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What is US Naval Academy Summer STEM?

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USNA Summer STEM students learn about the basics of physics and aerodynamics with hands on experiments and design contests.

USNA Summer STEM students learn about the basics of physics and aerodynamics with hands on experiments and design contests.

The United States Naval Academy hosts a world class summer camp called Summer STEM that (as the name implies) focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with the goal of introducing students to STEM disciplines, and what it takes to pursue a STEM major in college.

This is an intensive residential summer camp for high school students who are interested in creating, designing, building, and improving! At Summer STEM campers have the opportunity to experience science in a hands on manner. They build catapults, play with robots, solve problems, witness fire tornadoes, and get a new outlook on the world of engineering.

The 2015 online application for Summer STEM opened on January 5. The 2016 date for the application to open has not been announced.

2016 STEM Camp Dates

Dates for USNA Summer STEM 2016. Even though some of these dates interfere with school schedules, participants may only attend the session for their age.



Session 1: Rising 9th Graders

June 6 - June 11

Session 1: Rising 10th Graders

June 13 - June 18

Session 3: Rising 11th Graders

June 20 - June 24

Who can attend USNA Summer STEM?

The Summer STEM program is currently open to students who will be entering the 9th, 10th, or 11th grades for the upcoming school year. Enrollment is limited, and students must submit an application to be considered for selection. The program looks for students who have a clear history of superior academics (GPA, class standing, courses taken). PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores are not necessary, but scores will be considered if submitted.

It's important to note that as a service academy, USNA is required to adhere to specific regional requirements for their outreach programs. These regulations ensure geographic representation from the entire United States.

For 2016 applications opened on January 4, and closed on April 15th. All applicants were notified of their status by May 1st. The applications are open now.

Helicopters, Gears, and Gliders

Costs of USNA Summer STEM

The tuition to attend USNA Summer STEM is $550. This covers the cost of housing, all meals, and camp supplies. Students are welcome to bring pocket money for extra snacks or souvenirs.

The tuition does not cover transportation to the Naval Academy; students must cover the cost of their own plane ticket to Baltimore-Washington International airport (BWI). Midshipmen escorts will be available there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Day 1 to then shuttle campers from the airport to the Naval Academy. On the last day of the program, transportation will be provided to BWI for return flights.

Students who live within driving distance are welcome to drive to the Naval Academy as well.

Summer STEM 2017 Video

Girls learn about robotics at USNA Summer STEM.

Girls learn about robotics at USNA Summer STEM.

Summer STEM Program Schedule

Each Summer STEM is structured around a STEM theme. In the past themes have included

  • Energy and Light
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation and Cybersecurity
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Flight and Fluids
  • Automation
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Biometrics and Robotics

Sample Schedule:

Monday: Travel and Check-in

Tuesday: Offsite excursion, such as, Air and Space Museum (Washington, D.C.)

Wednesday - Friday: Stem modules and presentations

Students will visit all science and technology majors at the US Naval Academy.

Saturday*: Open House, Demonstrations and Closing Ceremony

Parents and friends are invited to the Saturday Open House events, culminating in a display of student projects.

*Note that session 3 is one day shorter than the other sessions and concludes on Friday. In addition, students who attend session 3 will be invited to share a poster or presentation of a prior STEM experience (this can be any science, technology, engineering, or math project you have done previously at school.)

On Tuesdays, STEM campers visit the Air and Space museum.

On Tuesdays, STEM campers visit the Air and Space museum.


Contact USNA Office of Admissions

The United States Naval Academy can be contacted via:

Who runs Summer STEM?

Summer STEM is run by the USNA Office of Admissions as an outreach program to foster a love of engineering and science. The US Naval Academy STEM department also has a large part of putting together this awesome program.

This camp offers a chance for US Naval Academy Midshipmen to gain experience as leaders and teachers. Midshipmen help run classes and non-academic activities throughout the week. Professor Angela Moran explains why the Summer STEM program benefits the Midshipmen as well as the students:

Our STEM goals focus on the midshipmen. We want them to value their own education by sharing what they learn in their technical courses with younger students and we want them to develop a high level of ownership of the activities. In doing so, we prepare midshipmen for intellectual challenges by creating opportunities for them to learn current STEM theory and application, lead in the classroom, strengthen their creative problem solving skills, enhance their innovative thinking, and hone their ability to respond to spontaneous situations as well as deal with technical problems using multi-disciplinary tactics.

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