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Unravelling the Mystery of Anglo- Saxon Involvement in Ukraine

A senior air warrior, graduate from the Staff College and a PG in military studies. He is qualified to write on war and allied matters.



Before I write anything further I would like to clarify why I have used the word Anglo-Saxon. This term is used historically to describe Germanic people who, from the 5th-century CE to the time of the Norman Conquest (1066), inhabited and ruled territories that are today part of England and Wales. Later this classification of people spread to North America, notably the USA and Canada. Most of the other Europeans including Germany have a different nomenclature which is not the point here.

The Anglo-Saxon power led by the UK and the USA ruled the world till the end of World War II. The United States which was the main exponent of Anglo-Saxon power suffered catastrophic defeats after the end of World War II resulting in the mother of all retreats from Afghanistan in 2021. The British in any case within two years of the end of World War II were so emaciated by Hitler and the pyrrhic victory which they had won, that they had to run away from their empire and were reduced from Great Britain to Little Britain.

The law of diminishing returns began to take effect in the 21st-century for both the USA and the UK and to keep their leadership intact they formed military alliances to bolster their hegemony. All the alliances collapsed like a pack of cards and the only one left is NATO which also is not a cohesive force as has been made out.

The power equation has now changed with the rise of China, the Soviet Union, and now Russia. The Anglo-Saxon powers always considered Russia as a threat. They mollycoddled China thinking it would join them against Russia and perpetuate their hegemony all over the world. As a quid pro quo, they allowed China freehand in the South China Sea. President Duterte of the Philippines stated that if the USA was serious, why did they not send five aircraft carriers there 2 decades back. They allowed China to go nuclear in 1964 and the outreach of Nixon could have been done in a better way than by just dumping Gen Chiang Kai Shek. But the best of plans misfire because the Americans misread the Chinese civilization which is 4000 years old compared to the Americans which is just a few centuries. They failed to discern that China wanted to dominate the world.

At the same time, they wanted to keep the Russians as the second-rate power in Europe to perpetuate their hegemony. The Anglo-Saxon leadership was outfoxed by the Russian leader Vladimir Putin who was out to restore the old glory of the Soviet Union. The Anglo-Saxons have been defeated at most places in the world. They're now collecting a motley group of countries in Europe to encircle Russia.

The UK and USA are now latching on to Ukraine as one of the bastions to help them at least continue with their hegemony over Europe. This is now like a struggle for them after they had lost the battle, including the economic one at other places in the world.


The chess board

The USA and UK have tried to collar India by having a strategic alliance with the biggest power in South Asia to help them with the manpower required to face China. Unfortunately for them, Narendra Modi is a very astute man and though he has gone with the western alliance to a point, he is not prepared to fight China on the terms of the Anglo-Saxons.

Ukraine for most of the 20th century was always a part of Russia and was an important member of the USSR before the break up of the USSR in 1991. A weak Russian leadership led by Boris Yeltsin and Gorbachev allowed many of the Soviet republics to secede and become independent. Ukraine was one of them. I've had a look at the history of Ukraine and have not seen that there is anything like a Ukrainian kingdom for any length of time during world history.

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In my opinion, Ukraine cannot function as a springboard to contain Russia. The Anglo-Saxon power having lost all over the world are not ready to let Ukraine go back into the Russian influence hence the devious schemes with misinformation and disinformation to try and turn Ukraine into a frontline state against Russia.

Even a child can see that these machinations of the Anglo-Saxon powers are basically to perpetuate their own hegemony over Europe and they hope by creating a formidable Ukraine against Russia they would be able to continue with their domination.

A Looking at the pages of history after the breakup of the Soviet Union shows that right from day one the Anglo-Saxon nations were trying to entice the erstwhile Soviet republics away from Russian influence. It definitely helped matters that Russia was economically and politically weak and the leadership demoralized. The old saying the hour finds the man saw the rise of Vladimir Putin who after Stalin set about restoring Russian glory. The US and the UK in particular felt the rise of Russia a threat to their supremacy over western Europe and began to hatch various schemes by expanding NATO to encircle Russia as General Eisenhower had tried in the 50s and 60s.

When general like was in power there was no Chinese power but now the world equation has changed with the emergence of China which the Americans hoped would be on their side but the dice do not spin the way you want it and China is aspiring to be the middle kingdom; the center of the world as it was centuries back. It has now formed an alliance with Russia and the British and the Americans are at the end of their wits.

The wheel of history

Historians will understand that the wheel of history keeps moving and is not static. There was a time when the Eastern civilization was on top and nothing existed in the West and then the West rose and the East declined. The age of colonialism and imperialism came but that has now gone and there is a rebalance in the world order with the rise of China and Russia. The Russian state is an enigma because I do not know where to place it, as it has strong cultural ties with the West but politically they do not gel at all.

The so-called NATO alliance is not a monolith organization and as shown by the chief of the German Navy who recently visited Delhi, where he came out with a series of startling statements that Russia was not the enemy and all it wanted was respect. He also opined that it would be in the interest of the West to tie up with Russia against China. The Western powers led by the UK and the USA do not wish to share the limelight with Russia because, to be frank there is no meeting point between them but at the same time the wheel of history has to turn and I have no doubt in my mind that nations like the Americans who have committed untold atrocities and war crimes in the world have now to face the backlash of history.

I remember reading the famous dissenting judgment of the great Indian judge Justice Vinod Paul at the Tokyo tribunal where the Americans had carried out the kangaroo trial of the leaders of the Japanese government. The famous jurist was very clear that this was a trial of the victors and it was not complete till the American generals who had atom bombed and killed 200,000 innocent civilians were also not put in the dock along with the Japanese war criminals. We know this will never happen because the Americans and the British can preach but not practice anything.

Ukraine is going to be the test case for the Anglo-Saxon powers. They will either have to stop meddling in Ukraine and Russian affairs or be ready to fight Russia on behalf of Ukraine. The western leadership will have to decide whether it's worth it. Do they want to send hundreds of American young men to the next world, fighting for Ukraine?


Hegemonic Stability Theory: The Rise and Fall of the US-Leadership in Worlld Economic Relations. by Julia Schubert.

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