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Ukraine is Poland 1939

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War in Ukraine 2022

History often does repeat itself and many times individuals or countries never learn from the past. The past is now face to face with the present.

In 1939, long before America entered into WW2, rumors of war sprinkled across the Atlantic to Americans. Those faraway places were not impacting the USA. It was something you read about and discussed in horror. That place was Poland 1939. That is where Hitler massed his forces near the Polish border because to Hitler, Poland was part of Germany. And historically, it had been eons ago. Now, Hitler simply wanted it back for his "Greater Germany". The Polish government did not agree and refused to allow Germany to annex their country as what had been done in 1938 in Austria and part of Czechoslovakia. After a year of negotiations, and nothing achieved, Hitler just used blunt force and invaded Poland. The Poles fought well against overwhelming odds, The Allied nations like England and France, simply watched from the sidelines unwilling to intervene despite the pleas for help. America was not all interested in the Hitler actions. Once Poland fell in its short war with Germany, peace returned for another year. Then, in 1940, Hitler had decided to claim France and invaded and dramatically took it using its blitzkrieg tactics that overwhelmed a lazy French force. Britain did intervene using a show of forces only to be clobbered as it was "too little, too late". Now, England was freaked out as Hitler thought about invading them. America was getting more concerned by now but still hesitated in sending the Brits more fighter aircraft and other weapons saying it was not their war. Eventually, weapons were sent. It wasn't until the US was attacked by Japan in Hawaii that it entered into WW2.

The Ukraine War 2022

So here we are again, some 80+ years later, facing the same dilemma with a similar evil force under Putin. Russia invaded Ukraine wanting to reclaim it as part of Mother Russia. It is as simple as it gets. Hitler wanted Poland. Now the NATO response was and still is much the same as in 1939. Fear and hesitation on NATO involvement due to Putin's threats of nuclear and chemical warfare if NATO directly intervenes or if they continue to supply weapons to Ukrainian forces, which up to recently, was fine with Putin. The American president, Biden, has said over and over that NATO forces will not intervene and do not want WW3. This is a green light for Putin to decimate Ukraine. Biden is stupid for declaring this and should have said a vaguer statement to keep Putin wondering when and if NATO or American troops would be sent in. He ought to know better.

NATO and America is once again watching a war from the sidelines. Putin has said that war has already been declared by NATO using the economics to strangle Russia. So, it is already a war, but not WW3. Biden thinks the economic war will halt Putin but by the time it might, Russia will have achieved its goal of taking Ukraine back.

Putin has put in place some redlines about when he might use nukes or chemical weapons. These evolve more as Russian forces continue to fail in the objectives. They are bluffs to keep NATO from doing more and they are working. Even sending in Polish MiG29's flown by Ukrainian pilots with Ukrainian markings seems to be a step to far! When Russia uses chemical weapons, Biden vowed a strong response. What more economic strangles? Still no intervention, maybe using covert operations from Poland? Is America going to send in a cruise missile, is that too much also?

World War 1 began with an assassination. What if Russia conducts a false flag on Polish soil, would that finally force NATO to directly intervene? What about any of the nuclear sites in Ukraine that are damaged and leaking radiation? Is that enough to intervene, or are all of the above just going to be dealt with using economic sanctions?

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Putin has dialed Biden's fear button. Biden knows he has nothing to fear but fear itself and yet he is overly cautious. He should test Putin just as Putin tests Biden's resolve. NATO has allowed the Ukraine war to happen even before it began with its actions of not making Ukraine part of NATO, of not supplying them with more advanced weapons to deter Putin, by not sending in the MiG-29s from Poland. All of this could have been done in the weeks before any attack.

It is now too little, too late.

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