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Top 100 Problems & Excuses Obese People Make About Their Weight

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First World Fat Problems

There are 100's of problems only overweight and obese people can comprehend that would make skinny people lose their minds, but who is the real victim?

Below I've compiled a list of truths, a few exaggerations, and excuses many larger people have. A few could be cruel and disheartening, but as a former obese person I've learned to laugh and brush off the negativity so you should too.

Note: This is not meant to fat-shame people.

A little effort goes a long way

A little effort goes a long way

#100-80 Problems

100. I need an extra seat on the plane

99. I can't squeeze into the front seat of my car

98. The harness on that roller coaster won't fit me

97. I have man boobs (not gynecomastia)

96. Shopping for any clothes is a nightmare

95. There's a lot of sweat going on everywhere

94. I wish I could run that quarter mile

93. Plenty of heavy breathing during physical activity

92. Why does my house have so many stairs

91. Okay kids please stop staring at me

90. Okay everybody enough with the crazy looks

89. My doctor is not going to be happy with me

88. The kids look embarrassed to be seen with me

87. It's hard walking around in public when I'm this big

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86. I look downright unflattering in my bathing suit

85. I hope no one every has to carry me or pick me up

84. The real life struggles with type 2 diabetes and heart conditions

83. Medical problems a plenty including muscle soreness and fatigue

82. I might get fired if I can't keep up with the physical task my job requires

81. I'll look silly ordering fast food from McDonald's

80. I bet everyone's at this restaurant wants me to put down the fork

It's all in the genes (and ripped jeans)

It's all in the genes (and ripped jeans)

#79-60 Excuses

79. I am big boned and it's not my fault

78. My family is pretty big so it's all in the genes

77. I'm going to start my diet first thing Monday

76. Starting next week I'm going to begin working out in the morning

75. A small bowl of ice cream won't hurt

74. I did good today; I can order from Burger KIng

73. I'll just drink a diet soda and it should be fine

72. I have a thyroid condition so I can't help the weight gain (could be true)

71. My doctor told me I shouldn't exercise for a few weeks

70. It's okay, a lot of guys love larger women

69. I may be fat but at least I still look good

68. I only have to lose 10 pounds; it's no big deal

67. It's not called being overweight, it's called being normal

66. I look great for my weight

65. I'd rather be large and in charge than a stick figure

64. At least my behind looks good

63. There's only a couple of problem areas

62. It's only a few pounds of baby fat

61. I could lose all this weight in a couple weeks if I wanted to

60. It's not like I have a serious medical condition

#59-40 Problems

59. I'll need to get this wedding dress tailored

58. This mattress is way too small to sleep on

57. My back hurts so much when I have to bend over

56. My friends and family constantly make fun of my weight

55. I get bullied and harassed because I'm so big

54. I feel like those people on My 600-lb Life

53. If I fall, it's going to end up on YouTube

52. Why does everyone laugh more when I trip and fall

51. I've gained so many stretch marks over the years

50. This isn't helping me with my intimacy issues

49. I suffer from erectile dysfunction

48. The feeling of ugliness and being unattractive are real

47. I have problems holding in my urine and experience leakage

46. I get these rashes in certain areas including my chest

45. Sleeping is becoming a huge problem and I'm turning into an insomniac

44. Will I ever find my soulmate?

43. He/she dumped me because I was getting too big

42. I look even larger in photographs

41. I can't even be the funny, fat friend because I have no sense of humor

40. Going to a gym makes me feel so insecure

Who has the time anymore to work out?

Who has the time anymore to work out?

#39-20 Excuses

39. I only look more bloated because I'm on my period

38. I'm going through menopause

37. I don't have the time to exercise

36. Why can't I enjoy life and not worry about dieting

35.. We're all going to die eventually so why should I both with diet & exercise

34. My metabolism is extremely slow and I can't control it

33. I don't have the money to buy all these vegan and organic health foods

32. Why can't people just accept me for me (there's truth to that)

31. All this health food tastes disgusting; I can't eat it

30. I'm taking a bunch of prescription drugs and it's making me gain weight

29. Working out is the absolute worse

28. Exercising is so boring; I'd do it if it was fun

27. I work in the food industry and cook a lot

26. I don't have the support system to back me up

25. I can't afford to join a gym

24. I'm too addicted to the unhealthy foods

23. I have a medical condition that prevents me from working out

22. I would walk more but I get tired so easily

21. I don't know what to eat and what foods to choose

20. It's the holidays; I'll get back on track after New Year's.

#19-1 Problems

19. I have to hide my junk foods from friends and family like an addict

18. Even sucking in my stomach doesn't make a difference

17. I need to overdo my entire wardrobe because none of these clothes fit me anymore

16. Oh great another chair that I've broken

15. People are constantly asking me if I'm on a diet

14. All of the guys/girls are only interested in my friends and not me

13. I can't sit on this bus/train/subway so I'll have to stand

12. None of these diet pills do anything

11. When all your friends are skinnier than you and they complain they're fat

10. They never hire me after the job interview

9. People are shocked when I date a thin/attractive person

8. I get mistaken for a man/woman

7. Everyone expects me to order an 10 course meal and are shocked when I don't

6. My birthday gifts consist of a gym membership, dumbbells, and a Weight Watchers membership

5. People would say I have a pretty face but that it's covered by excess weight

4. Everyone telling me I'd look so much prettier/more attractive if I lost a few pounds

3. Going to the beach or pool feels like torture

2. People are shocked if I'm comfortable in my own skin

1. The only trait or quality people see in me is "fat"

"Thanks for nothing Hollywood," said all bigger actresses.

"Thanks for nothing Hollywood," said all bigger actresses.

Hollywood's Size Zero

That's the entire list in a nutshell, so what do you think?

There's a lot of negative stereotypes surrounding larger people despite the fact that a large percentage of Americans are either overweight or obese. However you rarely see those people on TV, in commercials, or in movies because Hollywood prefers hot, skinny actors/actresses.

If you do see them, then they're most likely portraying a fat stereotype, (funny guy/girl) which Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have nailed down perfectly.

But for all of us common folk out there, we are still "normal" people whether skinny, average, or overweight and none of those stereotypes should define us. The best thing to do is laugh them off though I do preach health when body issues become a concern.

Be positive, stay strong, be healthy, laugh a little, and most of all stay true to who you are and define yourself.

Weight of the World


peachy from Home Sweet Home on June 17, 2015:

i had to lose my weight my I had gallstones. From 60kg, I was down to 45kg until presently

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