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Unique Architecture Building: Mahina House


Mahina house can be regarded as a dream house because the building truly demonstrates the modern architectural design with an unusual shape and the white color of its facade overall looks stunning. Mahina house (which mean in Maori name is for the moon) is a house with crescent shape designed by Weber Consulting and it's to be built on Kawau Island. The location is about 60km north of Auckland, New Zealand. Mahina house stretches about 827 square feet.

Mahina House

Mahina House

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Mahina house looks very modern, minimalist, and luxurious as a building. This house is designed using white color starts from the exterior to interior of the house with a variety of materials. From the floor into the ceiling and the windows until interior decorating, all of the objects are using white materials that make this house look incredible and stunning. The white colors of the exterior and interior of Mahina house create very strong visual contrast with the amazing surrounding views. Mahina house was designed to have a plant room, swimming pool, deck, also thermal mass to regulate internal temperatures. Mahina house has natural ventilation system which is associated with high heat gains during the day the house received. The natural ventilation system is using natural methods included the basement rocks wet cooling and heat extraction through the roof. The use of effective cooling, controlled by pulling cool air through the basement. After that, it removes the hot air through the roof of Mahina house.


The warm water is collected from hot days then it is stored for the cold days. The Mahina house uses diamante and glass for the façade of the building and as a partition for the main bedroom that can slide and stack or pile up from both sides for 10 minutes. The Mahina house has two set of curtains that instaled at the top behind of the glasses windows as the facade. One set is a shade curtain and also a set of block. So, it can fully being controlled and the room can be set as private area. The curtain can be rolled up nearly to the ceiling so it cannot be seen when it’s of no use and for other purposes such as to avoid sunlight.


Built on top of the hill and near the sea, giving another experience and sensation by looking at where it is built. With transparent windows as the facade, this house giving exactly wonderful views towards its surroundings. I feel the Mahina house to be a very challenging if it is built on top of the hill and near the sea, especially it has vast and wide openings everywhere. The vast and wide openings make the building looks spacious except perhaps if the curtains is lowered and all the transparent windows are closed. If it's viewed from the design that looks like no open space, perhaps, it might be better if there is an open space, or access to the open space.


By looking at the design, the building may have some wasted space which cannot be used optimally. We can take a look at the shape of the house that looks like crescent. It has two narrow shapes at its two edges. Judging from the picture above, you can see a meeting facility in which it is using a meeting table that has shaped like a triangle. One of the edges of the table looks narrow and sharp that on the negative side, perhaps, it actually not a safe area to be occupied and also cannot be used optimally. If assessed from the design, it is having an art value from its shape.


Having a house with a unique and unusual design, which seems to have a purpose to cementing the design and artistic value rather than its function, making a variety of objects that will be placed inside the house should be tailored to the size and its shape such as tables, chairs, decoration, etc.


Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on November 05, 2012:

Wow, I could live in a place like this. And in this exact location. I of course would spend my hours being a worshiper of the beauty that would surround me in my home and within my view. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Bruce from Chicago, Illinois on November 05, 2012:


Looks impressive . . . it will be interesting to see shots of the actual building, when complete. Sometimes the renderings (which are graphically stunning) look better than the finished product. Still, anything close to these design images will be remarkable.

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