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University of Phoenix Online, Do Not Attend!


University of Phoenix Online

Do not attend the University of Phoenix Online!

Top 14 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Attend The University of Phoenix Online:

1. 95% of cheating and plagiarism takes place in the online classrooms. Students cheat and copy each others work and the university allows this so that students can go into their next block of classes so that the university can keep getting paid.

2. "Facilitators" or instructors allow all this cheating and plagiarism to take place.

3. Facilitators don't help students on their individual and learning team assignments. Students pass their learning team assignments with the learning team member that has the most knowledge, otherwise, the entire learning team fails, and students are forced to repeat the same class again because facilitators are required not to offer any help at all.

4. Students who are smart enough and end up dropping out of their online program of study forces the remaining students in the online class to drop out as well and, all students, including the ones who dropped out, are forced by the university to pay full tuition for a class they dropped, and the university refers all students to credit collection agencies.

5. The University of Phoenix Online wants you to fail your classes and they purposely do this, especially when facilitators go "missing" for a few days, so that the university can keep getting paid for repeat classes.

6. H.R. departments across the globe do not recognize degrees from online universities, such as the University of Phoenix Online, because these departments look at online colleges and universities as diploma mills. Basically, this means, companies around the world will not hire job applicants with University of Phoenix degrees.

7. The University of Phoenix Online is not accredited. The university is accredited by an "accreditation mill" known as The Higher Learning Commission that operates out of Chicago, Illinois. Accreditation mills accredit diploma mills.

8. The University of Phoenix Online is enrolled with 80% of students who have received F's as letter grades for all of their previous English and math classes. Why enroll students who have failed or dropped out of high school? Easy! To get paid and that's all that matters. "Enroll now at the University of Phoenix Online all you dummies so we can get paid."

9. The University of Phoenx Online is only in it to make a profit, that's all they care about.

10. Enrollment counselors don't want to give you information about what companies have hired University of Phoenix Online graduates. Why enroll here if an enrollment counselor cannot give you a name of at least 1 company that will want to hire you after you graduate? No company hires University of Phoenix Online graduates.

11. The majority of their associates, bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs all do not have their required "programmatic accreditation."

12. Their enrollment counselors only care about enrolling as many students as possible. Read about this lawsuit, filed against the University of Phoenix by two former enrollment counselors who claimed that the more "stupid" students that they enrolled, they would get paid more. And, the University of Phoenix paid these enrollment counselors $9.5 million dollars each.

Read more about these two former enrollment counselors who got paid $9.5 million dollars here:


13. There is no information about their faculty. All of their faculty hold education credentials from diploma mills such as the University of Phoenix Online. This is a huge red flag when determining if a college or university is a diploma mill. Call up a faculty member, if you can, and ask them where they got their masters or Ph.D degree from. But, the problem is, there's no telephone number for any faculty member that you can call.

14. Only 5% of undergraduates have completed their bachelors degree programs of study over 6-years and 8-years. Only 1% of undergraduates have completed their bachelors degree program of study over 4-years. This data can be found on the National Center for Education Statistics web site by expanding the "Retention and Graduation Rates" sub-section here:


Clearly, the University of Phoenix Online only operates to make as much money as possible from your student loans, pell grants, as well as the scholarships that you receive to pay for your college education.

Do not attend the University of Phoenix Online!

Do not enroll at the University of Phoenix Online!

Do not visit their web site www.phoenix.edu for information, it is all a lie!

Do not call 866.766.0766, they will tell you nothing but lies!

To learn more about this fraudulent university, please visit hubs:




William Molloy on June 22, 2019:

Hello fellow UOPHX students.

I am bringing a class action lawsuit for myself, on behalf of fellow students who have been financially burdened with student loans for UOPHX, due to their misrepresentation to the US Government and subsequently to the students of UOPHX the alleged inflated job placement statistics, illegal loan practices, alleged "double-dipping" for class attendance payments, many other complaints which cannot fit on this forum.

If you want to be added to this "class action lawsuit" please respond to my email at williammolloy003@gmail.com.

Leave your full name, Contact number and your issues.

You will be contacted once all documents are in place to be served upon retaining of a law firm for representation.

LuAnn Berg on April 02, 2017:

I was a HoP student until other students took my work and told the instructor that I did not contribute to the final assignment so I got an F and they charged me $2,500 and kicked me out of school and are still trying to collect the money. They have turned it into collections and now my bill is $30,000 because I refused to pay because they already received payment for the semester. So why should I pay them for what they already got paid for and I didn't even get to finish the semester!

Ben on November 28, 2013:

I've been to UoP for a few months, and to be honest I'm getting a little tired of their online format. Classes are like a couple of grand, the posting is just pointless... Assignments can be done in like 30 minutes, and I hate being in classes that are nowhere near my area. I'm going to transfer to a local University here and get my monies worth with a Bachelors in Information Technology. Plus I won't be flooded with calls at a local school than Phoenix getting me to attend.

ucdsteve on November 05, 2013:

Hello, I agree with your point where your wrote: “Clearly, the University of Phoenix Online only operates to make as much money as possible from your student loans, pell grants, as well as the scholarships that you receive to pay for your college education.” In my opinion the University of Phoenix is operating a pyramid scheme. They need to take in many new students to replace the ones who become disenchanted with their lack of an educational system. Steve

Nathan on June 01, 2013:

I am a UoP facilitator who is leaving UoP. I have three degrees...yes they are ground schools and I am disgusted with the cheating and caliber of students. I teach at the end of the degree course and fail most of my students for cheating or not being able to read. They pay $80 net a week to facilitators for a 9 week class.....now you see why instructors like myself will not teach for them.

Clorissa on March 17, 2013:

How do I get into a lawsuit concerning falsely accusing a student of plagiarism. I have been charged twice and the second one caused me to go on academic probation and is ultimately causing me to drop out of school because I cannot afford to pay for my next class. I have all the information on my plagiarism charge saved to my computer and would like this added as I do not agree with the charge at all. I have appealed it but got nowhere. It is also like my bachelors degree that I have obtained via UOP is crap also. I have spent 70,000 at UOP and I am not happy with my results at all.

Carlos on March 12, 2013:

I have reason to beleive that all those "I am a Phoenix" commercials were portrayed by actors, this diploma mill has to be shut down. I want in on any lawsuit. my # (917)769-1747

Dehlia Lopez on February 10, 2013:

Like the motgage problem, UOP has become very wealthy school. I attended because my employer referred me in California. I had worked for the state for over 20 years and did all of the work and never got promoted, others did. enrolled at the University and the same thing happened. Directing the learning teams as a full time student an employees, and due to the stressdropped out when I found out I had walking pneumonia. With a Bachelors and now nearing the end of my MBA, have not been able to get a job wth my degrees. ave experienced and filed a complaint against so manystudents for this or that, plagerism and nothing was ever really done, the student asked dropped out and came back in other classes. The reason I attended in the end is that it was convenient to my job. If anyone is filing a class action, please send me a not DehliaLopez@gmail.com.

Meghaan on July 24, 2012:

How do I start the process of a lawsuit? The UOP did the same thing to me as they did in that lawsuit in 2008. Please help.. What do I do?

Anonymous333 on June 07, 2012:

I just dropped my gen 195 couse after realizing that I am providing my group with all work so they can copy. The instructor told me personally over the phone that it isn't really a form of plagarism but, helping out those who don't understand the work. My group met with me and showed me the assignments they were gonna be turning in. They were all copying my assignments and just changing the a few words around. Sad thing is, my church was sending here to get my bachelor's degree and all I got was robbed. Please, don't attend there schools. Don't waste your time on there retro schools; just go to a community college.

Tanya on May 22, 2012:

I went to UOP and I got to the last 2 classes and failed one class I had to pay to graduate and I didn't so they now want paid gave me one week to pay now tht I wanna go back I prolly won't get approved for pell grants or financial aid because I didn't repay what I owe Phoenix so now I can't furthers education because I owe them like 40,000 or more so what do I do as far as getting more pell grants to go back to school

chr1smqjj on May 12, 2012:

i have government loans there and i failed a course they want me to pay out of pocket 1,400 dollors

Ranting Vigilante on April 27, 2012:

Wow thanks eveyone this was so helpful. I was giving it some thought but now I know. I had that feeling ahead of time just by the numerous phone calls after I filled out the interest form.

I didnt get called that much when I applied for a payday loan (by the way dont do that either)

taken on April 23, 2012:

O own money for classes i have not.taken,took my pell grant,money

Christine Bandaly on April 05, 2012:

Plus they won't hire their own graduates because they know of the inferior education they gave us. I have tried three times to try to get on the teaching staff and they keep making excuses. I told them it was because they know my education is from a toilet institution.

hithere on February 06, 2012:

both my daughters were scammed by phoenix is there any class actions or anyone want to start one

Almost on May 06, 2011:

I was not a student there, but I am an employee of a pretigious midwestern university. I went on an interview for the University of Phoenix very recently, and I will tell you that this school is a big scam not only from the student side, but the employee side as well. You are expected to "Audition" to be an instructor, and we were told that UOP does NOT want students to have to sit through a lecture, instead they have to have group activities to keep them occupied in class. This, my friends, is why employers will throw away a resume with UOP on it. Who in the world would want to hire someone who has to constantly be entertained? Not only this, but they expect new intructors to go through 20 hours of UNPAID training, then the pay once they are trained is only about 9 dolalrs an hour. These instructors do not care, they just want some supplemental income that's easy to get. I walked out of that interview and vowed I would never, ever go back and I would let anyone who really wants to make something of their education to not even waste their time with this place. Go to a local community college that is STATE sponsored. Your credit hours will be cheaper and you will be happier, and your credits will TRANSFER!!! Ask around about transfer credits and if UOP is regionally accredited before you decide to go to this school! Also, watch the Frontline special called "College, INC" for more information on how every butt in the seat is a dollar, and the CEO's of UOP are making money off of YOU! Run away, and run away FAST.

bashful 26 on January 16, 2011:

I made the choice to attend the University of Phoenix back in the Fall Of 2008. In my short-lived experience within that fraudulent institution, I can proudly say that I had dropped out without allowing myself to be knee deep in debt with a worthless degree. In fact, I have an uncle who also attended the University of Phoenix and got his bachelor of arts degree in Education. As a result, it has been eight months since he graduated from that school and he has not even landed a teaching job at all. On the other hand, I have a sister-in-law who also received a bachelors in business management and has no success in moving up in her career. The reason why she cannot move up in her job is because she was flat out told that they do not acknowledge University of Phoenix degrees as legitimate degrees. Basically, anyone who goes to U of P is gonna get screwed bottom line!

Kylei on November 19, 2010:

This same thing is happening to me. I have sent the information 3 times to them and they keep telling me that they haven't received and allowed me to keep going on with classes. He gave me the "SCARE" and said that if I didn't resend it by monday that I would have to pay out of pocket. (this was at least three weeks ago) I just got an email today saying that they still had not seen it. I don't own a fax machine so I have to go else where and pay for it! I was very nasty with them and didn't get a response back. I have the most recent receipt that I am paying for all of the faxes that they some how don't receive and I am getting pissed!

i have been scammed on October 31, 2010:

does anyone know of a lawyor who will help with uop scammed student or a class action lawsuit i can get in on with some ppl ..I was scammed by the university of phoenix i applied for classes there and talked to a financial ai counselor and was aloud to start classes before my financial aid was done .. but they said it was ok that i had been approved for financial aid process and had been approved for loans and grants and that i had to finish the process and they would let me start school so i did and then they gave me the run around saying i needed this paper and this paper from the i.r.s i had been in classes for at least 4 weeks and got tired of the run around they were giving me with financial aid so i withdrew from the whole school together now they are saying i owe them over 800 dollars ... so i think there is something fishy going on if anyone can help me with a lawyer or class actin lawsuit email me with information plz.... ambrandle@yahoo.com plz help me

Melanie Shebel from Midwest, USA on October 15, 2010:

I don't know if they purposely wish for students to fail their classes, but I don't think University of Phoenix is a good choice at all. When I first contacted University of Phoenix, I requested further information and received numerous phone calls. I was living at my parents house at this time. I was very put off by the pushy people in the phone calls so I pursued a degree elsewhere. Down the road, I was really questioning whether an Online degree would be a good option so I gave it another shot. I didn't list my number this time and in the note field, I told them NOT to call me, that I preferred to speak over email. They set me up with a counselor or whatever they call them, but supposedly this counselor did not have access to email for some reason (kind of silly for an online university,) so I gave up the idea of U of P for good. Then for some reason they started calling for me at my parents house (I'd moved at this point.) They must have gotten this information from the first time I requested information. I did not appreciate the pushiness of U of P and that's ultimately why I chose to go elsewhere. Oh yeah, and they are REALLY expensive and they don't tell you this until later.

ccg on August 14, 2010:

August 2010 - I am upset because now UOP refuses to hire people who hold their own Master's Degrees for the next 2 years! They now say they need to hire people with Master's degrees from other schools for the sake of "diversity" This is disgusting! I am very upset about this. I thought that I would be able to teach on-line university and now NOT ONLY ARE THEY NOT HIRING PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN MASTERS DEGREES, THEY ARE ALSO NOT HONORING THE MAED MASTER'S PROGRAM TO TEACH ON-LINE EDUCATION. NOW THEY ARE SAYING YOU NEED AN ADDITIONAL 5 CLASSES ON TOP OF THE MAED TO TEACH AT A NON-UOP CAMPUS. THIS IS BULL! I AM 20 GRAND MORE IN THE HOLE.

Meegan on July 12, 2010:

I graduated with a BS/IT in 2001 before all the hype and bad press University of Phoenix was generating. At the time I had all ready 5 years experience in my field which was Information Technology with a focus in web application development and project management.

Up until recently, my experience spoke for itself. I acquired work without problems, no one gave a second look at my degree because of the amount of experience I have. Now, I've been solidly denied work due to the fact I have my degree from UOP despite my solid experience. This is unbelievable. People are actually telling me I have solid PM experience but they require a "solid degree" to take me seriously. IN fact I'm having conversations with people who tell me not display it at all, like I don't even have a degree.

In this job market with over 15 years experience, to be denied work because of the degree I thought was obtained from an accredited school because the school itself is being irresponsible by creating such a bad reputation I can't get a job anymore. UOP is now causing a backlash and now I have a worthless degree.

With Intel, Cisco and many other companies that won't touch me because of the degree, this means UOP shouldn't be offering degrees that mean nothing in the field the degree is meant for. They're taking money for a document that is worthless even for a person like myself with years of experience. I can't imagine what it is like for newly graduated people.

If you're attending QUIT NOW. That is the only advise. It doesn't matter if the work is hard or it's accredited. I have recommendations from people who worked alongside John Chambers from Cisco and that still didn't matter. The companies want to be able to tell their clients or customers what school their project managers went to without cringing.

You will find it hard to find a job with a degree from UOP > That's the only GUARANTEE you'll get.

So where do you go? UMASSONLINE, Penn State, and there are online classes you could attend to get your general ed with West Valley College in CA and others. THey are real schools. These options were not there for me in 2001. I'm glad they are now.


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