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Top 7 Most Dangerous Fish In The World

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World's Most Dangerous Fish Whose blows are impossible to escape. This fish is so dangerous That It can bite and chew us, humans. Almost all over the world 32000 species of them are found. Some of which are fish to be eaten, some are so huge that at once To the whole person Can leave Hardly you have ever seen before because the fish that give a strong electric shockfish that chew even from strong teeth to iron is so poisonous that it is impossible to escape from poison.

Moray Eel

1. Moray Eel

About 200 different species of Moray Eel are found, ranging in size from 10 centimeters to about 2 meters, of which this fish is considered the most dangerous. This is why its jaws usually have one jaw near an animal or fish but the moray eel has two separate jaws. One clashes with pointed teeth on the outer side and the other is found near the throat inside the mouth. When it hunted, it is first tightly held by its outer jaws and then the other jaws inside the throat are swallowed in inside, Moray Eel likes to live in the deep waters of the sea and they are hidden in the rock and crevices. Is so that it can attack any creature that comes near it with a fatal blow, and Moray Eel mostly attacks creatures like crabs, small sharks, octopus, and snakes and also attack sea divers when needed.


2. Stonefish

Stonefish is one of the most poisonous and deadliest fish in the world, it is found in the Indo-Pacific of Asia, it is special in that it looks like a stone on the seafloor and hence it is named stonefish. . It is very difficult to find it in the depths of the sea, because it is hidden in the middle of the rocks and due to the form of the stone, it does not even appear to us, so swallow any prey around it. They can remain alive outside the water for 24 hours, in such a situation, these fish come out of the sea at times and we humans consider it to be a stone and inadvertently put this foot and easily become a victim of it, Stonefish There are 17 such sharp thorns on its back and as soon as it gets inside a victim, it comes out of it, a huge amount of deadly poison that can kill any human being within one to 2 hours.

Electric Eel

3. Electric Eel

Electric Eel is the most dangerous fish of the Amazon River, which is different from the rest because it has a kind of electric power that can eliminate any human in a single stroke, inside it 600 volts of electric power keeps going on all the time Whenever a victim comes around it, wrap it in its horoscope and finish it with a strong electric shock. The size of the electric eel is 2 meters and weighs up to 20 Kg. All other animals prefer to stay away from this fish. Even if a person touches it, it becomes such an emergency situation, if treatment is not done at the right time, then it can also be lost due to heart failure.

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4. Pirana

Pirana fish is one of the most dangerous fish because of its sharp teeth and very strong jaws, which can chew even iron.60 different species of pirana are found in which red-bellied fish are considered the most dangerous. One who chewed up any prey that comes near it, the blood-thirsty fish is in search of prey all the time, it is mostly found in the sea of ​​South America. Its size is 11 inches. Its jaws are so strong that some Of the things gets in its jaw then it bites it like a Ketchie.


5. Sawfish

Sawfish is one of the species of shark that is different from all other sharks in appearance because it has 2 feet 6 long nose which has many thorns which will cut any prey into 2 pieces like a wood cutting machine. The size of the sawfish is 20 to 25 feet long and these fish are found mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, this creature is so dangerous that it is not afraid to attack a larger organism than itself.


6. Payara

Payara fish is considered the most violent fish in the world because it is always looking for prey and as soon as any creature is seen, it is impossible to survive because it has strong jaws and two pointed teeth on the front. On closing the mouth, it penetrates into the top hole, their jaws are so strong that if any organism is hit by the jaw, it rips it out and it is 4 feet in length and weighs up to 18kg.

Stargazer Fish

7. Stargazer

Stargazer is a different species like Stonefish, it is more dangerous and predatory than Stonefish in hunting because it has a deadly poison as well as 50 volts of electric power, it is different from everyone else in hunting because It has extremely strong wings, by which it digs its body by illegal digging in such a way that it does not even show the incoming victim and as soon as a victim comes close to it, they swallow it alive in a second. Or spinach does not take time to nap, despite all this, people cut them for food and sell them in the market, but they are made under
the supervision of experts so that the parts like electricity and poisonous can be removed properly.

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