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Top Business Ideas for Students with Tech Majors in 2022

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More and more students are becoming entrepreneurs every year. They are willing to take a risk and can easily motivate others with creative ideas. Thanks to their knowledge and skills, tech students are well equipped to take advantage of this trend and start a business.

If you are a tech student who wants to challenge your entrepreneurial nature but still lacks the understanding of where you should start, we highly recommend reading this article. These amazing business ideas will definitely inspire you.

Academic Services

If you want to help students get through the challenges of college times, working on a startup that provides academic help could be your best bet. For example, let’s consider Grammarly. It does not provide writing services. But the AI powering this tool helps millions of writers identify mistakes and improve their work. If we look at the Hemingway app, its readability checking mechanisms highlight hard-to-read sentences and suggest the best ways to decrease reading difficulty.

Your idea could be the next in this row. Be it essay writing or any other kind of academic help, your tech knowledge and personal experience could be useful in developing a perfect service for students.

Computer Repair and Software Installation

Equipment tends to break down from time to time. Even the best gadgets and devices sometimes need professional attention. If you are good at fixing both hardware and software issues, you can consider opening a computer repair or software installation business.

The best way to target your audience is to provide this kind of technical assistance on campus. Start by helping out students in trouble. Do your magic to recover their data, fix bugs, or even save their gadgets from shutting down. If you succeed in building your brand at school, it will be much easier to enter a bigger market.


If you are good at certain technologies, you can share this knowledge with other students and turn it into a profitable venture. There are lots of people around looking for qualified help with AutoCAD, Photoshop, MATLAB, and other professional software. You can make decent money by helping them out.

Mentors and tutors are in high demand today. Lots of people do not know how to set up, fix and use their devices properly. You can make a difference by passing on your knowledge and raising your technological awareness.

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Data Science

The amounts of data being collected and stored daily are growing exponentially. However, not every business that gathers data knows how to benefit from it. Unfortunately, quite often, information never gets retrieved and processed.

However, if your knowledge of Data Science is sufficient, you can break this circle. Help businesses become more customer-oriented. You can ensure only the most important data is collected. Then, after performing careful analysis and interpretation, you’ll be able to come up with customer behavior patterns. As a data science specialist, you will be able to diagnose businesses and develop solutions to improve their sustainability.

Cloud-based Services

More and more companies are looking for ways to move their data to clouds. Specialists who can successfully perform this job are especially wanted. If you have knowledge and experience in migrating large masses of data from servers to clouds with no loss and delay while helping businesses benefit from this decision, you can try starting your business in this field.

Also, pay attention to blockchain technologies. Even though their usage is still limited, it is likely to change in the future. Being among the first people to start their venture in this domain can be a quite rewarding decision.

IT Support

Lots of small and medium businesses are in need of professional and high-quality IT support. They have no funds to hire a department of specialists, but they’d be happy to use your help in maintaining IT infrastructure and resolving daily issues.

If you are sure your qualification is enough to solve technical problems, you can establish a small company to provide such assistance to several businesses at once. Even though it may seem quite simple, this idea is actually a lucrative one. Lots of clients desperately need help maintaining their tech right now. The more you can offer them, the higher your venture’s income will be.

App Development

Software development services have been popular among clients for a decade now. However, most recently, businesses have started looking for professionals who are good at creating and maintaining Android and iOS apps. Since more and more people use their mobile devices to get information and make purchases, mobile app development is in trend now.

Should you be skilled in app building and if you have a team of talented specialists, starting an app development business can be very easy. All you need to have is a great marketing and business development strategy. It will help you acquire more SME clients and grow your brand awareness. The better you do your job, the more customers you’ll have.

Marketing and Social Media

If you feel that launching your business in marketing and social media is quite far from a tech direction, you are wrong. Today’s marketing instruments and tools depend on digital technologies entirely. Thus, you can earn big in marketing if you can generate new web design and advertising algorithms that grab customers’ attention.

After all, modern marketing is all about designing tools and tricks that trigger certain customer behavior. They are successful only if technologies on the front end and back end work smoothly. So, you can be the one who makes sure the tech component is sophisticated and functions flawlessly. The rest is up to marketers and sellers.

Final Words

With more and more industries becoming technologically focused, tech students have lots of fields to choose to apply their talents and knowledge. Your skillset and tech expertise provide you with the flexibility that business major students couldn’t even dream of. All you have to do to decide which venture you want to start is to analyze all possible options and find which one appeals to you the most.

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