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Top 7 Virtues of a Teacher That Melt a Child's Heart.

Chinyere believes in excellency, for her anything worth doing is worth doing well.

In previous times, the teacher was all- knowing and all-giving. Her major task was then to transfer such knowledge or skill to those who needed to acquire it.

Students activities were limited to their presence in class and reception of the ideas of the teacher. They were not supposed to make any meaningful contribution to the progress of learning.

However, today's teacher recognizes that she is a learner just as much as the student. Her role has thus shifted from that of a monopolist of ideas and skills to that of guidance of the learning activity.

In this connection, the teacher serves as one who creates the necessary conditions that will make learning meaningful and pleasurable.

She also provides leadership in the quest for knowing by not only providing available information to the learner,

but also developing in the latter the capacity to inquire into things and search for new ideas and approaches to the problems of life. She guides the learner towards achieving a stated objective.


Great teachers are born in every good season.

Here are the lights that brighten up the desired qualities of a teacher.

1. Unconditional Love:

The teacher is a surrogate to the children entrusted into her care. The kind of attitudes that she brings towards teaching is important in the teaching- learning process.

It is almost self-evident that one cannot do what she does not like well, it is important, for the teacher to love her job and the children or adolescents who she teaches.

This is one of the way in which she can get the learners to believe in the knowledge she is impacting in them and to have respect for her. It is a bad teacher who shows open affection for some of her students and dislike for others.

It is likely that those she does not like may also show her their lack of fondness, Which might lead to equating her with the negative aspect of schooling.

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They may end up with the conclusion that there is no point in going to school. She should not in any way give wrong impression to learners or create negative thought among them.

In a nutshell, the teacher should show warmth, understanding, affection, and unconditional acceptance to all the children under her watch.

She should mother a child in school by carrying out certain special duties a mother does at home, such as:

  • proper feeding
  • assisting them to poo or we
  • keeping them tidy
  • checking their temperature
  • guiding them to arrange their lunch bags and books in the shelf.

2. Friendliness:

Friendliness is an act of being friends. The teacher should create an atmosphere for the children to enjoy her have mutual love and cordial relationship.

They should carry out casual activities together and perform a limited outdoor games. One of the characteristic of children is play. An adage says,

“all works and no play makes Jack a dull boy,

To keep Jack agile, the teacher must be a friend of Jack. Teachers in pre school should adopt a play method. The teacher should be her child's friend, while both of them are in the court, she should teach.

The teacher should remain close to those that she teaches. She should be interested in understanding their problems, in and out of the classroom.

Where possible, she can contribute towards solving the student's problems by viable approaches that could be adopted.

In relation to this aspect, She should be familiar with the way of life of the area in which her school is.

This will help her know those things she can do or say to the learners and those she ought not do or say. Also, she must get acquainted to the customs of the people.

Knowledge of all these are a sure way for the teacher to make herself part of the community in which she serves.

Smiley faces ,show active class and a passionate teacher


How to maintain calmness in the classroom

3. Having a sense of humor:

The teacher should be cheerful, have a sense of humor, and be able to manage her own crisis, She should not allow her personal problems to explode in the class.

It will easily be noticeable, and she may resort to a style of managing the class which the learners have not experienced before.

Instead, she should learn to separate her personal problem from the demands of her job and learn to deal with each aspect of it at the appropriate time.

4. Excellent Classroom Management:

The teacher should have credible knowledge of classroom management to enable her to understand the various characteristics of children and adolescents.

Children at pre school are noisy and restless. Effective relationship with them calls for patience and appreciation of the problems that go with each phase of development.

How it works better; the teacher should:

  • keep the restless and noisy children abreast to her seat
  • pay special attention to the dull children, motivate them for a little improvement
  • do not use abusive words on a child ;it makes him to see himself as a total failure and burden to the teacher
  • counsel the disruptive ones privately
  • praise the brilliant children through extrinsic motivation
  • recognize them on their birthdays with a little birthday gift
  • encourage them to share their problems with her
  • encourage the dull children, with a hand slap and hearty cheers

What a child needs from the teacher

5. Patience:

The teacher should not express frustration. She should not abandon the approaches to classroom management, which she has learned, and resort to the use of cane.

As a corrective measure, to the bad behavior of her learners. A teacher who flogs indiscriminately is a loss to her learners. The teacher should adopt constructive measures of checking the disruptive behaviors.

6. A sense of responsibility.

She should take her job seriously, by regarding it as a challenge and be committed to it. She should be able to predict the effect of her action or inactivity on the lives of several children.

Furthermore, she should show an example by coming to school regularly and on time. The teacher should also have a strong notion of what is good and what is unethical to the society.

If she must affect the moral behavior of those in her charge positively, she cannot escape having minimum levels of conduct. She should resist the temptation to grant a favor under undue pressure, such as; financial, sexual and luxury gifts.

7. Healthy, appearance and inwardly:

The teacher must dress properly and discharge her duties confidently. Never should she find herself looking pitiable, haggard.

Part of the regard that she earns from the class comes from her appearance and the total picture that she presents of herself.

She should not under-estimate her importance or allow anybody else to do so.

Needless to say that a teacher's contribution to the welfare of her society cannot be fully appreciated during her lifetime. This should not weaken her resolve to be part of the improvement of our society and the making of human history.


A teacher should have a sense of value to her teaching profession, regardless of whatever may seem as a challenge to her while carrying out her routine activities. She should be objective oriented. She should put into consideration the following virtues :

  • Unconditional Love
  • Friendliness
  • Humorous
  • Excellence
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Healthy appearance inwardly.

© 2021 Chinyere Okoye

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