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Types of Students Inside the Classroom and Learning Style

Wild is a college student that loves to share her thoughts through writing and to know and observe her classmates behavior

Which one are you?

Which one are you?

In what type you belong?

First, what is student since we're going to talk about them? Well, student is a person who is studying in order to enter a particular profession. A person who goes to school and is learning something. They're a learner who enrolled in an educational institution whether they like it or not because studying is the process for them to learn, to have a progress and to have a good work after they graduate.

Students didn't only learn about the subject they take but also they learn more about life through their experiences in school. Experiences that mold them either to be a good person or a bad one.

Every students have a differences and they work at their own pace. Sometimes it's hard to read them but don't worry, just learn more about each type of student in your class if you are teacher and if you are student then check below to know if where you belong and if you're a teacher you can check some information below to know more about your students and to make your classes more effective.

•Hard worker- the students a highly motivated.They know what they want and how to achieve the goal that they set. Most of them are not really the smartest in the class but they still try hard and study to get what they aim. They're a good model for everyone because they're not movable in reaching their goals.There's really something inside them that push them to do more not just for a good and excellent grades but also to complete one of the steps for their success and to show that though they're not really intelligent they can do like those bright in class.

•Overactive- A type of student that know a lot about almost everything in class, maybe they're really gifted. They seat on the front row and answer all the questions from the teachers. Most of them were trusted like to disseminate some activities and hard copies of the notes but some student got annoyed to them because they can't get a chance to answer sometimes because overactive student do it first. The advantage of other students to have an overactive classmate is when there's a hard question that no one of them can answer then the overactive is present to save them through answering questions. Overactive students are not competitive but they just express what's in their mind that fast, they love to help others too through teaching them in some activities that seems so hard.

•Teachers pet- This students take a seat where they can get attention and mostly in front seat and laugh loudly at teacher's joke or have a guts to make a joke during discussion. They're very confident to do things though it's humiliating sometimes. The thing is, aside from annoying the other student,they immensely annoy teachers and interrupt discussions as well.

•Star- School celebrities can be famous for a huge number of reasons: they play sports, A students, beautiful or handsome,always have a participation in every program and more. They are the type that attract everyone's attention no matter what they do.

•Intellectual outsider- this type usually takes the back seat and used to the fact that everyone in class didn't notice them often. They're smart and they only need a chance to express what's on their thought or their ideas.

•No proper seat- a type of student that learn through changing seats again and again like there's a worm that tickles them. They can impress you through doing things in their own creative way though they're a bit annoying in a way that they don't stay in one place.

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•Physically present but mentally absent- this type of student that go to school not to participate in class but just for the sake of the attendance. They mostly sleep in class, not listening, using phone during discussion or talking to their seatmates. They're not dumbass but maybe they're not interested in the class or they already know about it

•Clown- type of student that entertain the class since their mission is to entertain so they're doing their best to it. Sometimes there jokes are not really funny but because of the reaction and expression they can make their classmates, educator or coaches laugh. Well,it's good that you have them in class because at least in a minute everyone can have time to refresh their mind and can continue the discussion again without or to less the tension all you just need is handle them properly.

•Clueless- This kind of student is close to the physically present but mentally absent but the difference is the clueless students don't have any idea what they're doing over while physically present but mentally absent have at least their goal to make others feel that they attend though their presence isn't noticeable. Clueless personalities hardly understand what's going on around them and just as if that they are listening but there's already a lots of questions that form in their head.

•Nerd- they prefer books than social like most of them don't have a friends or there's only a small circle of friends because some find them weird, creepy and boring but they are the type that clever and have a superb ideas because they learn a lot through reading.

•Artist- They are the kind that loves suggesting creative task and interested in creative assignments or creative task makes them feel excitement. They also don't like any solving problems or lessons but they do nothing against it. They are smart too but except in solving problems.

•The Spotlight- This type of students wants to get some attention unlike the star they're doing their best to be noticed at any cost. Some call them drama queen or king that want to be the center of attention when it comes to their classmates and educators.

•Bully- bullies keep irritating much weaker species like nerds and intellectual outsiders. Bullies wants attention too and their way to achieve that is to bully some inferior to them.

•Leader- This type most often notice because they stand out because of their personality and the way they stand, behavior and the way they wear uniform. They are great in making rules, their classmates follow them without questioning and they have a great ideas.

•The couple- type of students that always stick together and answer activities together too but some of them didn't pay attention in the class because they make class hours as their sweet time.

•The Average- this type of student know a half more in everything, they're a good listeners that can be a star, nerd,funny or everything that listed above but the most important is they learn. They only need to pay attention in order for them to be at the top but they're not aiming for that. Their goal is to be on the list of with honors and that's enough with them, they are not competitive and they are willing to help others. They also love to write but they don't want more attention the reason why some of them hate some group presentations or to present in front of the class but they can do it if they will.

Types of learner

There's a lot of type of students and they behave and learn in their own way. We all experience different ways in learning but what really are the type of learning that suits you?

Some students learn through Visual.

This type of learner prefer to observe things, including some written directions, pictures and something that can be seen like a topic that shown on the projector. In this way they can understand the lesson better.

Some students also learn through listening.

They prefer to listen to a lecture than reading notes. They love it when a teacher ask questions, showing video clips are also helpful for them to learn.

The Kinesthetic learners also exist, most of them love P.E subject where they can move or hands on some materials. They learned through experiencing things, do it in actual like they can touch the things in order for them to understand the concept. They need deep explanation to understand but most of them are good in sports or good at dancing.

The last type is the reading and writing learners,they learned through taking down notes because they prefer to learn through written words so they can study after class or if they have time, they also learn through knowing what's the new words means in the dictionary or through searching it in the internet. They love to write and most of them join in writing contest like writing essays, poems or joining in journalism.

What kind of person are you? What do you think and what's in your heart?

What kind of person are you? What do you think and what's in your heart?

© 2020 Wildine Joy Bargola

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