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Disney World Unknown facts of Dark Secrets

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Welcome To Disneyland!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting the Disney theme parks is that no matter how many times you go, there will always be small elements that you will notice for the first time. Many of the rides, attractions, and restaurants in the Walt Disney World theme parks have so much hidden right in front of your eyes.

Many of these hidden gems are among my personal favorites to point out and remember. So, in this article, we'll talk about visiting Walt Disney World's theme parks and discovering some hidden secrets.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

The thrill coaster Dinosaur is the major E-ticket attraction at Dinoland USA. It debuted alongside the park on April 22nd, 1998 under the name "Countdown to Extinction." The coaster was partially rethemed and renamed Dinosaur in May of 2000 to correspond with the film Dinosaur.


The loading area designated for the research facility has remained virtually unaltered since opening day. You may have spotted certain chemical names on a series of red, yellow, and white pipes if you've ever looked around. These chemical names are important since they are the key constituents of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise on the red pipe, yellow pipe, and white pipe, respectively.

Even Disney's Animal Kingdom's lead Imagineer, Joe Rohde, revealed that these three pipes represent Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonnaise, but what do these condiments have to do with dinosaurs? McDonald's was the official sponsor of Dinosaur and all of Dinoland USA from 1998 to 2008. Imagineers surreptitiously hide these chemical formulas on the pipes as a compliment to the attraction's sponsor at the time.

Hollywood Studios Disney's

The Chinese theatre is located in the park's center, and it's well known that the courtyard contains actual handprints from prominent personalities. You could spend a long time simply looking through them all, but did you know that the Chinese theatre isn't the only spot at Hollywood Studios where you can find these handprints?


The Theatre of the Stars, located on Sunset Boulevard, is home to a live performance of Beauty and the Beast, as well as some hidden yet not so hidden handprints. A couple of these prints are dispersed over the area at the theatre's entrance, but why would Disney add these handprints here when the courtyard of the Chinese theatre has plenty of room for more. During its time as Disney MGM Studios, the park staged many handprint ceremonies, however many of the concrete blocks were stored backstage and never used in front of the Chinese theatre.

Imagineers used the extra handprint blocks here in front of the theatre when it opened in 1994 along with Sunset Boulevard, and hundreds of people walk right over them every day without ever recognizing they're stepping over parts of Disney MGM Studios history.

The Be Our Guest restaurant

Over At Magic Kingdom, New Fantasyland,

The Be Our Guest restaurant, which opened in New Fantasyland, can undoubtedly be considered a walkthrough attraction. Be Our Guest has replicated prominent areas from the film, such as the dark and ominous West Wing and the iconic Ballroom, which are both themed to the Beast's castle both inside and out.


The theming is wonderful, and there are so many small hidden nuances and surprises inside these areas that are easy to overlook. You can see cherubs floating in the skies when in the main ballroom if you gaze up at the massive chandeliers. The cherubs are actually the faces of the Imagineers when they were babies or children of Imagineers, and the ceiling was entirely hand-painted. You can tell how lifelike the faces are if you look closely.

The backset of windows in the ballroom provides a view of the outside of the castle, where you can see snow falling. This animated snow is made up of original Beauty and the Beast animation cells. The West Wing Dining Room, replete with the red rose, is tucked away on the left-hand side, and it's here that you'll uncover a really neat little hidden secret. There will be a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning every time a rose petal falls. When this happens, the Prince's portrait transforms into the Beast, and if you're not looking for it, you'll undoubtedly miss it.

As you can see, there's a lot of Beauty and the Beast magic behind these stone walls, and if you can secure a reservation for Be Our Guest, you won't want to miss it.

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AdventureLand at Magic Kingdom

Adventureland is plenty of thrills, but have you ever gone through the park and observed the Jungle Cruise? Have you heard about this? Maybe you're thinking about it as you browse the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. If you've seen any of these things, they're all part of the "Pirates Adventure Treasures of the Seven Seas," an interactive game.


This attraction is featured on the park map, but few people are aware of it, and the fact that it is only open from noon until 6 pm doesn't help, but it is a lot of fun for the young and the young at heart! One of these maps is handed to you with each of the five tasks, and it takes you all throughout Adventureland. Because each map is unique, you'll be able to activate new stations each time you play. One task takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to accomplish, and the game's biggest secret is that you can receive a free Pirates of the Caribbean fast pass.

How do you go about asking? All you have to do is finish two tasks, and a cast member will offer you and the rest of your party a Pirates fast pass. This is especially useful if the ride has 30-minute or longer standby lines. Instead of waiting in line, you can spend your time exploring Adventureland for hidden riches before using your Fastpass to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

Plus, after completing each assignment, you get to retain the map as well as a collector card as a souvenir!.

PizzeRizzo At Disney Restaurant

Pizzeria Rizzo is located on Grand Avenue in the Hollywood Studios complex. Rizzo the Rat is the owner of a Muppet-themed Italian New York pizza parlor. Now, this restaurant has a lot of seating locations, but there's one, in particular, that's a little strange, and it's straight at the rear of the restaurant.


Rizzo's Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall may be found inside the restaurant if you go up these stairs, across the balcony seating area, and through these doors. It's essentially a wedding reception area with very few people, if any, present. It feels like you've stepped into the 1980s, which is fantastic! They play a wide range of music, and the lights can get a little crazy at times.

It's the ideal setting for your own little dancing party. Our pals at Paging Mr. Morrow alerted us to this room, and it has quickly become one of our favorite little hidden gems at Hollywood Studios. That's when the restaurants start serving food.

PizzeRizzo has lately become seasonal, so it may or may not be open when you visit the park; if it is, make sure to stroll inside to see this tiny hidden gem at Hollywood Studios.

Pandora At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pandora With its verdant scenery, floating mountains, and gushing waterfalls, Disney's Animal Kingdom are undoubtedly gorgeous, but there's a little secret: one of these waterfalls is not like the other. Instead of genuine water, the Imagineers employed a spinning wheel that rotates at a little slower rate than falling water.


This gives the impression that the waterfall is much farther away than it is. When we look at this broad view again, everything seems to fit together perfectly. If it wasn't pointed out, you'd never realize it wasn't genuine water. It's a beautiful tiny detail concealed and disguised right in the mountain range, and it's a terrific example of how forced perspective can deceive the mind.

FrontierLand In Magic Kingdom

Where you can have a Zip a Dee Do Dah day on Splash mountain. The drop-down Chickapin hill is a highlight of the ride and the dark ride show scenes feature dozens of audio-animatronics. 68 animatronics to be exact, bring the world of Br'er rabbit to life as he tries to find his laughing place.

This is one of those rides where there's so much to see along the way that many nuances are easy to overlook. You'll see much animatronics along the right-hand side as you make your way into the laughing place scenario, but glance up to see this gopher on the ceiling. Sure, this guy is a bit concealed, but the secret is in what he says, so pay attention. This gopher is actually shouting FSU, the initials for Florida State University.

It may sound like a random high pitch sound or a sneeze. For example, I have like to share one video. Clearly hear you this audio play. These rabbits say "FSU".

One of the Splash Mountain designers attended FSU, and this was a way for them to pay honor to their alma mater. You can only hear FSU if you're in the front row and immediately beneath the gopher when that piece of audio is playing. If you're in rows 2-4, you won't hear it because he'll have already said the phrase by the time you pass beneath him.

It's a great little secret to be aware of the next time you ride Splash Mountain once you figure out exactly what he's saying. Finally, what is your favorite Disneyland hidden secret? Tell in my Inbox.

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