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University of Phoenix FTC December 10, 2019 Lawsuit - Court Orders School To Pay $191 Million Dollars Back To Students

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University of Phoenix Diploma Mill Lies Daily and Is Forced To Pay $191 Million Dollars Back To Students

It's December 2019, the University of Phoenix keeps lying to students, and is still open? Shut this school down already!

So now the school lied to students saying they had jobs lined up AT&T and Microsoft. They even further lied by saying that their college program is designed specifically for their jobs at AT&T and Microsoft.

Read about all this good CBS news here:

Read more here with the FTC forcing the school to payback students:

To be included in this lawsuit you would need to have paid tuition money directly to the University of Phoenix.

  1. This lawsuit is forcing the University of Phoenix to pay back refunds to the students.
  2. This lawsuit is forcing the University of Phoenix to remove debt collection items from the students credit reports.

This lawsuit still does not cover cancellation of your student loans. You would need to file a "borrower defense to repay" application on the Department of Education's web site.

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The University of Phoenix Lies To Get Students To Enroll - Illegally Fills Out Student FAFSA Forms

1. Well the lawsuit above says the school lied about having jobs at AT&T and Microsoft for its students. The lies have caught up to the school and now the school is forced to pay back $191 million dollars to students.

2. The school lies about its students having their high school diploma or GED.

3. The school lies about student credentials on the government FAFSA form to qualify for student loans. The student doesn't have a diploma or GED but the school lies on the FAFSA form by saying the student does have it.

4. The school only wants you to enroll and offers low quality education but they say their college programs are excellent. If other students truly don't have their diploma or GED you can guess how your college experience will be.

5. The school lies about its graduates getting jobs at Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo, Adobe, Twitter, and other top-notch companies.

Arthur Green VS University of Phoenix Whistleblower Lawsuit May 16, 2019

In this whistleblower lawsuit, Arthur Green an employee of the school exposed all the fraud that takes place there.

Read about it here:

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