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Habits to Develop & Nurture Into Young Children To Become Successful Adults

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A Motivator & expert in mechanical engineering sharing views on brain development habits for children, kids, adolescent to become successful

Successful People Poses Successful Habits

Successful People Poses Successful Habits

Success Is A Habit

Successful people always try to discover answers to every question arising in life, that’s being optimistic indefinitely. Success has meaning only when you have dear folks around to cherish and make enjoyable. Few habits must be taught at the early stages of life while other worthy and healthy habits come effortlessly, one can say their trail of habits. Few key phrases to share from efficacious stalwarts who became role models for the entire world.

  1. Warren Buffet – He does more reading and thinking to make less impulsive business decisions and prefer to spend time merely sit and think, a habit practiced and loved throughout his life.
  2. Great Mahatma Gandhi – Your belief becomes your thoughts, thoughts turn into words, words converted into actions, actions transformed into habits, habits grow into values, values write your destiny, Period! It starts from inside you – The Belief.
  3. Dale Carnegie – If you have failed and feel sad for yourself, your current situation is not simply a waste of energy but the worst choice of habits you probably made.
  4. Buddha - Drip by Drip is water-jar-filled. Habits are developed steadily with many months and years of practice.
  5. Octavia Butler – Habits are more dependable than inspiration, at first forget stimulation, Habits will survive and sustain you from any circumstances.
  6. Fighter Brue Lee – He’s fearless to the man who has practiced 10,000 Kicks but fears one who has practiced and mastered a single kick 10,000 times. That’s the power of repetition formally known as habits.
  7. Aristotle – Noble and worthy habits cultivated at a young make all the difference for the rest of your life.
  8. Brian Tracy – Successful folks are purely those with praiseworthy and successful habits.
  9. Frederick Langbridge – We remain our potters, for our habits create us, and we choose our habits.

A thread of healthy habits:

Build Good & Break Bad habits

Build Good & Break Bad habits

  • Always Optimistic: Whatever situations may arise at any given point in time, always stay sturdier and try to find a positive way out of circumstances. When thoughts are positive irrespective of status, conditions, restrictions, difficulties, you will always WIN and it’s imperative to maintain a WINNING streak which eventually keeps self-confidence on a higher note and turns into a habit naturally later. As kids grow adolescents this habit opens up solutions to challenging world problems, that’s why we say “Where there is a will, there is a Way”.
  • Discipline: A disciplined life with persistence and perseverance can achieve any realistic dreams desired. Maintaining consistently the habit of discipline is a daunting task.
  • Family First: It’s rightly said “Sadness gets divided & Happiness gets multiplied” when shared among family, friends & dear ones which are cumulatively counted as a family of life. Success doesn’t seem countable if you don’t have a family to celebrate. Though whatever may come always stand beside members of the family as their support lasts forever. Life without family is a kinda pen without ink inside, just EMPTY, Period! Habitual sharing comes easy when learned in the early phases.
Rewards Boost Self-Confidence and Encouragement.

Rewards Boost Self-Confidence and Encouragement.

  • Rewarding Children: Always there exist “Give & Take” relation. We always expect good returns whatever be our investment similarly every effort taken by young children should be rewarded irrespective of gain or failure results achieved. Rewards keep them encouraged along with lessons learned from outcomes. Thereby maintaining tempo high constantly.
  • Achievement Celebrations: Nothing appears bigger than success at the moment it’s achieved. Achieving desired results after dire efforts should be made memorable by celebrations and sort of benchmarks or milestones set by self. The realization of victories achieved in adolescence and childhood shall boost the morale, confidence in tough times when grown adults.
  • Speak Heart out: The views, reviews, thoughts, results, feelings, the good or bad ones, shall be poured out straight from the heart. Possibility of disbelief, misunderstandings, fears, and what not, roam’s around kid’s mind space during adolescent development stages. Permitting to speak or discussing like a dear friend at regular intervals shall eliminate the negativity within leading to good mental health and building a strong bond with children which gets stronger with age. This habit makes relations and their values more conscious, meaningful, and healthy.
Creating Strong Social Bond

Creating Strong Social Bond

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  • Socially Active: Involvement in social activities at the beginning phase of an adolescent would realize the importance of teamwork, would carry certain responsibilities on its shoulder. Associating with peers would lead to social skill development, enhancing personality, leadership.
  • Exercise & Play: Playing and exercising in mental and physical form inculcates positivity, boosts metabolism, and enhances productivity especially in the middle phase of growth in life.
  • Energetic Environment: The surroundings of children should be enthusiastic packed with activities, information, and a peppy group. It fosters positivity, active mind, and builds confidence making networking and adjustments easy for adolescents for example after school activities. Grouping with Successful individuals or children lifts the spirit high.
Enjoy Every Foolish Thing.

Enjoy Every Foolish Thing.

  • Enjoy Every Little Thing: Small gestures turn into big development, that’s correct, similarly, every tiny growth, achievement, event, participation, daily interaction with kids shall be enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Not Just Classroom Learning: Like formal schooling, informal real-life schooling is almost crucial. Gaining knowledge of other subjects of life, facing real situations. As actual realistic life starts after school days are over developing other interests and faced challenging situations during adolescence shapes self-confidence further when grown adult.
  • Value of Money: It’s imperative how you earn money but more significantly how you spend money is the key to life. Money spend is the money invested for the future. Learning to spend will convert an investment into asserts and not liabilities when grown mature.
A Thinker Always Finds A Solution To Any Situation.

A Thinker Always Finds A Solution To Any Situation.

  • Stronger Think Tank: Self-learning comes with self-thinking. Sharp and powerful brains are developed when prone to difficult and challenging tasks, thereby testing and developing children’s minds making them less reliable on others and builds confidence.
  • Facing Books: Formal school and college books are vital but informal books teach major lessons of life. Facing various books categorically like self-help books, nonfiction, new skill development, and which not, can unlock and develop new visions, betterment of career, giving an edge over other people.
  • Hobby Development: Successful people have made a career to earn money and developed a habit to feed their passion which thrives them. Picking up few hobbies among like sports, music, dance, and what more else preserves the ability to perform astonishingly. Enjoying hobbies seriously keeps the mind and body in upright shape as long as the habit is continued.

A fun-filled and happy childhood makes a better adolescent and later happy mature life ahead.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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