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Top 5 Worst Modern Day Torture Devices and Methods

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From the German chair to the Human Grinder, we count down the Top 5 Worst Modern Day Torture Devices.

List of Top 5 Worst Medieval Torture Devices

5. Strappado

4. The Tiger Bench

3. Waterboarding

2. Tucker Telephone

1. German Chair



05. Strappado

The Strappado was used in Turkey, Libya and German Concentration camps to abstract information and to break the will of prisoners.

The victim's hand first would be tied behind his or her back, he or she would then be suspended in the air.

The weight of the victim would cause both arms to be dislocated and the muscle to be over stretch. Weights were even added in some countries to intensify the strain on the arm.

The Strappado is number 5 as it is one of the most simple torture device there among the 5. All you need is a rope and a pole.

04. The Tiger Bench

The Tiger Bench

The Tiger Bench

An infamous tool that was widely used to fight religion in China. The tiger bench was used mostly on a group of spiritual disciple called Falun Gong. Most practitioners of the cult were abducted by police and send to the infamous Masanjia Labor Camp where they would face the Tiger Bench.

The victims would first be strapped on to a bench, bricks would then be added, one by one between the calf and the bench, increasing the tension on the joint in the knee until... *snap* the ligaments snapped.

The Tiger Bench reaches number 4 as it's super simple, I mean all you need is a rug and a bucket of water, and its effectiveness messing the victims both mentally and physically.

3. Water Boarding

Water Boarding

Water Boarding

Waterboarding was used by the CIA, to extract information from... difficult people. A great example would be one of the Terrorist Top figure, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

How it works is super simple, the victim would first be restrained. A cloth would be place upon his face and water would be poured on to the cloth. Forcing the victim to inhale water and suffocate.

Victims who went through waterboarding have reported to suffer from trauma, organ damage and in some cases, death from oxygen deprivation.

Being able to drown someone on dry land gives waterboarding a place at number 3.

Tucker Telephone

Tucker Telephone

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2. Tucker Telephone

3 words to describe the Tucker Telephone, clean, convenient, brutal.

Used in the 60s at Tucker State Prison Farm, USA. The Tucker Telephone was made to torture prisoners in the so called ‘Hospital Room’.

The prisoners would be restrained and electrocuted with the Tucker Telephone until just before losing consciousness. The prisoners would then be given a few seconds to rest and The Tucker Telephone would then be turned on again.

This process would be repeated numerous times, causing severe pain throughout the victim’s body, serious organ damage and sometimes… insanity.

This torture device reaches number 2 as it can literally cook victims from the inside.

1. The German Chair

The German Chair

The German Chair

Who knew a simple chair with some minor tweak can be such an effective torture device. Again, we are creative. The German Chair is basically a normal metal chair with a backrest that can be lowered.

Firstly, the victim would be strapped tightly on to the metal chair, the back part of the chair would then be slowly lowered… causing stress to the limbs, neck and spine.

Basically, the victim’s muscle would start tearing a part, the chair would then further lowered until a…*snap*… was heard.

The most disturbing part is that the chair is used even today by ISIS. For its brutality and ability to just cripple or kill the victims depending on the torturer secures a place at number 1 for the German Chair.

(Bonus) The Human Grinder


The human grinder is basically a wood chipper or plastic shredder.

The torturer would force the victims into the machine, feet first of course.

The victims would scream in agonising pain as they witness themselves becoming…minced meat.

The Human Grinder is not in the Top 5 list as there’s no strong evidences that it was ever used, but it is still worth mentioning.

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Author's Last Thought

Modern day torture devices, I guess we aren't as civilize as we thought we are. Acts that are against human rights and just down right babaric are still carried out even today. Guess we still have a lot of work to do in order to create a better world for everyone.

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