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Top 5 Challenges of 21st Century



In this world of competition and race, every individual and every state is seeking to achieve its goals to become hegemonic over others. This competition made the masses blind and raised a number of challenges. Every century brings the new event of a crisis or brings with it something fatal. The 21st century has become the most threatening century to human life and its existence.

There are multiple challenges that have called humans to join hands to hands to fight against problems. In this article, I will be sharing the 10 most threatening challenges of this era that are opening doors for other problems.

COVID-19 Pandemic a Deadly Disease of 21st Century

  • Those who are familiar with the deadliest effect of World Wars of the 20th Century must know that COVID-19 will be remembered as a modern form of World War. With the break out of this pandemic, the world has seen people dying in streets and hospitals with no cure to be provided. No one was able to even come close to the person suffering from the corona. Even at the beginning, the dead bodies were burned to avoid the expansion of the virus.
  • Currently, the pandemic has shown its 3rd wave that is considered to be most deadly and threatening. It has taken us back to dark ages where the scientist and doctors lack knowledge and tools to find a cure to some specific disease. COVID-19 remains an undetectable disease whose reason and the cause was undiscovered for a year at least. Sorry to say but the reality is people are dying like pigs and dogs in the streets.
  • As a young lady from Italy witnessed it as “Everyone dies like dogs, like pigs, I am not ashamed to accept that. It is not fair that even my dad died like that. People say that they were old, they were sick. But he (my father) was not old not sick. Here in Val Seriana, you can only hear the sirens of ambulances and the bells of mourning”.


Global Economic Crisis

  • Since the outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus, the global economy has seen a great downfall. This economic situation has then resulted in unemployment and raised poverty in just a few months. The estimated fall in global trade is by 5.3% in 2020 and expected to increase by 8.0% in 2021 (Congressional Research Service). The continuous rise in unemployment has led to a new threat that is the migration of labour back to rural areas.
  • This ruralization is directly affecting the industrial sector. Ultimately leading to the great depression ever seen since the 1930s. COVID-19 holds multiple negative impacts that will more likely affect the lives and economy. This economic threat is imminent.
  • Most significantly, the states are bound to adopt such policies that are directly affecting the economy. To fight against this deadly virus “Quarantine” is being followed in almost every city by all countries. That has stopped the economic growth and halted industrial development. The world is not ready to risk human existence on this green planet for that they are risking the global economy.

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Climate Change a Serious Threat

  • Living organisms have seen serious health issues caused by climate change. It is basically a change in climate variability and specifically changes in weather extremes that caused fatal damage to health. The major cause of this change is the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). As I have mentioned in my previous article “Climate Change a Threat to Life” that the reason behind CO2 emission is the ongoing cold war between major economic powers.
  • Many studies have shown that it is mainly due to the energy policies of China, Russia, the USA, and Canada. The CO2 displaces oxygen in the atmosphere and causes breathing issues that lead to serious headaches. Additionally, extra CO2 is the reason for warmer planet increasing the greenhouse effect which is commonly known as global warming.
  • Global warming, threatening storms, rising sea levels, extreme drought and fires, acid rains, bad impacts on agriculture and sea life, health and skin problems are some of the very common problems and issues caused by Climate Change. According to the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if the situation continues the temperature will rise above 1.5-degree centigrade by 2040. This is a serious matter that needs to be resolved before it brings fatal outcomes.



  • Forests are the blessing of nature as they are the reason for our survival. From the air we breathe to the wood we use, the benefits from the forest are unlimited. However, humans have forgotten that their greed for money is leading them to destroy the planet they are living on.
  • In this century, most of the estimates analyzed that the total loss for the global economy from deforestation counts more than $12 trillion. It does not end here; the main reason for the environmental problems is mostly due to deforestation. Additionally, 6 to 13 % of the world land is being covered by the rain forest. These details are shared from Rainforest Foundation, and The Stern Report 2006.

Ocean Pollution

  • We eat seafood and sea animal for good health, and also to treat many diseases. For centuries sea animals remain the main source of income and health to mankind. But as soon as the number of people increased, more mismanagement took place. Oceans are not safe. Sealife is dying.
  • Plastic has surrounded our oceans and is destroying life underwater. Unfortunately, mankind is either unaware or not paying attention. Phosphorus and Nitrogen are considered to be two of those harmful chemicals whose increased concentration is becoming harmful for living sea animals and birds. This is causing many diseases that are also transferred in humans.

Save the World Its Yours


Last Words

The above-mentioned challenges of the 21st century are very vital and in the words of RALPH PETER, “The great paradox of the 21st century is that, in this age of powerful technology, the biggest problems we face internationally are problems of the human soul”. This is a hundred % correct because the above-mentioned problems are directly or indirectly affecting mankind. We need to take control of it or otherwise, we are digging a hole for ourselves.

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