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Update Knowledge

Aydasara Ortega Torres is a Faculty Member of Psychology and Statistics.


Have you recently thought about how we become more and more statisticalized? Yes. Statisticalized.

Statistics taken as “a form of rationalization that influences society” - us - “through the production, consumption, and dissemination of statistical numbers.”

How we increasingly depend on statistics.

  • For.
  • Every.
  • Move.
A. O. T.

A. O. T.

Update Knowledge

Yes, to justify practices, make decisions, update knowledge . . .

To change human behavior, constitute cultural norms, reconfigure social relations, shape political discourse . . .

Statistical rationality reinforcing and reproducing the defining characteristics of modern society.

  • Calculability.
  • Efficiency.
  • Predictability.
  • Standardization.
  • The replacement of humans with technologies.


Meanwhile, political awareness predicts the public’s distrust. Which is - to varying degrees - associated with mistrust of science and the media.

As modern states continue to collect statistics, keeping society - us - under their watchful eyes.

A. O. T.

A. O. T.


“Hell of a world we live in, huh? . . . But it could be worse, huh?”
“That's right,” I said, “or even worse, it could be perfect.”

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