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Validation of Researcher-Made Questionnaire

Research questionnaire is the key in gathering data needed for a research studies. Most of the time, all the information needed for the study is already incorporated in the questionnaire in order for the researcher to gather all the pertinent information regarding the research work. This is the easiest way in the gathering of the data that a research can go through during the process of tabulation.

Research questionnaire can be lifted from the previous studies; but, an individual who wants to use the same questionnaire must ask permission from the author or authors of the questionnaire. Upon granting approval, that is the only time that a researcher can utilize the research questionnaire.

There are instances that researchers opted to make their own research questionnaire that really fit to the present study. In these cases, researchers are task to talk first to the respondents in order to be familiar of what they really think about the topic of the study. Likewise, they are required to meet the panel of experts in order to widen their knowledge and understanding regarding the topic. Furthermore, they must consider the various brilliant guidance and assistance of researchers who can immediately identify the possible scope and limitations of the study and the other important variables needed for the study. After undergoing to these individuals, the researchers are now ready to craft their own questionnaire commonly known as researcher-made questionnaire.

Researcher-made questionnaire refers to the instrument to be used in a research prepared or crafted by the researcher himself or herself. The contents are primarily based from the information shared by his or her colleagues, the panel of experts, and the personal knowledge of the researcher himself or herself.

This researcher-made questionnaire needs to undergo validation process in order to test its validity and reliability. In doing so, the researcher is task to present the questionnaire to the panel of experts. They will scrutinize the words used in every statement. Likewise, they will look into the connection of every statement to the present study. Questions must be aligned to the goal of the study in order to achieve the expected results of the research to be conducted. It is expected that these panel of experts will come up with comments, corrections, and suggestions. The researcher is task to defend the crafted statements in order to be understood by the panel of experts.

The revised questionnaire will undergo field testing wherein individuals who are not participants in the conduct of the research are asked to answer the questionnaires. Their reactions will be recorded. Likewise, their observations and assessment on the questionnaire will also be noted in order to be considered during the final crafting of the questionnaire. If all the revisions are incorporated, that is the only time that the researcher is task to submit the final draft of the research question to his or her adviser.

Because of the advancement of technology, the validation of questionnaire can be done in just a blink of an eye. The researcher will apply the computer-based program that will work on the validity and reliability of the teacher-made questionnaire. If it satisfied the requirements or passed the validation process, the researcher-made questionnaire is now allowed to be used.

It is an edge of a researcher to use his or her crafted questionnaire in his or her research in order to integrate all the important information and details needed in his or her research. Likewise, originality of the questionnaire can also be noticed.

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This is one of the pressing problem of a researcher especially when he or she intends on working with a study that is currently happening. A questionnaire that really fit to the study at hand is not easy to locate in the internet. It takes patience and time in trying to find the exact one. This resulted to the adoption of a questionnaire that is enhanced in order to align the questions to the present study.

By validating the researcher-made questionnaire, this makes the preparation of research question a challenging one and a by-product of thorough discussion, performing research work, and having focus group discussion with the people who has expertise in the field of research. At present, it is one of the great advantage if an individual possesses all these talent – a person who is jack of all trade.

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