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How to Stay Warm with Wool Blanket and Dakota Fire Hole

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(Videos and photo illustrations) Explains why you should be prepared? What survival supplies you should have in order to survive and tips on survival supplies and their uses for each recommend item stored in your survival duffel bag.

In these unsure times it's best to be prepared for the worst. The worst is yet to come just look at the news. All over the world there is trouble. Trouble with governments, trouble with war, terrorism and natural disasters

Get the best use out of your survival supplies.

I recommend you read "How to Survive if You Have to Leave Your Home Behind"before you read this article. This article is a continuation of "How to Survive if you Have to Leave Your Home Behind."

Since you can only carry just so much in your duffle bag you want to put survival supplies that you can get the most and the best uses out of because you won’t be able to run down to a convent store.

Get ideas and suggestion to keep in mind so if you find yourself in a pinch you can utilize the knowledge you have learned here. I am sure a lot of these ideas you probably never thought of and someday it could save your life or your loved ones.

100% Wool Blanket

100% Wool Blanket: can serve for many purposes that is why you should have one in with your survival kit or duffle bag. This video will show you the proper way to wrap up in a wool blanket. This method will keep you the warmest and keep your entire body warm including your head and face while you sleep.

How to Wrap Up to Sleep in a Wool Blanket

Wear Your Wool Blanket

You can wear your wool blanket to keep the rain off of you while you’re on the run. Your wool blanket will keep you nice and warm and dry. Here is a video that demonstrates ways you can wear your wool blanket if you don’t have a jacket or just for extra body heat or keep the rain off of you..

Wear Your Wool Blanket

Wool Blanket Waterproof Shelter

Your wool blanket if it is 100% wool you can also make a rain proof shelter. When the rain comes down it just bounces right off your blanket. Your blanket can also become a great water collector for drink water. "Wool is very quick to dry" so don't worry about your wool blanket getting wet.

Dakota Fire Hole

Where you see his hand is the breathing hole for your fire hole.  This method used burns firewood more efficiently puts out more heat and very little smoke.

Where you see his hand is the breathing hole for your fire hole. This method used burns firewood more efficiently puts out more heat and very little smoke.

The Best Uses for Magnifying Glass for Survival

Magnify Glass: Great for reading your survival books and getting a better look at the edible weeds. Also make sure you add a magnifying glass to your survival supplies in your duffle bag. Your magnifying glass can be used to pull out thorns more importantly start fires.

The very best fire pit is called the Dakota fire hole. This fire hole is the best. The perfect way to have a fire when you do not want to draw attention if you’re on the run this is the way you want to cook and keep warm.

The Dakota fire hole will allow you to cook with very little smoke. At night it puts out very little light and that’s what you want if you’re on the run. You can also use a Dakota fire hole inside your shelter to keep for light and keep mosquitoes out of your shelter.

Above else the Dakota fire hole is safe in dry condition safer in your shelter and you can easily put out the fire.

If you are on the run you do not want to leave any evidence that you were even there so before you dig out your Dakota fire hole. Cut out the circles so that you can pull up a large chunk of sod before digging the hole. Save those chunks of sod close to your fire hole. You can then in any emergency put your fire out quick safely with virtually no smoke by quickly plugging both holes with the sod.

Here is a short video for the Dakota fire hole. This video will give you an idea of how much smoke the Dakota fire hole produces. In this video I noticed some pretty good size rocks that can also be used to cover the holes for your Dakota fire hole if you were to hear an airplane or a helicopter flying close by and you don’t want to be seen by anyone.

Dakota Fire Hole Video

Lint: You can use the lint to start a fire either with your magnifying glass or any of the primitive ways to start your fire. Gather lint from your dryer put in a Ziploc bag and add it to your survival bag.

One Gallon Milk Jug Cleaned: A milk jug can serve many purposes after you remove all the small survival items from your milk jug. You can collect water and filter your water by using a bandana. Fold bandana a few times then cover the hole to filter unwanted debris from entering the jug while filling with water. It is not recommended to drink the water that you just filtered its best to boil your water in your stew pot for at least 15 minutes to kill any bacteria that may be in the water.

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Even if you manage to make it somewhere with crystal clear water is always recommended to boil any drink water. You can cook with filtered water without boiling the water first as long as the water is boiling while cooking.

You can catch minnows with your gallon jug. Just bait the jug with something dead in it. Then sink the jug until the jug fills up and the hole is barely submerged under water. Find an area of water that is shallow with a concentration of minnows. Sometimes if there is a lot of minnows they will swim right in the jug without any bait.

6 feet of Clear Plastic: You could also collect water from your solar distiller into your milk jug. The 6 feet of plastic are what you’re going to use to get water if you have no water sources.

Remember that water runs to the lowest point. Water accumulates in low areas the further down the more water you will be able to distill.

You can also use your “stew pot” using the same principle. You could collect water out of a water source put in your stew pot then put the coffee can or anything that will hold water in the center of the pot put plastic over the stew pot add a rock as shown in the video so that the plastic sags. The water that evaporated will run to the lowest point of the plastic then run into whatever you are using to collect the water. (You do not need a hose) When you're ready to drink the water you tap on the plastic this will cause the water to run down in your water collector then gently lift one end of your plastic up and ride down and grab you a water collector then drink some water its recommended to save half of the water you collect each time so you have plenty of water to drink. Both of these techniques can be used if you plan to stay in one place for a few days

Do not cut your plastic to fit the pot if you plan on using the sun to purify your water. If you are planning on heating your water with fire cut your plastic to fit the pan. Do not get pan to hot just warm the water enough to start the evaporation process otherwise you will melt the plastic.

Solar Water Purifyer

Purifying Water

6 feet of Clear Plastic also can be used to lie down on the ground to keep moisture off of you while you sleep. Especially if you are not anywhere you could wash your wool blanket or you’re using your wool blanket as a shelter.

Water Filtration System: Obviously you cannot carry water especially if you’re on the run. You can’t stop anywhere to make purified water until you get far enough away from danger. The water filtration is only a temporary solution. You have to stay hydrated in order to survive and keep moving until you’re in a safe location.

If you have no way of purifying water and you find a creek or some other water source you could dig a hole 10 or 15 feet inland from your water source and get safe drinking water this way. Here is some instruction on this video to get safe drinking water.

It is recommended to learn other means to purify water.


How to Carry Someone

If you're ever in a survival situation you might have to carry someone out of harms way or you might find yourself in an emergency situation. It's always a good idea to learn how to lift and carry someone without injuring yourself. This article has step by step instruction and illustrations.


tamron (author) on April 21, 2011:

Thanks for your feedback and nice comments I just love the outdoors and I love to share what I have learned and experienced in the woods while camping.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on April 18, 2011:

Excellent tips on on survival technics. Something we all need to know. Passing this on to friends and family. A big thanks and rated up. :)vocalcoach

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Right on... I enjoyed the Dakota Fire Pit, i checked out a couple of their other videos too. Thanks for the great hub I am going to bookmark it!

- Harlan

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on April 15, 2011:

Superb survival info.The wool blanket would come in handy even in the warmer months as parts of the world still can get/and are cold at night. The magnifying glass is one i'd forgotten about, good info.A person can go weeks without food but anyone whose ever been caught in a situation with-out water for long can appreciate that info. Well done tamron.

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