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Travels in the time

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It is an inescapable fact that time travel will become a reality, it only remains to be seen if it will be by physical or astral means.

Time travel began in science fiction, with the fascinating stories of machines that could take a person to another time, past or future. The plots are dominated by action and the unexpected. Currently, there is already, the pioneer of the time machine (Ronald Mallett) scientist who has started the construction of the artifact that will revolutionize the world in the future. Analyzing this fact, it follows that when it is finished, it will entail a series of regulations, care and protection, both of the individual and of the planet.

Time Traveler

Unbelievable stories have long surfaced of travelers traversing time, encountering hardship and even death. As is the case with:

Rudolf Fenz: (appeared in the middle of the street and hit by a car in 1950) that according to the story (fictional or real), was a man dressed in the old style, with coins out of circulation in his pockets and a letter with date of 1876. After many investigations, they verified through a descendant relative that indeed, the man had gone out for a walk in the countryside, one afternoon in 1876 and never returned. It was found that he had been registered as a missing person since that year.

Andrew Carissin: This is a man who after being too successful in the stock market (he became a millionaire in a short time) accumulated the amount of 350 million dollars. Andrew was arrested, because the authorities suspected some form of fraud or fraud. Such was the little credibility for his luck. He defended himself, alluding that he was a time traveler from 200 years in the future.

Another curious story was found in a filming of an old film by Charles Chaplin, in 1928, where a woman is observed who apparently seems to be having a conversation through a cell phone. There is also another story that cites a man who found himself, already old, and a video where both are observed, identical but years apart.

These fantastic stories catch the attention of those who know them, and although there is a possibility that they are true, skepticism is always there.

Spiritual displacements

Through various stories and testimonies, it has been defined by parapsychology scholars that astral displacements have been carried out by many people, either consciously or unconsciously (during sleep). The experiences range from geographical astral travel, to astral travel in time. In the latter, it is linked to premonition as a point of view, this is how the fact of foreseeing the future is defined, because the person has traveled to the future and sees events that are later fulfilled in their entirety (most of the time they believe that it was only a dream).

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Credibility in science?

According to Albert Einstein, time does not exist, because the present, the past and the future are illusions. The physicist and writer Julian Barbour also assures that time does not exist and that the universe is static, the rotation or movement of the Earth being just a mere illusion.

Time travel options

The brilliant physicist Steven Hawking proposes three options to travel in time (to the past or to the future), by means of:

Wormholes: it consists of enlarging one of these tiny holes, until a spaceship can enter, that way it would move in space time.

Black holes: located in space, where time passes more slowly (Albert Einstein's theory).

Travel at the speed of light: in a machine (train or ship) traveling at a speed equal to light, the time inside it would pass slower and would transport the traveler to the future.

The physicist concludes that to achieve time travel, the key is the speed of the ship at a speed similar to light.

Time does not exist

If time does not really exist (according to physics), it is possible to enter the domains of dimensions; past, present and future, by scientific means, it is only required that it become an empirical reality, the brilliant scientific projections that would be possible thanks to the intelligence of the human being. And above all, save every piece of evidence, in order to preserve technological advances. Of course, in the field of parapsychology, the technique of astral travel in time could also be mastered, reaching the mastery of additional senses, for the achievement of one hundred percent true knowledge (the history of humanity could be verified). traveling to the past).

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