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Vaccine Resistant Covid-19 Variants

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Looks like the Covid-19 variants will plague the world for the coming months and years i various places, so don't put away your masks and make sure you are fully vaccinated.

However, if the two variants of concern erupt globally, and they may, just like Delta, are Lambda and Epsilon.

The former is already in the US, some 700 known cases, it is widespread in South America, where it originated. Just in December, 2020, the Delta variant in the USA was around 700 or so, now it is consuming most of the USA among the unvaccinated. Lambda is resistant to some vaccines as researchers have found but less so against the Pfizer and Moderna. It is as contagious as Delta and its morbidity rate is around 80%.

Epsilon has the potential to be more of a serious threat. First discovered in California, USA, in 2020, in small numbers, it is now spreading like wildfire in Pakistan and India. It is also present in New York City, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Australia. It is also in 34 other nations in small numbers. The variant is just as contagious as Delta is but with a mutation that allows it to be resistant to ALL present vaccines by 70%. That is a high number meaning the vaccines protect you only 30%. This variant is more and more causing problems in California and it is international air travel from California to other points that are spreading this variant.

This variant is more complicated for it has three mutations in the spike proteins that have rearranged making it resistant to vaccines in varying degrees. These mutations helps explain why antibodies had difficulty binding to the spike glycoprotein. This variant has the ability to evade the leading vaccines to a great degree that are normally effective against Delta.

The Lambda variant has similar characteristics, which developed in Peru. It's mutations have less evasive effectiveness but still presents a danger to the unvaccinated or those vaccinated with less effective vaccines like those from China, as studies showed.

While Delta is of great concern, the CDC and WHO are already trying to get a handle on these two more problematic mutations of Covid-19.

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