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Trump's Lawyers Face Disbarment

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When numerous cases were filed in December, 2020, trying to somehow change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election that Biden won, Trump's attorneys relied heavily on sworn affidavits. They were affidavits sworn under oath to be true by numerous individuals claiming to be an eyewitness to voter fraud, such as, boxes of votes for Trump being tossed in a trash bin, people voting multiple times for Biden, and other far right lunacy that Trump, today, still pushes and his idiots still believe!

As any attorney will tell you, an Affidavit is a sworn document that counsel must investigate and be able to prove with at least a scintilla of real evidence. It is not just a statement of someone with no repercussions since it is done under oath. But in today's world, where truth is how you see it, many seem to think that a sworn statement can be not proven, that, lying under oath is part of the legal game and no one will pay attention.

In Michigan and other states were the Trump attorneys filed lawsuit after lawsuit for the sore loser, trying prove that what Trump stated was true with affidavits from Trump supporters. This was bound to go under scrutiny in a courtroom because even Republican appointed judges follow the rule of law. However, it seems that Trump's team disregarded the legal repercussions of their frivolous lawsuits thinking not much bad could happen should they fail. Thinking that there was no real need to investigate the affidavits of so called eyewitnesses to voter fraud or even pursue some sort of evidence that law requires to support said affidavits. They just did what Trump demanded and got paid well for it.

The Federal judge in Michigan slammed Trump lawyers over the affidavits. Stating that the affidavits filed to support those claims included obvious errors, speculation and basic misunderstandings of how elections are generally conducted in the state. That, Trump's attorneys did not even seem to care or do their due diligence of a review for accuracy. In the five hour long hearing, the judge grilled Trump attorneys about the total lack of evidence to support any allegations in the lawsuit and demanded some explanation why the case was even filed. None of the attorneys had a logical explanation. It was obvious none of the affidavits could support any of the lawsuit's allegations. The judge was furious about what was obvious and how it wasted the Court's time on frivolous lawsuits, for which severe punishment on the attorneys can occur, whether heavy fines, disbarment, or sanctions.

The judge continued to chastise the Trump attorneys for acting in "bad faith" in the lawsuit that is based solely on speculation and conjecture without ANY evidence to substantiate the numerous affidavits claiming there had been fraud and irregularities. When the attorneys were asked about how could this have happened, none of the answers given were satisfactory.

In the end, the judge told the attorneys they will face sanctions, high penalties, or, disbarment. If any of them get disbarred or sanctioned from practicing law, it will be warning sign or other Trump legal actions.

Would the price be worth it for a man who is despicable? Will a Trump attorney be willing to lose their license to practice law as Michael Cohen has?

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