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Top 3 Practical Productivity Hacks No One Told You Before.

“Do you ever find yourself struggling all alone in the quest of becoming more productive in your day-to-day life but even after trying a lot you fall back to the square one from where you started?”

Photo By Andreas Klassen

Photo By Andreas Klassen

If the answer is yes so, It’s the perfect time to get introduced to these top 3 hacks to increase productivity like a boss.

We all are pretty much aware about the fact that in today’s 21st century our society is drastically progressing in all domains of life. Be it in the domain of science, medicine, technology, arts or any other. And because of such drastic improvement it’s getting harder day by day to compete in this ever-changing world but luckily there is only one skill that can assure to keep us in the game for longer run i.e., being highly productive in our domain of work.

As they say “Every coin has two faces” so are the aftermath effects of such improvements. On one hand, we as mankind are touching miles after miles and on the other hand, we are facing many serious problems at both macro and micro level. One of those problem is lack of focus and productivity in today’s generation. The matter of fact is that with the easily available dopamine sources all around us it has become very difficult and unlikely to retain attention and be productive, especially for younger generation who is constantly consuming cheap dopamine shots.

But luckily with the teachings of ancient Zen Philosophy one can learn 3 highly practical steps that can immensely increase productivity and are very easy to embody in our day-to-day life.

3 Practical Steps to Master Productivity-


Photo By Kyle Glenn

Photo By Kyle Glenn

1- Practice Solitude- Be a hermit while working.

Once Nikola Tesla said “Be alone, that is the secret of inventions; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”

Whenever I go through this quote, I realize the first and utmost important step to become more productive and creative is to be in state of solitude.

Practicing solitude while performing highly attentive activity kills all the possibilities of distractions whether it is from family members or any social gathering. In recent researches it was found that it takes around 30 minutes to regain the same amount of attention when one was interrupted while practicing highly attentive activity. According to psychologist, consciously prioritizing yourself helps your mind in doing things in more meaningful way that ultimately leads in increase of productivity.

Photo By Akriti Mishra

Photo By Akriti Mishra

According to many Buddhist monks by practicing solitude while working in interruption free environment one can attain the Dhyan Avastha.In positive psychology they call it Flow State. It is also know colloquially as being in zone. It is mental state in which person performs with optimal focus. Immersed in work with fill joy and excitement.

Photo By Isaiah Rustad

Photo By Isaiah Rustad

2- Say NO more often.

In the stone age times when we (Homo-Sapiens) used to live in caves so we were compelled to follow many tribal rules in order to ensure our survival. One of them was to cooperate with other tribal members and as a consequence of this habit we started saying Yes to almost every second thing. For us approval from the tribe worked as a security matrix and it also indicated our likeability in a tribe.

Fast forward to a modern day man even after developing in so many domains of life he still operates on his same tribal instincts and as results he still tends to say Yes on auto pilot mode to every second person who comes asking for any sort of favour. And this particular instinctive habit is one of the major killers of productivity.

Consciously practicing saying No will help in prioritizing important stuff in life. And when one is aware about his daily goals so he can make a proper roadmap to execute his tasks more effectively.

3-Practice Single Tasking.

When was the last time you were totally devoted to a single meaningful task with sheer focus?

Well, the common answer is long ago. But have you ever thought why?

Many individuals believe multitasking is a far better option for increasing productivity. But this far away from the truth. According to psychologists what feels like multi-tasking is actually our brain frantically switching back and forth.

And each of these switches takes a toll and you lose almost around 20% of productivity in each single task if it was performed alone.

Single tasking is a scientifically proven way to get tasks done quicker and with higher quality.

In a study done in 2010, by Harvard psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert it was found out that people spend around 47% of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re currently doing.

So, it is highly advised to perform single tasking as it improves focus significantly and also leads to become more productive.

And by embodying these 3 simples but highly effective steps one can again gain control over his life and unleash his/her true potential.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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