the list of food items, breakfast cereals also not included in the Vegan diet list.

Fruit - Figs


Figs of some varieties are basically pollinated by fig wasps, this understanding relationship between the two, which involves the sacrifice of life of female fig wasp. The fig plant then absorbs the wasp. The fig fruit gets pollinated as little wasp gets inside the fruit to lay eggs. As the female wasp crawls into the fig fruit, she pays the price by losing her antennae and wings. In a unbelievable twist, the enzyme known as ficin, breaks down the wasp body in proteins. When the baby wasps born, specifically males chew their way out and meanwhile fertilizing the new born female wasps. The process of great mutualistic relationship continues between the female wasp and the fig fruit.

Conclusion :

This article on the Vegetarian food that aren't Vegetarian focuses on bringing out the nightmare the human civilization had done on nature and animals. Our everyday weather it is food or things are the perfect examples of human cruelty towards nature and animals.

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