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Top 5 Prime Minsters of Britain

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The U.S. government has had a very strong relationship with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

The U.S. government has had a very strong relationship with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

The people of the United Kingdom have been led by many respected and powerful Prime Ministers over the course of history. Many have changed the course of the United Kingdom and its policies. These are only five of the most popular prime ministers of the United Kingdom.

5. David Cameron

David Cameron served as Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016. He considers himself as a one-nation conservative. Cameron became the youngest Prime Minister since the 1810s. His administration is best known for making major changes to welfare, immigration policy, education and healthcare. He also legalized same-sex marriage in Great Britain. He also started the ball rolling, when it came to Brexit.

Cameron later intervened in the Libyan Civil War and ordered the bombing of ISIS. During his time as PM, Cameron successfully decreased the national deficit and helped modernize the Conservative Party.

4. Tony Blair

Tony Blair is a member of the Labour Party and served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007. Under his rule, the government introduced several new pieces of legislation including National Minimum Wage Act, Human Rights Act, and Freedom of Information Act. Blair was also key in the negotiations of the Good Friday Agreement. PM Blair supported US President George W. Bush's foreign policy and offered up the British Armed Forces for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Blair was criticized for his actions surrounding the two wars and received calls for him to be tried for war crimes.

3. Theresa May

Theresa May is the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and has been serving since July 2016. Many consider May as a liberal conservative. She became the second female Prime Minister following Margaret Thatcher. May was responsible for the Brexit negotiations with the European Union. The government led by May was found in contempt of Parliament in December 2018. The vote was in response to the government not laying any legal advice to the proposed terms of Brexit. The government eventually publish the legal advice given to May by the Attorney General during negotiations with the EU.

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2. Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister on May 4, 1979. She was the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Thatcher became a national hero for her hard-line attitude, which was put on display during the IRA's Hunger Strike in 1981 and then during The Falklands War of 1982. Margaret Thatcher ended up privatizing many government-controlled industries. Thatcher ended up being voted out by her own party, and later retiring as an MP in 1992.

1. Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill has become one of the most well-known British prime ministers in history. Churchill served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945, and then from 1951-1955. Churchill previously served as an officer in the British Army, he was a historian and writer. Churchill managed to bring together a nation during World War II, through his powerful and uplifting speeches. He is best known for being a towering intellect and a true Conservative leader. He is a master orator, and nobody in current politics comes even close to being like him.

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