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4 Genius Ideas to Upgrade From Average to A+ Student

Prince Kumar is currently studying computer science engineering in college.

When every average student sees an A+ student, they come to mind, whether they can also become an A+ student. An average student commits a lac basis so that they can also compete with the toppers. In my view, the average student has the highest education burden. It is also true that it is not easy to become an A+ student from the average student. This is why you have to work on your mind as well as work on your study methods.

In this article, I tried to show all the unique genius ideas that you will be using and you will be on the way to becoming an A+ student. So let's start with unique genius ideas that work on the methods to study. We will base the beginning of the standard to understand the way of learning.

1. Gather Source and Build Good Learning Habit

a). Choose the Relevant and Ideal Source of Every Subject

At the beginning of standard, you must choose a good book for every subject because a good book connects the student to the chapter so that they can understand every chapter well.

For this, you can take the help of the class teachers. But also keep in mind that it is not necessary that you will like the book which others like. Therefore, it is my suggestion that before buying, read the book a little.

b). Read Topic Before and After Class

Try to understand the chapter yourself at least once before the chapter teaches to you in class. It helps to increase your mind's attachment to the subject and brings a good understanding when it will be taught in class.

It also helps you to ask questions during the session. You should also make rough notes during class. Study the subject again after class, it will clear your previous doubts.

c). Fix your study place

It is very important to fix your study place. Many of the students make their bed a study place, which is a very bad habit. Study at a place that provides better concentration, calmness of mind, peaceful surroundings.

  • According to context-dependent memory, your memory becomes easier to remember the things where they learned them.

d). Don't build a habit of cramming

Cramming for exams leads to more stress, less comprehension, and poor performance. Cramming is the enemy of students. It gives the students the limits of thinking. Instead of understanding the concepts of the students, they memorize the words and sentences which is the very wrong thing.

After cramming contents, the brain does not have the chance to absorb or make lasting connections to learn or understand. As a result, the student forgets the material almost as quickly as they remembered it.

To avoid cramming:

  • Study material In chunks
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Study a bit each day
  • Plan study sessions in advance
  • Follow a schedule
  • Find your best study time
  • Space out study sessions
  • Learn from your experience
  • Take good notes in class

e). Do Homework and Some Research

It is very necessary to do homework. Never leave it for later, this will protect you from procrastination. But everyone does homework, one thing that will make you different from the rest is research. You must do a little bit of research on the topic, it will make you curious about the topics and subject.

2. Test Concept Understanding and Make Short Notes

a). Do Group Study

One great thing about a study group is that you can read from other students and teach to another student. You can ask a wide variety of questions and get a different perspective about your topic. It also helps you to fill the gaps in your knowledge and concepts. In this way, it will help you improve your understanding of the concepts and highlight areas that need more practice.

Study groups should be held regularly, each time you need to prepare before starting. Agree with the rest of your group about topics you want to discuss and materials that you may need to use in the group study. The benefit of a group study is learning together.

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b). Do Varieties of Problem Practice

Problem practice is a good idea to check your concept understanding. Do time-bound practice, it is important for increasing your speed of solving questions.

This is very helpful for those subjects that need lots of numerical practices like mathematics, physics, etc. Don't check the answer immediately after solving. Because if your answer is wrong then you solve it for the answer, not for concept understanding, and also it works as a hint for you to change the solving method. In the exam you will not have answers to cross-check, therefore your accuracy is to be high. So check answers after doing at least 10 questions.

c). Make Short Notes

Short notes are a genius idea to check your understanding of the chapter. Short notes must be started after the completion of the chapter. While you are studying a chapter always makes rough notes in class and changes the notes in detail at self-study.

During the study of the chapter make short notes using all available resources. Include all important concepts and formulae, those are important for solving any kind of question. You also have to add some tough questions in your short notes.

Six senses are prohibited from participating in varieties of activities.

Six senses are prohibited from participating in varieties of activities.

3. Be an Ideal Student

I know you want to be an A+ student but never be a bookworm. It is important to take part in various types of physical activities. It helps you be a healthy student and make your mind sharp.

  • Socialize yourself
  • Play mind games
  • Play sports like football, basketball, etc.
  • Do exercises
  • Take part in the concerts and various curriculum activities
  • Never compare yourself to other
  • Learn new skills
  • Meditate
  • Spend time with family

4. Exam Preparation in Better Ways

a). Revise properly

Follow your short notes by solving the difficult question added in it.

b). Teacher's instructions

This idea is very important, follow the instructions of the teacher to do best in the exam.

c). Make a Mind Map

If you feel you know all about the topic then make a mind map for checking your concept and it is helpful for quick recalling the concepts while exam.

d). Take a Mock Test

It is important to take at least three to five Mock tests before the exam for a little bit of experience.

e). Review Your Mock Test

Review your mock test and find your weak concepts.

f). Deactivate your social media

To avoid distractions while revising, it's an important idea to deactivate your social media account.

g). Eat and sleep well

A healthy meal and sleep are necessary for the student. Proper sleep helps your brain to retain all the concepts in your mind. It is important to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours.

h). Do not cram right before the exam's previous night

If you feel some concepts remain weak then don't try to cram them. It is not good for your strong topics. So, in my opinion, skipping them does not affect your score much.

Final Words

If you work well on the given ideas, then it is definitely that you will definitely get the fruits of your hard work. I hope you liked this article.

No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder. ~ Elon Musk, entrepreneur

© 2021 Prince Kumar

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