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Top 5 Strangest Planets You Would Have Never Heard Of!! - Part 1

Myself Arjun from Mumbai, India. I have been researching and working over planets. These are some of the conclusions I came up with.

The Universe

Universe is a very natural and complicated thing consisting of Planets, Stars, Solar Systems, Galaxies, Constellations etc. As talking about Planets and Stars, they are located billions of light years away while some of them are very nearer to our Solar System. There are some planets which are very difficult to prove them scientifically and they also break our understanding of the formation of Planets. So let's talk about the "Top 5 Strangest Planets you would have never heard of!!".

1. J1407b


The planet J1407b is located 400 lift years away from Earth and it's planetary rings are 200 times bigger than the rings of Saturn. Scientists cannot explain how this planet accquired rings of such an enormous size. The rings of J1407b are so large that if Saturn's rings were as large they would have dominated the Earth sky and appear much larger than a full Moon.

2. HD 106906 b


From the Crux constellation approximately 300 light years away from the Earth lies the loniest planet in the know Universe named as HD 106906 b. This planet is 11 times bigger than the size of Jupiter. Astronomers have named this planet as "Super Jupiter". It's strange because it orbits it's parent star at a distance of 20 times greater than the space between the Sun and the Neptune which is about 60 billion miles. It's extremely unusual distance from its star makes it the most loneliest and isolated planet in the known Universe.

3. Tres - 2b


Approximately 750 light years away from our Solar System lies a planet known as Tres - 2b. This planet is remarkable because it is the darkest planet known to exist. This dimly lit and menacing planet reflects less than 1% of the light that hits it's atmosphere. This is so little that the atmosphere of Tres - 2b reflects less light than coal and black acrylic paint does. The tiny fraction of light that isn't reflected by the planet's thick and suffocating atmosphere is faintly red, causing the planet to dimly glow in an evil red colour.

4. 55 Cancri e


The planet 55 Cancri e is the girl's best friend, because 55 Cancri e is actually just a massive diamond out in space orbiting a distant star. When 55 Cancri e was formed, it was comprised mostly of Carbon, and thanks to the intense pressure and heat from its parent star. 55 Cancri e compressed into a massive unpolished diamond. This diamond planet is so huge that it has been valued $ 26.9 Nonillion which is only about 384 Quintillion times the Earth's GDP. But before you set out for this diamond planet with a drill, 55 Cancri e is located over 40 light years away from Earth, and if you still somehow be able to bring the diamonds back with you, the sheer amount of diamond you would collect from the planet would crash the Earth's diamond market instantly, making your diamonds completely worthless.

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5. Gliese 436 b

Gliese 436b

Gliese 436 b is a recently discovered icy planet that is about the size of Neptune. While that alone may not be very surprising. What is surprising about Gliese 436 b is that it's so close to its parent star that it's icy surface is constantly on fire, all year round. So you may be wondering, how could this happen? How would ice of all things burn constantly? Well, Astronomers have determined that the reason why the icy surface of Gliese 436 vlb never melts despite the Hellish inferno on it's surface is because of gravity. The gravitational force of Gliese 436 b is so strong, the ice covering it's surface is physically prevented from evaporating, leaving the planet perpetually involved in icy flames.

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Manu Saraswat from India on August 18, 2020:

You writing skills are very good. Just do hardwork. You will definitely achieve your goals. Good luck

Arjun Singh (author) from Mumbai, India on July 16, 2020:

Will do post article on black holes really soon. Just wait for it. Within 3 to 4 days your wish will come true. Thank you

Umang Singh on July 16, 2020:

Hello sir, I am Umang Singh . I study in Standard 7This was really interesting . There are some planets which I had never heard of before visiting your page . Sir , can you please write an article about black hole .I want to learn about it

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